300+ Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Sister | Funny Happy Birthday Sister Wishes and Quotes

151+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister | Sweet Birthday Messages for Sisters

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Sister

How much I love you I don’t know how I would tell you. You are parents’ favorite too. You can read me, sister. Always thanks for this. I always pray for your health. I wish may you never get shattered in your life. Happy birthday my soft heart sister!

I have been thankless to you many times when you helped me. You are the kindest angel of God. I pray he always protects you. May you see the wonders of all worlds. Happy birthday my lovely sister!

I wish may you never be cloudy. I wish may in your orchid drops of rain always fall. I love you, sister and wishing you happy birthday from the truest of my heart.

The quality of water is; it washes off all the dirtiness. It cleans you. In whoever’s life you go, their life gets cleaned because of you. May you hold this magic always. Happy birthday my dear sister!

I don’t know how I am but I will do everything for you, sister. May in your life sweetness of honey all bees forever continue to spread. Happy birthday my little sister!

You are the seventh wonder of this world, sister, totally unpredictable. Yet, I don’t know how I love you but I love you. I pray may you become 8th wonder of this world. Happy birthday my wonderful sister!

You are that knot of our family if broken we whole die. May you never be broken and be strong. May no stone cut you and bruise you. On your birthday, gallons of love, blessings and prayers for you. Happy birthday!

You are just a reflection of our father. May all the qualities of father be in you. May you climb up that ladder of success, which none have climbed yet. Happy birthday my achiever sister!

May fairies of heaven flock together to bring smile on your face always. May all the elves be servant of yours. May all the dwarfs be in care of you. Wishing happy birthday my princess sister!

May peace and hope never leave you. May they guard you forever with their guidance. Millions of wishes to you on your birthday. Just live your life as you want to.

With what metaphor I describe you? You are all great dear sister. May you be the star dust that spread in everyone’s life bringing surprises nice. Happy birthday my starriest sister!

May you never be guided by opinions of others. May you listen and follow what your inner heart say. Happy birthday sister! You are so soulful person.

May no blur ever come before your eyes. May no weather ever bring heat towards you. Happy birthday my loveliest sister!

May you hold the torch of optimism forever in your hand. May the arrows of pessimism never penetrate you. Giving so many warm hugs and wishing love and happy birthday my always-hopeful sister!

I wish may you be smeared by the love of your true partner. May you marry him and have a happy family. May in your life the well of love always be filled. Happy birthday my loveliest sister!

I pray may you never surrender before any adversities of life. May you hold the sword and win every battle fighting it. May your courage never leave you. Happy birthday my courageous sister!

May make and collect precious memories for your life. May all the best people of your life never leave you. May you never feel alone, sister. Sparks of joy forever be with you. Happy birthday my dear sister!

My your heart’s stream never be empty of water. You are good and intelligent. I wish you make a great career for your life. Happy birthday my Einstein sister!

You are best in everything, sister. But you never take credit for what you do. May you name spread everywhere. May you be famous and popular. Happy birthday my talented sister!

Many-many happy returns of the day, happy birthday lovely sister! May your birthday be unforgettable. Our whole family wishes you. Love all, worry less and live all the best!

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