150+ Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Son From Mother and Father

150+ Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Son From Mother and Father

Are you struggling to express your feelings to your son on his birthday? Do you want to make your little boy feels like he is on cloud nine on one of the most significant days of his life? If yes, our towering collection of heartfelt birthday wishes for son with images is quite exemplary for the job!

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Son

Very happy birthday to the most obedient, loving, caring, and responsible son in the world. You are the true successor of this family!

I am pretty sure I have done some great deeds in this life that’s why I have such a lovely and intelligent son like you. Happy birthday my boy!

Cutest Happy Birthday Wishes for Son

Thank you so much son for being the unshakeable pillar of this family when everyone needed you the most. No one can match your compassion and love. Happy birthday, son!

We haven’t celebrated your birthday with the utmost zing till yet. But this time, we promise your birthday celebration will surpass all your expectations and etch a lot of memories in your mind. Happy birthday to the most wonderful son!

Throughout my life, I have wished nothing but success, happiness, and fulfillment of all your dreams. May your birthday brings the rain of good luck in your life. Happy birthday my lovely son!

No matter how tall and successful you become, you will always be my little boy who loves his momma so much. Happy birthday to the best son in the world!

You are bringing immense joy to our family since the day you were born. May God bless you with everything you want in life desperately. Happy birthday to the most wonderful son!

Trust me son, your this birthday is the commencement of some of the most marvelous things that are about to happen in your life. Have trust in God’s plan. Happy birthday!

Maybe the daughters are the most caring ones for the parents in the family. However, it’s the sons that take care of everyone silently without expecting a bit of affection in return. I am blessed to have a son like you. Happy birthday my little baby!

My goodness! We all have such magnificent memories for your childhood that we can’t get over from them till yet. You are the living and walking source of happiness for us. Happy birthday, son! I am proud of you.

Not only you have grabbed all the glories with your talent and hard work but also you haven’t lost a bit of humility and kindness even after achieving gargantuan success. Happy birthday to the star of our family.

Happy birthday to the son whose virtues are innumerable and achievements daunting to outshine. Happy birthday my star son!

Whenever our family hit the abyss of bad luck and troubles, you were the one who pulled us out from the negativity and brings the tranquility again in our lives. Happy birthday to the most amazing son ever!

Dear son, on your 21st birthday I would like to give you priceless advice. Never ever deceit anyone. If a person deceits you, it’s his loss, not yours. Happy birthday my proud boy!

Here comes the day when we can celebrate the birthday of the ever-shining lamp of this family. Happiest birthday to the most handsome son.

Your charisma and unmatched intelligence at this tender age are what separate you from the rest. Wishing a joyous birthday to my brilliant son!

Any parent of this world would be super grateful to have an obedient and virtuous son like you. Happy birthday, big boy!

I pray to God, make my son every birthday as remarkable as possible so that when we turn into a grown-up man, he has a lot of sweet memories to get nostalgic about. Have a glorious birthday son!

heartfelt birthday wishes for son

From a little baby who used to pee on my shirt to a gigantic and dynamic young man who represents the country in sports, it’s amazing to see your growing up so well. Happy birthday my forever little boy!

We may or may not be the parents for you. However, you are unquestionably the finest son we could ask for. You will forever reside in our hearts. Many happy returns of the day to my lovely son!

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Best Happy Birthday Messages for Son

No matter what you do in life and where you live, you will always get my heart-warming and the best birthday wishes on time. Happy birthday my cute son!

Hey son, you have reached an age where you should start thinking about your future and work hard to keep the family’s legacy forward. Happy birthday and we all are proud of you!

On your special day, I pray for your excellent health, long life, success, and peaceful life. Happy birthday, son!

a blessing for son on happy birthday

Without thinking a bit, I can firmly say that you are born to pursue astronomical goals and make your unforgettable for others in the world. I wish a happy birthday to the best son in the world.

Your jovial nature, quirky smile, and helping attitude can make anyone fall in love with your soothing personality. I am more than proud to call you my son. Happy birthday!

Son, you are the finest example of how a person can change his destiny by doing a ridiculous amount of hard work, and without losing any enthusiasm. May your name be etched in the golden pages of history. Happy birthday, son!

Here’s a golden advice on your most significant day of the year. Life is not easy, will never be easy. You have to become tough to surpass all the obstacles. I wish a cheerful birthday to my brave son!

I wish, from this day to the rest of your life, all your days be filled with immeasurable happiness, fervor, and the rarest worldly luxuries. May you have an awesome birthday celebration!

When you were a poky naive boy, I told your mother that one day this boy will make the entire family super proud. You proved me right son! First of all, happy birthday to you. And, I pray for your growth all the time!

My dear lovely son, you have grown up so much but still, you crave so much pampering and attention like a little boy does. May god divine light keep shining on you always. Happy birthday, son!

What an utter and thorough gentleman you have become. I don’t need anything else in life because you are the biggest trophy for me. May you have a memorable birthday celebration!

From the core of my heart, I wish a mirthful, unforgettable, and good-luck bringing happy birthday to my one and only son!

My wonderful and obedient son, no matter how far you will go in life, don’t forget your roots and values. Have an awesome birthday celebration!

For me, there is nothing more satiating and exciting than seeing you smashing your goals and achieving success that no one has achieved in the family. Happy birthday, son!

Sometimes, I ponder hard that are you really my son? I mean you are so calm and composed. And I am like a hurricane. Anyways, you will always be my little baby and I am so proud of you. Happy birthday to the most amazing son in the world!

I don’t think there is any gift that exist in this world that can do justice with your splendid personality and magnetic aura. I wish you have a magnificent birthday celebration!

No one in our family can match your great character and virtues. You are a saint born in the family of ordinary people. Happy birthday to my pious son!

Hey, my little boy, let’s make your birthday party the most frigging birthday party in this city. Happy birthday, son!

a cute birthday wish for little boy

I don’t need to utter again and again how blessed and lucky I feel to have a stupendous and extraordinary son like you. May the almighty always show you the right path. Happy birthday, my charming son!

If we tried hard to become the best parents, you tried harder to become the excellent son that every parent covet for. Today, on your birthday, my joy has no boundaries. Happy birthday, lovely son!

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Inspirational Happy Birthday Quotes for Son

It would be unfair of me to call you a good son. Because you are the best damn son in the world. May your 21st brings good vibes and success in your life. Happy birthday!

My awesome son, may your entire life be filled with laughable and meaningful moments. Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday and God bless you!

On your special day, I so wanted to tell you that all the memories of your previous birthdays are coming back and I am feeling elated. Let’s make one more of your birthday memorable. Happy birthday!

Any goddamn parent of this world will feel more than fortunate to have a gobsmacking son like you. Son, you give a perfect touch to this family. Happy birthday and God bless you!

Even I wish you a happy birthday in a thousand ways, that would still not be sufficient from my end to make you feel special. May your happy birthday celebration turns out to be a zingy affair!

By leaps and bounds, you are the most colossal blessing of my life. You are the happiness and laughter of this family. Happy birthday, son!

My lovely son, the wealth, health, and financial freedom you have earned, you should enjoy it thoroughly with your partner and garner profound life experiences. Happy birthday to the coolest son in the world!

Your persona is more glittering than the light of stars and your character is as flawless as the water of Ganges. Happy birthday to my perfect son!

I wish my other son would be as cheerful, responsible, and intellectual. It’s your responsibility to bring him on the right track. Wishing you a mirthful and memorable birthday!

Do you know what is the reason behind my joyous and stress-free life? It’s you, son. You never let the problems reach us. I am utterly blessed to have you as my son. Happy birthday!

You are my pride, my ego, my confidence, my strength, my energy. You are my everything son. I want to celebrate your birthday like there is no tomorrow. Before that, accept my heartfelt birthday wishes!

Who wants all the luxuries and comforts of the world when someone has an obedient and caring son like you. Happy birthday, my little baby! I love you.

You are the perfect amalgamation of intellect, great looks, smartness, and the presence of mind. I wish an exuberant birthday to the most perfect son in the world!

My dear son, you are about to turn into a man from a reckless teenage boy. It’s time for you to understand what your responsibilities are and what you want to be in life. Happy birthday, son!

You are the sole reason we are so contend in life in spite of having so little. You emanate love, happy vibes, and make everyone cheerful. Happy birthday baby, enjoy your special day to the fullest!

Hey son, you are now big enough to raise a toast of your birthday celebration with me. Let’s pop up some champagne and drink with your dad till you drop. Happy birthday, son. I am proud of you!

My one and only wish for your birthday; May God never let you feel the lack of anything in life. May you achieve what you deserve and what you covet for. Happy birthday!

Dear son, your very presence gives me a strong reason to live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment like there is no tomorrow. Happy spectacular birthday!

You are an indispensable piece of my heart. You are far away from me otherwise I would give you a tight hug. Happy birthday, dashing son!

Each birthday of yours gives me the bundles of reasons to be happy and sad. Happy because you are getting wiser and successful. Sad because I won’t be alive for long to celebrate your birthday with you. Happy birthday to the loveliest son in the world!

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Heartfelt Happy Birthday Greetings for Son

Dear son, I am sorry in advance for being unavailable at your birthday celebration. However, my blessings and heart-warming wishes will reach you on time. Happy birthday, son!

Hey my little boy, if there is anyone on the earth who gives your mother unconditional love and happiness, it’s you. Never break her trust and the heart. Happy birthday son and I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

Words are not sufficient and feelings are not enough to express my immense joy that I have because of your 21st birthday celebration. May you pass every examination of life with flying colors. Happy birthday, son!

Hey son, life is like a flowing river. To live it effortlessly, you must go with the flow and don’t resist. Have a thrilling happy birthday!

a sweet wishes for birthday to son

My vivacious son, I just want to let you know that we are quite proud of you. There is nothing you have to prove to us because we know you are quite capable to achieve anything in life. Happy birthday!

Glory, death, and success are not in our hands. All you should focus on is doing your duties properly and leave everything to God. I am imparting this wisdom on your special occasion. Happy birthday, son!

I have never seen a boy like you who has done so much for his parents at a tender age that most of the boys can’t imagine doing even at the adult age. Have an awesome birthday son!

You are not only a son to me but also a fantastic friend with whom I share all my life journeys. I am glad you have turned into a great guy. Happy birthday, my son!

From the day you started kicking in my lap to the day you become the proud solider of this country’s army, you are quite a special kid. I love you to the core and happy birthday!

You are a boy with the heart of a lion, smartness of a crow, and strength of a bull. I am proud of you my talented son. Happy birthday and God bless you with success and prosperity!

Hey son, I have already prepared the greatest surprise for your birthday. It’s time for you to show up, cut the cake, and unveil it. Before all of that, have my enticing birthday wishes!

My dear boy, I know you have accomplished everything in life. Still, if you still need anything or any support, we will always be there to have your back. Happy birthday to the best son in the world!

No matter where you hop on in life, I know you will be successful because of a gritty attitude and never say die spirit. Happy birthday to my hustle son!

At one point in time, I used to be your hero and the source of inspiration. Now, it’s the exact opposite. Time flies so quickly and so does you, my pilot son. Happy birthday my boy!

Hey son, I want to tell you that don’t be discouraged by little failures as life is vast and full of endless opportunities. Be strong and have faith in your abilities. Happy birthday, son!

Dear son, if life gives me on reason to become sad, your outrageously charming smile gives a million reasons to smile. May you have a life full of glories and swash-buckling moments. Happy birthday, dear son!

The way you give notorious smile whenever you do something mischievous is simply heart-rendering. Happy birthday to the loveliest son in the world!

Son, without a shadow of a doubt, you are the most intellectual scholar in the world. That’s what I saw in my dream. But the reality is harsh. Happy birthday, son!

On your birthday, a very significant and wise person was born. I forget his name. Maybe next time. Anyways, happy birthday son!

Hey son, I have never seen a maverick like you and I am sure I never will. What a crazy soul you are! Happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday Wishes for Son from Mother

What I say more? You are my son; a heavenly abode. You are precious to me, more than jewel and any other thing. I have you through all my prayers. Happy birthday my dearest son. I love you!

May you be a tiger in heart. May you have unshattering courage and confidence. May you forever shine like a star. Happy birthday my dear son from your best mom!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Son from Mother

A lovely happy birthday from your mother. You know I never miss and how could I? Always remember I want you to be tough, and then only you ever last. Happy birthday son!

For a mother, her son is that part that is attached to her with heart that she keeps nine months in her womb. May you be all what you want. Happy birthday from your mom!

May you be the man of truth. May you be a man of your words. Girls like honest and always be with honest and loyal men. Lovely happy birthday from your mom!

Keep rocking my son! You know that how much your mother loves you. I wish for you all the success in life. May you never get afraid of any failure. May you rise and reign forever. Happy birthday!

A mother always loves her son whatever condition may be. I wish you achieve everything in your life. May you experience all the wealth of life. Happiest birthday from your caring mother!

Since the day you were born, my life has changed drastically and emotionally. I have changed so completely at heart. A new filial love wave I felt. It is you and your father I can die for. May you always get love you want. Happy birthday!

May you flow like a wind wherever you want. May you be like a mountain strong. May you understand the emotions of your loved ones. Happiest birthday my son from your mom!

The best thing with you that you are my best friend. And thank you for keeping me close to your heart my dear son. I wish for you everything. Loveliest happy birthday!

May respect and honor come to you at every stage of your life. Wishing all the love and blessings on your birthday from your mother. Happy birthday!

You are still my cute little baby to whom I love to make sleep in my lap. You are my shiniest star. Wising happy birthday dear son! Your mother loves you always.

May you do hard work with all the determination for your dreams. May Gods forever have shelter on you dear son. Happy birthday. Me, your mother keeps praying for you.

It just seems yesterday that you were a tiny baby and now you have all grown up and become a man. I wish life every time magical for you. Happy birthday. Your mother always at your help.

You know the first time you said to me mom. That day was my life and I can’t forget those first seconds when you utter this word to me. May you live longer and glorified. Happy birthday dear son from mom!

I wish you find a true love in your life. This is not the requirement while need. Love will complete you and give you new perspective. May you live happy and wealthy. Wishing you happy birthday, your dear mom!

This life is never going to come back. So you don’t waste it. May your life go through worthy and memorable experience. May you have the treasure of good memories. Wishing you the best happy birthday; your mom!

Before you see others’ faults; may you see yours. May you improve and enhance yourself. May you never beg for anything while have capability to build. Wishing you happy birthday. From your mom who loves you!

I pray to God; may you always come my son and I as your mother. From the heart of mine wishing you happy birthday; your mom. Live long!

May your life a remembrance for all others. May your life be inspiring for others. Wishing you all my love and lots of birthday wishes. Happy birthday!

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Heartfelt Happy Birthday Wishes for Son from Father

Being your father, I see myself in you. You mirror me. I wish you be more than me. As I am known; may you known everywhere as you want. Happy birthday dear son! You are my great boy.

May you not just become a man of strength while of values. May you have a strong and character to be reckoned with. Happiest birthday dear son; from your father who loves you!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Son from Father

What a father wishes for his son? Everything. I wish that you live the life you want to live. It is important. May you not live others while yourself. Happy birthday my son, my friend!

May you never lose yourself. May you always have control on yourself. Wishing you happy birthday, blessings and all the love you can get. Your father wishes you all!

I wish when you walk, you walk with your head straight. May you talk eyes to eyes when you talk. May you be a great leader. Wishing you happy birthday!

May you fulfill all your dreams. May you don’t have ego when someone is dying. May you be a sage and warrior both at heart. Happy birthday son, your father!

May you have the sense of equality. May you have the eyes that can see pain in all equal. May you heal and never get hurt. Lots of wishes and happy birthday. Remember your father loves you!

May you have the courage to speak truth. May you have the courage to face truth. May you pursue anything with truth. Happy birthday dear son!

Forever remember son; hard work always pays. May you never lose it. May you never retire from it. Tons of birthday wishes. From your father happy birthday!

May you see the rainbow every time when you wake up. May you have the wealth of intelligence none could have. Happy birthday dear son. Your father.

The one thing you need to know that you can change anything and you can make everything. To do these thing, you only need a strong will and nothing else. Happiest birthday dearest son; your father.

May you never get depressed. May you never have fear of failure. May you have mountain confidence. Happy birthday my son. Your father wishes you all.

May you have every time peace of mind. May you have what your heart desires. May you win every time. Happy birthday. Your father always with you.

May you make yourself proud. May you make me proud. May you make your mother nation proud. May you be an inspiring journey. Happy birthday son. You’re your father’s loved child!

May you never do guilt you never recover. I wish may you never mistake. Lovely birthday dear son. From your father and your best friend.

The best thing about you is that you always smile. Keep smiling forever. Wishing you lots of wishes and blessings. Happy birthday dearest son. Your father with you!

May you always first love yourself. May you never lose yourself in loving others. May love always find you. Happy birthday. Your humble father.

May you never beg for anything or for anyone. May you never get rejected whom you love. Wishing you happy birthday dear son from your father!

May you never feel alone. May you always have the company of your loved ones. Blessings, lots of wishes and happy birthday dear son from your father.

May you reach all goals in your life. May all life events happen right time in your life. Happy birthday courageous son from your father.

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Funny Happy Birthday Wishes for Son

May you never be a dumb as all boys are so numb. May you have courage to speak what your heart wants. Why boys hide all the way! Awesome birthday wishes for son!

Though you think you look like a Brad Pitt and you wanna be a friend of Leonardo DiCaprio, but the problem is; you look like Adam Sandler! Happy birthday son!

You feel that you are a tiger but you really are like a crocodile; as your habits says! Though don’t when you improve you be a man of your way. Happiest birthday son!

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes for Son

You dress like a crooked man and then you think you want to be with a nice girl. Girls see how you dress rather how you comb your hairs. Be a man of grace than disgrace. Though we love you. Happy birthday!

I wish you tell me about your all girlfriends and their numbers. May your private life never be private to us! We give you some bargain though! Wishing amazing birthday wishes for son!

How your walk is! You waddle a lot and never think and never thought. Sometimes you feel like a kangaroo. Please don’t be so this. Make your parents proud, not shroud. But the way you do always fun bliss. Wishing love and birthday son!

We wish you never get slapped by your girl. Even though you deserve this! Never mind. It is called our bliss!. Wishing birthday wishes for son!

May you get lots of gifts on your birthday. But may all your gifts boxes come empty! Loveliest birthday son!

We wish you never be weird as you are. May wisdom come to you and you never dance in cloudless rain! Wishing happy birthday son!

May you have root canal in your teeth if you eat all the cake that we greet. Awesome birthday wishes for son. Happy birthday!

May the spring of youth always be on you showering its blessing but on one condition. You do all household works! Happy birthday dear son!

We pray to God may you have less demands provided we only need to give you less money! After all money doesn’t grow on trees! Lots of birthday wishes for son!

May you get old soon and we never get to celebrate your birthday! It would be lot of fun actually! Though wishing happy birthday son!

Oh the throneless king of a barren land. We wish you happy birthday. Eat at us you beggar! We love you. Tons of birthday wishes for son. Happy birthday!

Oh the mickey mouse of our house! May you have a girlfriend like Olive and Bluto always beat you! And you become a sailor of a headless ship! Loveliest birthday son!

You are having white hairs in your head and wrinkled skin. Even you could not lift up yourself; then why celebrate your birthday like a prince! Blessed birthday wishes for son. Happy birthday!

All the girlfriends you make, all leave you. May the true one stay. Wishing you love, blessings, kisses and hugs. Happy birthday to our dearest son!

Failing in your exams. We don’t worry about it. But we wish you may never fail at your life’s exam. May you pass in the struggle of it. Wishing happy birthday son!

May you become a cook of hearts but not of only dishes. May your cooking taste spread around the world. But not your sweat’s smell! Just deo yourself! Sometimes it feels so insane! Happy birthday son!

Live the life you want and lead the life as you want. But you always take permission from us! All the loveliest birthday wishes for son!

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Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Son

Even though everyone wants to live their own life and we wish it you also live. But may you never forget your parents and take care of us in old age. Happy birthday dear son!

How soon you have grown up and it is so magical for us. You can’t understand it. We wish may you have all the shiny stars in your life. It goes happy and peaceful. Wishing happy birthday son!

May you have become father also of a child. May you go through this amazingly transforming phase provided you enjoy it. We wish for you all the jewels of life and a true love!

May you always be concentrated towards your goals. May nothing could disturb you. May peace be always with you. Lots of birthday wishes. Happiest birthday to you son!

May you whatever be. You forever for us a gift from God whose smile matters for us and will. May you have growth wherever you go. Wishing happy birthday son!

May you respect and get respected. May you speak well and get treated well. May you honor and get honored well. May you always have your dignity. May you never lose it. Lots of wishes, blessings and love. Happy birthday son!

May you be like an eagle and a dove too. May you have the vastness like an ocean. May you have the openness like infinite clouds. Wishing loveliest birthday dear son!

May you never betray and never get betrayed. May God always listen to you whenever you pray. Blessings and happy birthday loveliest son!

May you become dedicated and loyal to who you are. May you never cheat yourself. May you get known by your work. May you shine like the sun. Happy birthday son!

May you forever have positivity in your life. May pessimism never touch you. From the bottom of my heart wishing happy birthday son!

I wish for you all the blessings and all the boons of life. Happy birthday our son. May you live long, healthy and wealthy.

When you were a small kid, you used to comb your hairs a lot. We thought you would become a model or some actor. Today you are a successful actor. May you forever by a strong-will man. Wishing happy birthday son!

May your life journey be full of amazing surprises. Happy birthday dearest son. Always keep faith in yourself.

May you have these two virtues in your life in-born- belief in yourself and faith in God. Wishing happiest birthday son!

May you grow our culture and grow in it too. May your glory spread in all four directions. Tons of happy birthday wishes for son!

Loads of birthday wishes for son. May you every time have abundance of everything and lackness of nothing.

May you have faith in your religion and be abide by it. May you follow the path God has shown you. May you listen to your heart always. Wishing happy birthday son!

May you achieve what sages and saints have achieved. May you become extraordinary. Loveliest birthday wishes for son. Happy birthday!

May nothingness never disturb you. May everything never greed you. May you never have over-confidence. May you listen to your parents. Loveliest birthday wishes for son!

May you help others. May you have compassionate and kind heart. All the love to you and happiest birthday son!

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