300+ Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Sister | Funny Happy Birthday Sister Wishes and Quotes

151+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister | Sweet Birthday Messages for Sisters

Beautiful Happy Birthday Status for Sister

What is best in this word is only my sister. Giving hugs of love and happy birthday my amazing sister!

May waves of ecstasy fill your heart on your birthday. Happy birthday my chubby sister! We all love you.

You are dad and mom’s favorite. You are mine too. Whole family loves you even Gods too. Happy birthday my loveliest sister! May shower of blessings always happen for you.

Dreams that you see from your these tiny eyes, may you paint them with your talent. Happy birthday my little sister!

You are annoying, mischievous and dearly adorable. Yet we love you. I am lucky to have you as my sister. Happy birthday my gorgeously annoying sister!

May you hold yourself tight. May you never get washed away by unwelcome tides. Happy birthday my strong sis!

Always be like a tigress. Wade through all the dark jungles of webbed world and be mighteous. Happy birthday my sister Artemisia!

I wish may you be an epitome of beauty and courage. May you make your name and be proud. Happy birthday my beautiful sister!

May angels of heaven protect you from the demons of this world. May in one call Gods come to help you. Happy birthday sis!

I wish you be the wisest one among all the wise ones. Wishing gallons of love and happy birthday my wisest sister!

May you never be sick and have no fever of any suffering. Happy birthday sis!

May you be princess of everyone’s heart. May you live millions of years far. Happy birthday sis!

May someone bring for you those gold shoes in which you dance with your beau. Happy birthday beautiful sis!

May no nightmares touch you. May you live in a reverie of your own paradise. May you bring endless smile. Happy birthday little sis!

May where you walk green grows. So much abundance for you. Happy birthday dear sis!

Mother and sister like oxygen and water. Without both you can’t live. Happy birthday sister!

My all love to you, may all age to you. I will always there for you. Happy birthday my doll-like sister!

I wish happy married life on your birthday. You live it good and peaceful. Happy birthday my cute sister!

I wish you be immortal. Rejoice on your birthday sis! Love you!

Roses bow down when my sister walk down in any town. Happy birthday my forever beautiful sister!

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