Adorable Ways to Say Thank You for Birthday Wishes | Emotional Birthday Appreciation Messages & Thank You Note

Adorable Ways to Say Thank You for Birthday Wishes | Birthday Appreciation Messages & Thank You Note

Once your thrilling and swoon-worthy birthday celebration is over, what’s the next thing you do? It’s saying thanks to all of your lovely guests who grace your birthday party and spruce the celebration vibes. Your must send thank you notes for birthday wishes to everyone and let them know how joyous you are to have them on board at your special day celebration. You can wish them anywhere, be it on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, or personally. We have compiled some of the most eyeballs grabbing emotional thank you messages for birthday wishes and funny thank you notes for birthday wishes that will help you express gratitude towards them in a perfect manner.

Emotional Thank you Messages for Birthday Wishes

Thank you so much for being the first individual to send me so many beautiful greetings on my special day. Thank you for your warm and wonderful birthday wishes.

Emotional Thank you Messages for Birthday Wishes

I am so grateful to you for sending so many heart-touching and mesmerizing happy birthday wishes on the most significant day of my year. Thanks a lot, everyone for your wonderful birthday wishes.

You were the last person in my thoughts from whom I was expecting something surprising and heart-moving at my birthday celebration. I am literally dazzled by your efforts to make my ordinary birthday celebration remarkable. Thanks a lot for your birthday greetings.

Not only you left me in utter awe but also you made a special place in my heart by doing so many touching things on my birthday. I will always be grateful to you. Thank you so much buddy for the lovely birthday wishes!

Thanks a lot to all my nearest friends and the dearest family members for injecting liveliness in my birthday celebration. It means a lot to me and you guys are my entire world. Thank you for your genuine birthday wishes!

All the scintillating birthday wishes that I got from people associated with me are pretty close to my heart. I owe you guys big time. I Love you all, and thanks for the wonderful birthday wishes!

No amount of wealth and no number of exorbitant can bring immense joy to me as much as your lovely birthday wishes did. Big thank you to everyone for awesome birthday wishes.

Life literally has no meaning when you don’t have loved ones to celebrate your birthday in a grand way. I am more than blessed to have so many people who care about me immensely. Lots of love to everyone and thanks for the wonderful birthday wishes!

Certainly, all the gifts I got on my birthday won’t sustain for a long time. However, all the wishes I got will last for a lifetime in my memories. Big thanks to all of you for making my birthday memorable!

Your sweeter than sugar birthday wishes are way more valuable and significant than all the gifts and surprises. I am so overwhelmed with your efforts. Thanks for the alluring birthday wishes and love you all to the moon and back.

Words will fall short and my feelings are insufficient to express how all of you make me feel on the birthday. I am utterly flabbergasted by your ways of making me feel entrancing. Thanks to all of you for the adorable birthday wishes!

I hate to celebrate my birthdays but the zing and peppiness you guys show to make it stand apart from the rest melts my heart. I don’t know how to express my gratitude towards all of you. Thanks so much for the exhilarating birthday wishes.

I am literally feeling like I am on cloud nine after swimming in the oceanic collection of the birthday wishes all of you sent me. Every birthday wish I got is pretty close to my heart. Thanks a lot to everyone for showering your warmth, love, and cute birthday wishes!

I so badly want to thank God for filling my ordinary life with numerous special people who go all the way to fill sparkles and colors at my birthday celebration. Thank you so much, everyone, for the wonderful birthday wishes!

I never thought I would receive birthday wishes even from those people who once used to be my haters. Thank you for being so kind to me. Thank you so much for your remarkable birthday wishes!

Yesterday was undeniably the most imperative day of my life. So many lovely people, so many gifts, so many frenzy memories, and numerous thanks to give in return of all the warm birthday wishes!

Getting such humongous birthday surprises and heart-moving birthday wishes are not even in my wildest dreams. I really don’t know what to say to you guys. Thank you so much for all the touching birthday wishes. Every one of you is super special to me in so many ways.

I am still rubbing my eyes and pinching my hands again and again just to ensure whatever astounding things happened on my birthday was real. What a crazy and mesmerizing celebration it was! Thanks a lot guys for making me feel alive. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

thank you everyone for the birthday wishes

It was an absolute treat to have all my near and dear ones on board for my birthday celebration. I am utterly grateful for your cute birthday wishes. Thanks to everyone!

The birthday wishes I have received yesterday were some of the best greetings I have got in my entire life. Thank you my lovely peeps for the perfect birthday wishes!

Thank You Notes for Birthday Wishes

Years will pass, but I can’t and I never will forget this birthday celebration. I was feeling like I am living a dream. Thanks a lot for the super awesome birthday wishes. Looking eagerly for the next year’s birthday celebration!

The beautiful words all of you have jotted down in your birthday wishes are still sending waves of happiness in my heart. Thanks for gracing my birthday party and sending me such wonderful birthday wishes!

Cheers to all my family members, friends, and neighbors for inducing some kick-ass fun in my dull and boring birthday party. I didn’t know you guys are so much into doing crazy stuff. Thanks everyone for the lovely birthday wishes!

thank you everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes

My birthday wouldn’t have been worth remembering if you guys didn’t show up and add vivaciousness in it. Yes, the cake smashing ceremony was the real deal. Thank you all for the cute birthday wishes!

If making someone feel super special is an art on his/her birthday, you guys are the maestro of it. Unquestionably, yesterday’s birthday celebration was the best of all time for me. Thanks everyone for the alluring birthday messages.

Filling someone’s life with the utmost love and happiness is the noblest work in the universe. You guys did the same on my birthday celebration. May God make your life as swoon-worthy as possible. Thanks to all my lovely people for heart-tugging birthday wishes!

Your unforgettable and cuter than a teddy bear birthday wishes made my birthday stellar. I love you all to the moon and back. Thank you for the warm birthday wishes. I am feeling absolutely enthralled!

My heart will forever be thankful to all of you guys for creating a birthday party that would surely go as the best birthday party in history. I will forever be grateful for the bodacious birthday wishes!

Appreciating everyone of you one by one would be too daunting for me. Therefore, from the bottom of my heart, I thank all of you for the wonderful birthday wishes and an electrifying birthday party!

Though I have never expected anything from anyone in my entire life, yesterday’s birthday celebration of mine has surely upsurged my expectations manifold times. Kudos to you guys for organizing such a gobsmacking birthday party. Thanks everyone for the super cool birthday wishes!

Like the fragrance of a flower spread wherever it goes, my happiness knows no boundaries whenever you guys come to celebrate my birthdays. You guys are colorful flowers in my not so happening garden. By the way, thanks a lot everyone for the riveting birthday wishes!

Oh my goodness, what an oomph birthday party it was! And how could I forget about the sweeter than sugar birthdays all of you have sent in the beautiful greeting cards? I am outrageously grateful to all of you. Thanks to all for the memorable birthday greetings!

The kind of attention and affection I have received on my birthday celebration is indescribable in words and difficult to hold as feelings. I love you guys for filling my entire being with ecstasy. Thanks to all for wonderful birthday wishes!

Somebody said it right, “ your life is as beautiful as your soul.” I can firmly say my life is extremely blissful because there are so many lovely souls in it. Thank you very much for your amiable birthday wishes!

There is no denying that a birthday celebration lasts only for a day but the memories and wishes of the birthday last forever. I am going to remember how you made me feel until the last breath. Thanks to all my near and dear ones for the crazy birthday wishes and startling birthday celebration!

All the birthday messages I have received on my special day are priceless and worth cherishing for a lifetime. Thanks to all the lovely people for memorable birthday wishes!

The kind of greetings and surprises I got at my yesterday’s birthday celebration was literally out of the world. You guys are the greatest blessings of my life. Thank you everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes!

I am still in a state of excitement and utter happiness. Mark my words, when it comes celebrating someone’s birthday, no one can beat you guys. All of you guys deserve nothing but the very best in life. Thanks guys for adding starts at my birthday celebration, and I am grateful for the elating birthday wishes.

I just want to tell every one of you that no one can make me feel special like you guys did. All of you added spark, zing, fun, and thrill to my ordinary birthday celebration. I can never pay you guys back for what you guys have done. Thanks to all for the lovely birthday wishes!

thank you message for my birthday who greet me

What just happened at my yesterday’s birthday celebration was cannot be stated in words but can only be seen on my face. You made me feel like the king of the world. It was so pleasant to see you guys enjoying my birthday celebration to the fullest. Thank you so much for the heart-moving birthday greetings!

Happy Birthday Appreciation Messages for Facebook

I am still riding high on the whirlwind of emotions that you guys created my making my birthday celebration compelling. Whenever I get a chance, I will pay you guys back with all my love and respect for you. Thank you buddies for the remarkable birthday wishes!

From feeling ordinary a few moments ago to feeling like the most special individual in the world, I have never experienced anything like this till yet on my birthday. I am feeling humbled and pleased to have you guys in my life. Thanks to all the wonderful people in my life for lovely birthday wishes!

Happy Birthday Appreciation Messages for Facebook

Every one of you should be honored innumerable times for showering unconditional love, surprises, gifts, and wishes on my birthday. You guys make me realized the real joy of giving something to someone by heart. Thanks for an unimaginable amount of love and birthday wishes!

When my birthday began, I thought it is going to be another boring and lonely birthday celebration. Then, out of the blue, you guys came and spilled happiness in my entire day. I love you so much for the startling surprises. Thanks a ton for the memorable birthday wishes!

Well, every birthday wishes that I received on my special birthday should be jotted down, framed, and put on my wall. Because all the wishes come from the most significant people in my life. Thanks for creating unforgettable memories and sending heart-melting birthday wishes.

Big thank you to all the lovely peeps for barging in my house without any invitation and giving the hell-like birthday bumps and wishes. Thank you so much for the spooky yet worth cherishing birthday wishes!

Hey fellas, thank you all gazillion times for making my birthday celebration hell of a sizzling hot party. Your unconditional love, support, and surprises will always be in my heart. Thanks a ton to every one of you for the lovely birthday wishes!

The one and the only person behind my way too lovely and commendable birthday celebration is the sweet and mushy birthday wishes of all my loved ones. I loved everything including birthday cakes, cards, gifts, but birthday wishes are the closest to my heart. Thanks for the wonderful birthday wishes!

I really suck at keeping in touch with my loved ones but I never forget what they have done for me. The last night’s intriguing birthday celebration was no exception. I am packed with happiness and utter excitement. Thanks for the blasting birthday party and awesome birthday wishes!

True happiness is when you are sick and tired of gruesome work and your family and friend hop on to your workplace and create a beautiful ruckus. This one I am not gonna forget till the last breath. Thanks for making my birthday and its wishes super special.

It feels profound to turn a year older but it feels blissful to grow old with the ones who matter the most in your life. I am thankful and quite moved with all the special birthday wishes. I am desperately waiting for next year’s birthday celebration right away!

What’s the point of throwing a garish and larger than life birthday party when you don’t have at least one genuine friend to enjoy it? Looks like I have all the luck because I have plenty of friends who made my special day extraordinary. Thanks for the heavenly birthday celebration and mesmerizing birthday wishes!

Not only the adults but also the kids who have invested so much of their time and energy are equally responsible for making my birthday celebration picture perfect. It was indeed a stunning birthday celebration. Thanks everyone for the heartwarming birthday wishes.

The real happiness is when your loved ones make your small birthday celebration one of the hottest things trending on Facebook. You guys are massively crazy but the apple of my eyes. Thanks to all for your beautiful birthday wishes.

The day after the birthday is indeed the second most blissful day of the year because you have all the time to read those soulful and full of warmth birthday greetings. From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful to all those individuals who made my day worth cherishing till the last breath.

I am more than moved and emotional after receiving such kind and encouraging words on my birthday. I wish I have a reverse to go through all the moments once again. Thank you guys! Lots of love and hugs to you!

Thanks to all of you for the stunning greeting cards, exorbitant gifts, and scrumptious gifts. Above all, thank you everyone for the beautiful and life sprucing birthday wishes!

thank you notes for birthday wishes

It is next to impossible for me to return all the love and favors that you guys have showered on me at the birthday celebration. Thank you so much fellas for all the surprises and unconditional affection. Thanks for the lovely and breathtaking birthday wishes!

My birthday celebration was nothing less than one heck of roller coaster ride. I am literally going to remember everything about this freaking awesome birthday celebration till the end. Big thank you to all my dear peeps for the cool birthday wishes!

I was miles away from the home stuck in some emergency but you guys still managed to catch me up and give me a cake bath and not to forget painful birthday bumps. Thank you so much for taking the pain of making my birthday exhilarating. Thanks for the wonderful birthday wishes!

Funny Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes

Your genuine and heart-warming birthday wishes surely made my day startling. However, those kicks and punches as birthday bumps are still hurting and making my current day horrendous. Thank you guys for the sweet memories and birthday wishes!

My birthday celebration was going so seamless and blissful until you guys hopped on from nowhere and gave me some serious headache. Thank you everyone!

Funny Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes

If it wasn’t for Facebook, you guys would have never remembered my birthday. Thanks to Facebook first and you guys later. Thank you for your cheerful birthday wishes!

Millions thanks to all the people who managed to break into my clandestine birthday party and ate as they have never seen any food. You guys are the reason why there is so much shortage of food on earth. Oh yes! Thanks for the birthday wishes as well!

Why on the earth you guys can’t be kind and loving to me for the rest of the days like you were to me on my birthday? Thank you for the ridiculous yet lovely birthday wishes and all the pampering of the world!

Will some take the pain of calling 911? Because I may die of the overdose of gifts, surprises, and sweeter than sugar birthday wishes. Thank you folks!

I swear to god I am never going to host another birthday party ever in my life. You guys drink the alcohol worth my college fees in a single night? To heck with you guys. Anyways, I am grateful for the mesmerizing birthday wishes!

I was genuinely and literally moved by your jovial and soulful birthday wishes until I found all of them are copied from somewhere. Shame on all of you but thank you as well!

My birthday party is the only event in the entire year where I get to know all my relatives are still alive and don’t hesitate a bit about eating free food and drink. Thanks for your immense efforts and adorable birthday wishes!

Thank you for pouring all the blessings, wishes and praying for me on my birthday. I felt so overwhelmed my family and friends. And it would be so amazingly blissful if you must have paid all the bill of the party. The real joy is always there paying bills. Thanks again for making my day special day!

Thank you all my darlings out there for wishing me on my birthday. It means a lot to me. Some managed to come and some could not but thank you. And family members you are always irritating but on my birthday you were a little less. And dear friends, take a note of bringing gifts on my birthday when next time you come.

Thanks to all my friends and family that you didn’t make it to my birthday. I beautifully celebrated with my girlfriends with candles in the night. Your all gifts have reached to me. Don’t worry about them. And yeah thank you again for your all true birthday wishes!

Dear all my family and friends you are phenomenally beautiful. Thank you for making my birthday a laugh aching joy. I really thank you for that. Wishes and blessing you all have given me. Today I would like to invite you for dishing! Please come and make your day!

Thanks to everyone for coming to my birthday. But one thing I want to say I didn’t cut the cake. Who did it? Thanks to all friends and family members that you are in my life unwantedly. Really thanks again and again!

Even though I am thankful to all my friends for making my birthday an everlasting happiness. But without you, it would be so much enjoyable! You could not imagine that! Though really so much thanks for wishing me happy birthday.

What I say? I can’t say anything to you all guys out there. And you my family, you are superbly out of normality! Thanks for birthday wishes and gifts and also lauding me and pampering me. One thing forgot to tell you all. The food I ordered on the party was of last night. You ate all and really saved my lot of money!

First and last I always think of you family and friends. My birthday was hugely successful with you. Thanks for pouring on me wishes and greeting cards. And you all really dressed yourselves well like jokers because you are!

Thanks for birthday wishes my friends. And thanks that you all brought your lady loves. They all kissed me on my cheeks when you all asked me what I want on my birthday!

No birthday wishes, no emotional drama, no greeting cards and blessings I want on my birthday. You all just go bald. I only want this! But guys heartily and hugely thanks for making my birthday everlasting memory.

Best Birthday Wishes Reply for Family and Friends

It is so hearty of you all my dear friends and family that you have wished me on my birthday. Thanks to each and every one of you. Your blessings and prayers mean a lot to me. Thank you what you’ve done on my birthday!

I truly from my heart want to say to you all thank you for your all wishes and gifts that you have given me on my birthday. You all my friends and family members are my life and without you all I can’t imagine my life. Thanks again for everything

Best Birthday Wishes Reply for Family and Friends

Everyone wants their birthday unforgettable. It is a memory that you keep till you live. And you my family and friends have made my birthday so cherishing I can’t forget it for whole life. So much thanks to you all!

You don’t get the same life. And you don’t get the same family and friends everything that makes your life feel awesome. But you my folks have done. I want to thank from all beats of my heart that you made my day on my birthday. So much thanks!

You could remain detached from food. But you can’t from a good family and great friends. Thank you for being a part of my life. And thank you everyone that you’ve given millions gallons of love and wishes on my birthday. You all are the soul of my life!

You sometimes only realize on your birthday that how special you are when all family and friends gather to wish and bless you. Thank you people for making my life not grain like but like a star. You made my birthday seventh wonder!

When I’m with you my friends and family, it feels to me I want to live more and enjoy more. Thank you for jolting my life enjoyingly and making my birthday heaven day. Your prayers and blessings are more than anything to me.

The day you all my friends entered in my life, you made my life a living hell! But today on my birthday I knew it was paradise actually. With my heart I want to thank you for my birthday and everything you all have done for me. Thanks pals!

When you’ve a good family and friends, you don’t need anything in life. Thanks to God for this. Thanks for all birthday gifts, wishes and blessings. These all really have uplifted me. You my family always support me. Immensely thankful!

How rich you are it depends on what friends and family you have. And I’m so rich of this. Thanks. You people made my birthday really really unforgettable that I couldn’t even in my dreams. From truest of my heart thanking my family and friends!

With you my friends and family my every birthday is great. I can’t thank you more because you are more than that. Thanks that you’ve given all the best gifts I require now. This time best choice you all have made in gifting me. And cake was so tasty. I haven’t forgotten still the taste.

A birthday is not special because it is your birthday. It is special because you’re celebrating it with your friends and family members. And I’m thankful for that. You people are the nerve of my life through which I breathe. Thanks again for always supporting and inspiring me!

No one must ever miss their family and friends on their birthday. I have never missed you all pals. You people are always there on my birthday not missing it for a single time. Thank for giving me this joy of my life, and giving me best memories forever.

The size of cake on birthday doesn’t matter. The size of family and friends matters. And this size I have lot larger. Thank you for always being there in my life. The birthday was amazing and dance was totally out of control! I think we all liked it a lot. Thank you all my jokers!

Who says joy couldn’t last forever? It can always with family and friends. Thanks that you are with me. Or I must say I’m because of you living. Last night my birthday was rocking. Thanks for wishing me on my birthday and giving me lots of blessings.

The true value of family and friends you could never realize but to some extent. Thanks that you all have brought magical moments and memories in my life on my birthday. This time the count of greeting cards is outnumbered. It is tremendous love of you which is a power for me. Thanks you dears!

All days I say to hell with my friends but on my birthday they say to hell with me! Thanks for birthday. I have come a long way with you and I have decided I go a great long way with you. Family you are truly awesome. Gallons of thanks!

Banter with my friends remembering. Discussion with my family awful! But on my birthday both are magically amazing. Thanks for bringing the reminiscing flow of joy in the core of my heart. Today, I’ve known my birthday without you all is impossible. Thanks all my babes!

Though the bill was so high of cost of my birthday. But family you rocked unimaginable and you all my friends I can’t say anything about you! Unpredictable people! Thanks for all the love, wishes and blessing you have given me.

Thanks to all my dearest folks of my family and friends for making my birthday blissfully next elixir that has increased my life immeasurably. Every year my birthday is becoming great and greater.

Emotional Thank You Message for Birthday Greetings

Perhaps I can’t make you understand how important you are for my life my family and friends. Thank that you are in my life and thanks for every time making my birthday a mesmerizing feeling I can’t escape from. Thank you all!

I think thanking you is not enough because you are more valuable than this. I just pray you all guys always remain in m life. You have brought all joys in my life especially the last night on birthday. Thanks for all your birthday wishes and blessings!

I don’t know how to say thanks to you all. I know you don’t need it at all. All the beauty and immense happiness you have brought to me on my birthday. The prayers you family and friends said together made me feel special. I can’t forget it. Thank you all my lovely people!

Emotional Thank You Message for Birthday Greetings

I can ignore millions of dollars for family and friends. From the truest of my heart I want to say dearly thanks for making my birthday and life an everlasting joyous affair I could not imagine. I love you my dearest friends and family!

First of all thanks that I could not say because I was a bit busy. My birthday with you all is always glittering. I feel like stars are shining in me and I’m like a vast sky. You all can’t imagine how much I love you dear family and friends. Thanks for being there!

Heaven is only possible with family and friends. And birthday is only possible with them too. Thank you. You all are little sparkles of ecstasy. Whether I am near you or not, I’m always longing for you. Thanks to all my naughty mates and supporting family!

It could not nights and days are possible without sun and moon. But I’m not possible without you family and friends. Thank you. Thank you for all the wishes, gifts, greeting cards, blessings and prayers. What I thank for more! You people are everything for me.

If I had power, I would name all planets’ names on your names my dear family and friends. Thank you for always understanding me and giving me warms hugs whenever I want. You have made my birthday a huge starry affair. I could die for you guys! Love and thanks!

With all my true emotions, I thank you family and friend people for giving me everything. Thank you for treating me really special on my birthday and for all the wishes and happiness. But don’t think that I take you on vacations! Abundantly thanking you dears!

If anything greater and emotional I could say instead of thank you, I must have said it. Even though you understand my family and friends how I mean it. Thanking you for celebrating my birthday hugely and making every moment magic. Thanking you all and everyone again!

Laugh and tears; everything with you my family and friends. Thanks for celebrating my birthday all my babes! All the gifts you have given are luxury and priceless. You are priceless too.

I just say your names you are there for me my friends. And you my family is always super excited and overjoyed with me. My birthday with you is unstoppable party. Thanks for making it in every way a lightened affair.

All the candles you family and friends have lighted on my birthday are still lighting in my heart. I really want to thank you everyone. But don’t expect I would give you return gift! With my folded hands I thank everyone!

In between all the time I forgot to thank you family members and friends for the celebration of my birthday. When I read all the wishes and blessing, tears came into my life that how much you love me all. Thank you that you are there for me when I need anytime.

What thank you message I have written for you all is directly from my heart. My birthday was unforgettable with you all. Family is like home and friends are like a garden; and at both places you are happy. Thanks for bringing me that happiness!

Wishes, blessings and gifts everyone give on birthday. But you my family and friends have given me true love that has made my life worth living. Thanks for my celebrating my birthday and giving me so much.

The real love only exists in family and friends and real birthday celebration also. Thanks for blessing my life so much and praying for my longer life. I just want to live with you all. Thank you for so much thinking about me.

My birthday party was so much fun with you people. You have made me of so much worth. Not even without you I could live and even die. Thank you for all the charisma you have brought to my every core of life.

May you my family and friends always get protected and safe. I pray for this every time. Thanks friends and family for giving me a huge cherishing night of my birthday. I am always there for you and I know you are for me too. Simply from heart thanks!

From all my body, from all my mind, from all my heart and from ever nerve of my body; I do want to say thank to all my pals and family members for giving me unforgettable night of birthday. For all the love thank you again!

Religious Thank You Quotes for Birthday Wishes

I want to thank God for giving such good close friends and nice family who take care of me a lot. From my heart I thank you. And on the day of my birthday you just made my moments. I could never forget all the fun. Thanks for being in my life. Your love means a lot.

I thank to God for giving me the wealth of best friends and family. I’m always indebted to him and most of the time you my family and friends. You are my world. I exist in you. All the pleasures mean nothing to me if you all are not there. Thanks for giving me the true moments. And yeah birthday was so awesome.

You could not find God if you haven’t found yourself. You all my friends and family have helped me found me, found my goal and all that I ever wanted to. You all are every time standing for me. Thanks for making my birthday felt superbly magical. Love you all.

I know God is with me when you my family and friends are always with me. He is in your all forms. I thank to God for showing me path and I thank to all my friends and family members for telling me when I was wrong. I can’t thank you enough but whatever it is direct from my true heart.

First thanks to God. Second thanks to all family members and friends. You have exactly have made my birthday as I wanted and I am politely and respectably thankful for it. The happiness is beyond. Thanks each and everyone again.

Your wishes, blessings and prayers matter a lot to me. And they were abundant in all the greeting cards you have given me. And thanks for all the spiritual advices you have bestowed on me. I’m thankful for all those. My birthday goes always special with you.

Wishes, blessings and prayers on my birthday were high in numbers. Even though I’ve read them all. They are all beautiful. Thanking you again and God too who came and blessed me! Family and friends you complete my life and yeah for giving my birthday awestruck feel.

I wish to God may this my birthday celebrate with my family and friends again and again. May till my life my all people always be together forever with me. Thank you God for not letting sadness in my life. Thanks for giving me direction.

First of all thanks and same to you all my family and friends for wishes and blessings. May the God guide you too and may you get all and everything as I have gotten. Thanks for making me rainbow always. I can’t forget my birthday with you all.

God has said it right. Truest form of love you only can get from your parents and friends. Thanks for giving me unmatched happiness. And yes birthday was lovely. Cake was good too in taste. I liked it. And thanks for all love, blessings, prayers, wishes and gifts. You are my most genuine friends.

Nothing is fear when God is near and when it is your birthday, you are most dear to him. I say thank to each and everyone. I thank to all particles of this universe that has given me a smallest reason to be happy and alive. Thanks for making my birthday a sparkling celebration.

You can drink hundreds pegs of wine but with friends even one peg feels like soulful. To all my friends I adore you for keeping me always up and giving me pat. To my you family, you are my greatest support. I can ignore myself but not you. Thanks for making my birthday a grand ever remembering affair.

It is written God is always there for you. When you are happy, He won’t disturb you and when you are sad, He always knocks on your door. Like family and friends. Thanks you my gracious pals for giving me all the badass memories on my birthday and life in general. I rhythm with you guys. I can forget myself but not this birthday.

It is totally Diwali with you guys. You rocked my birthday party. So much thanks for this and thanks because you are in my life everywhere. But just don’t come on my dates! Family people are always cheering for me. What this life is if not for family and friends and without them. Thank you for everything.

I was away for some days. Thank you for all the nice gifts, prayers and wishes for bestowing on my birthday for me. I can’t thank you enough. You all stay blessed too. Take care of yourselves.

What can be more beautiful than family and friends who take care of you always and not letting sadness in your life? Thanks for taking care me a lot and thanks for my birthday celebration which was fantastically flabbergasted. To you all and God I bow down to you for al niceness in my life.

Live the moments and forgot the time. Thanks my friends for teaching me this mantra of happiness. And thanks to my family for feeding me all the best and tasty food. My birthday without you is just a dreamless state. Stay blessed and stay fit because I always need you.

I am sending you all a beautiful return gift which is filled with all my birthday memories with you and moments that we have spent together. From the every drop of my blood I thank you not just for enriching my birthday but for my life. You all people are my life. Be forever happy.

Thank for loving me. Thank you for understanding me. Thank you for forgiving me every time for my mistakes. And thank you for my birthday party and celebration. Always there for you standing me. Oh yes forgot to thank God, thanks God.

If God hadn’t made this world, we wouldn’t have been in this world, and then you my family and friends and me too not here on this earth. So first thanks to God and all other thanks to you family members and friends family members. It is privilege to celebrate my birthday with you. May blessings pour on you.

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