300+ Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Sister | Funny Happy Birthday Sister Wishes and Quotes

151+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister | Sweet Birthday Messages for Sisters

Sweet Birthday Greetings for Sister

You always have been sweet to me and this is so nice of me. Growing with you under the same tree shadow doesn’t make me want more friends. You are enough for me. Thanks for being always around me. Happy birthday sis!

I like visiting best places with you, especially exploring them. You have curiosity and me too. I pray your dream of becoming an archeologist come true. Happy birthday my always curious sister!

We are twin. It is a twin connection between you and me. And I’m grateful we share it with you. I pray never the spikes come in your way wherever you walk. May roses always lay for you there. Happy birthday my nice sister!

You are like a daffodil flower sister, fragile and beautiful. I pray may your hue never fade. Giving you love and blessings. Happy birthday my beautiful sister!

When we wish for your happiness, we wish for our happiness. Because you are our happiness. When you are happy, whole family is. We wish you ever will be. Happy birthday my ever-smiling sister!

You are like clean transparent water of a river. You are a pure heart. That’s why God’s grace on you. I wish it forever will be. Giving you warm hugs and happy birthday my pure heart sister!

You ooze generosity and truth as a diamond. I pray it will take you to your dreams. Happy birthday my diamond sister! You are incomparable.

Parents have always loved you much. But no jealous I feel. Because you always have loved me much than anyone else. I love you too. I pray you be like the moon having all the mysterious powers. I wish it dear. Happy birthday my moon sister!

My childhood with you were amazing. We have played all games together and shared our toys too. You always care for me. Thanks. I wish all the toys of your life you can buy with all the richness. Happy birthday my caring sister!

You are like a coconut, sister. From inside you are soft and from outside you are hard. I pray may the nectar of life you drink. I wish you travel beyond all horizons. Happy birthday sis!

You are like a mountain, sister, always standing determined for the things you want. No wind and no storm could bring havoc to you. I am inspired by you. I pray you always be like this. Happy birthday my mountain determined sister!

Wind could flow anywhere. It is its nature. You are adaptable, sister. It is your best quality. That’s why you are not afraid of new places. I wish the dream of becoming a traveler of yours come true. I pray for it. Happy birthday my wanderer sister!

Since your childhood you always love to cook. That’s why on your birthday you will make the cake. A little money saving it is! I pray you never be shackled by any bound of life. May you be healthy wealthy whole life. Happy birthday my dearest sister!

I wish wherever you step, you wear a throne there. I pray you never be a slave to anyone, none could make you. You always reign like a queen and hold all reins. On this birthday, may all come true. Happy birthday my throne-wearing sister!

You are a healer. It is the virtue. May you be a healer of all worries and problems. May you never get any wound. May you be harmless. Happy birthday my healer sister!

On your every birthday you have never asked for anything for yourself. You wish only for me. You are my great kind and benevolent sister. I pray what I get as gifts in my life, you get also. May my all mine is yours. Happy birthday my benevolent sister!

I had gone school with you and college too. You have always been my best friend, sister. And I think perhaps me too! I pray you always be on top. May you achieve everything in life. Happy birthday my best friend sister!

Take care of yourself. You always take care of others. Look after for yourself. I pray may you be a little selfish for yourself. May your goodness get spread everywhere. Happy birthday my sis!

However way you air a flute, it always brings you the soothing sound. You are same sister. You are really sympathetic. I pray may the sweet sound of flute always relax you whenever you feel worried. Happy birthday my sister and gallons of love to you!

May you party hard, dance endless and enjoy breathless. May your this birthday and every coming always go rocking and memorable. Happy birthday my rocking sister!

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