50+ Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Ex Girlfriend | Birthday Poems for Ex GF

50+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Ex Girlfriend | Birthday Poems for Ex GF

New relationships and breakups are the part and parcel of any individual’s life. At some point in time, we all fall in love, weave a lot of dreams with the better-half, flaunt off the relationship in front of the whole world, and a lot of things go on. However, things always don’t go the way we plan them. In the beautiful journey of love and relationship, out of the blue breakups shake us from inside and life started seeming meaningless. Modern-day relationships are not quite concrete in terms of loyalty, trust, and sacrifices. Couples lack patience and unflinching trust which causes the sudden breakdown of beautifully carved relationships. However, life moves on and it doesn’t end because of relationship breakdowns. The end of a relationship doesn’t mean the end of emotions. You can still wish your ex-girlfriend happy birthday and keep up the good spirit. Here are some of the most heart-touching happy birthday wishes for ex-girlfriend and best birthday messages for ex-girlfriend that you can send on her birthday. Let’s check out.

Best Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Ex Girlfriend

We are no longer together in the journey of love but I still have the right to wish you on your birthday. Happy birthday my beautiful ex-girlfriend.

Best Emotional Birthday Wishes for Ex Girlfriend

I still remember your first birthday celebration when we went for a long bike trip and cut your cake on the roadside. Ah! Good old days. Happy birthday my lovely ex.

On your cake cutting day, I just want to wish you an awesome happy birthday. May you get whatever you wish for in life!

Time changes pretty quickly. Last year, we were celebrating your birthday will full zest, and this year, you are celebrating it without me. Happy birthday, ex GF. May you have the best birthday celebration of all time.

Before our breakup, I used to be the first person to wish you a happy birthday. After the breakup, I am still the first person to wish you birthday. Something never changes. Happy birthday to the prettiest ex-girlfriend!

We were such an ideal couple. It’s quite heartbreaking we are no longer together. Still, wishing you on your birthday matters a lot to me. Happy birthday dear! I wish you the happiness of a lifetime!

Love is not about keeping your loved one close to you all the time. It’s all about wishing for the happiness of better-half, whether you are together or not. Happy birthday to the loveliest ex-girlfriend!

Happiest birthday to the most loving, caring, and understanding ex-girlfriend. I could never forget our beautiful relationship and enchanting memories we have carved together. God bless you!


Emotional Birthday Wishes for Ex Girlfriend

I am here to celebrate your birthday just for the sake of the beautiful memories we have created together. Happy birthday dear!

It takes a big heart to get over from a lovely but ended relationship. It takes an even bigger heart to wish your ex-girlfriend a happy birthday.

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Lovely Happy Birthday Messages for Ex GF

May this birthday brings everything related to your life in order and give you the motivation to live life in totality. Happy birthday, ex-girlfriend!

Lovely Birthday Messages for Ex GF

May be our relationship doesn’t exist anymore but the beautiful vibrations of love still do. Happy birthday, sweetheart! May you enjoy the day to the fullest.

On your birthday, I pray to Lord to give you a wealthy and opulent life, a loving partner, and all the happiness of the world. Happiest birthday to my wonderful ex-girlfriend!

We cannot eradicate the memories of our beautiful relationship but we can celebrate your birthday together for the sake of good old times. Happy birthday dear!

The end of the relationship doesn’t mean we should stop caring for the people we still love. Circumstances were against us, not us. Happy birthday, ex-girlfriend.

A relationship is of no value if there is no loyalty factor in it. Anyways, there is no point in blaming each other. Happy birthday dear! May you prosper by leaps and bounds!

I am still grateful and thankful to the Lord for bringing you in my life. Unfortunately, we are not together my birthday wishes will reach to you for sure. Happy birthday, love!

The serenity and charm on your face are still intact. Happy birthday dear! Keep smiling, keep hustling, and love life!

Happy Birthday Messages for Ex GF

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Best Happy Birthday Quotes to Ex Girlfriend

Relationship dies, but true love prevails till eternity. Happy birthday to the lost love of my life!

Best Happy Birthday Quotes to Ex Girlfriend

I was always fascinated by our relationship but you never wanted to take it forward because of your ambitions. Happy birthday! May success kiss your feet every day.

We are no longer in a relationship. But we can be friends again and celebrate your birthday with the same zest. Happy birthday my ex sweetie pie!

You have a new boyfriend and I have a new girlfriend. Still, there is something in between us that propel both to take care of each other. Happiest birthday to the best ex-girlfriend!

Even after years of separation, we still remember the birthday of each other. Maybe we are not destined to be together but we are destined to be great buddies. Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl on this planet!

Some of the best times of my life I have spent with you. Unfortunately, we are not on the same page anymore. Thank you so much for making me feel special even when we are not together. Happy Birthday, ex GF!

I have no right to send you birthday gifts anymore. However, I can’t stop myself wishing you a magnificent happy birthday. Party hard and love life!

From snuggling together every day to not seeing each other for years, we have seen a lot in life. Have an amazing birthday ex-girlfriend.

Birthday Wishes Quotes to Ex Girlfriend

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Most Funny Happy Birthday Wishes for Ex Girlfriend

It’s quite better to wish you a happy birthday rather than saying I miss you. Happy birthday babe and have a blast at your home!

Most Funny Happy Birthday Wishes for Ex Girlfriend

Wishing an ex-girlfriend seems quite awkward. However, there are some things in life that need to be done even when you don’t like them doing. Happy birthday to the most terrible ex-girlfriend in the world!

Happiest birthday to the person who brought immense happiness to my life by dumping me. May your current boyfriend dump you on your birthday!

Life seems great when your ex-girlfriend get hitched with a stupid man. Anyways, happy birthday to the not so terrible ex GF!

We are not the same old lovers anymore but I don’t mind being a party pooper at your birthday party. Happy birthday sweetie pie!

Whosoever said that we can’t be a great couple was absolutely right. Look at us now, you are a fat woman with two children and I am a successful businessman. Happy birthday to my not so smart ex-girlfriend!

Your birthday is one fine opportunity for me to take revenge for spoiling the biggest birthday celebration of my life. But I am not gonna do that. Happy birthday to the grumpiest ex-girlfriend!

You are my ex-girlfriend, but that doesn’t mean I will not troll you on your 21st birthday. Be prepared for the ravage baby. Happy birthday!

Funny Happy Birthday Messages for Ex GF

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Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes for Ex Girlfriend

A very happy and joyous birthday to the girl who turned an irresponsible boy into a moralistic and sensible man! Happy birthday my ex!

Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes for Ex Girlfriend

I am so proud to call you my ex-girlfriend as well as the best woman in my life. Life separated us but we can be together on your birthday again. Happy birthday to the sweetest ex-girlfriend!

Not even God can take away all the enchanting and unforgettable memories we have created together. I still wonder why did we break up in the first place? Happy birthday my beautiful ex-girlfriend!

Even though we are not together, you are still the entire universe for me. May all of your wishes and dreams come true on your birthday. Happy birthday to my first and the last love!

You are a wonderful daughter, a fantastic learner, and an amazing girlfriend that every boy would love to have forever in his life. Happiest birthday to the most stunning ex-girlfriend!

I just regret only one thing in life and that is breaking up with you. Back in the days, why I was such a stupid person? I hope you have a remarkable birthday, my love!

Happiest birthday to the woman who is still the love of my life and my closest well-wisher also. I owe you so many things, and I am so sorry for breaking up with you. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

Cheers to your 25th birthday and our so many years of togetherness; as a lover and as a friend after the breakup. Happy birthday, ex-girlfriend cum friend!

Romantic Birthday Messages for Ex Girlfriend

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Sad Happy Birthday Wishes for Ex-Girlfriend

Sad Happy Birthday Wishes for Ex-Girlfriend

I wish you a stupendous success and a remarkable life ahead. Happy birthday to the dearest girl and my ex-girlfriend!

Our end of the relationship was so terrible and heartbreaking. We are not together anymore but I still wish all the happiness of the world for you. Happy birthday my lovely ex-girlfriend!

I wish no couple should break up in the way we did. I am still unable to heal that wound. Anyways, on your birthday, I wish you a lifetime of happiness.

Today is your birthday and it used to be a super-special day for me as well. I hope you are still laughing and still doing good in life. Happy birthday Ex.

We were the most beautiful couple but our relationship was equally terrible and a great tragedy. I wish we don’t have to go through it again. Happy birthday dear!

Meeting you was destiny, parting ways with you was a choice. It’s better to leave along than to be in a toxic relationship. Anyways, happy birthday ex GF!

We had so many terrible tussles in our relationship but we never cheated on each other. I still respect you a lot. Happy birthday to the most loyal ex-girlfriend!

The very fact that I remember you every single day is proof of how much I still love you but couldn’t handle the relationship well. Happy birthday to the only love of my life!

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