150+ Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend | Birthday Messages for Lover

150+ Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

Happy Birthday All is bubbling with utter excitement to present the biggest compilation of heart touching birthday wishes for girlfriend, emotional birthday wishes for lover and the best happy birthday messages and quotes for girlfriend on the web. Preparing for your girlfriend’s birthday is quite similar to preparing a festival. Either it should be bigger, exciting, and attention-grabbing or you are a dead man. Unlike boys, girls are not after expensive gifts or exorbitant voyages as their birthday gifts. They always look for emotional aspects and efforts her partner put for making her birthday special. Even the simplest heart touching happy birthday wishes for girlfriend can woo your girl’s heart in an instant on her birthday and can save you from the verbal torture by her for the rest of the year. So, to make your special girl happy like a puppy, we have compiled the cutest and also the most emotional collection of heart touching birthday wishes for girlfriend that will touch her to core and make her fall in love with you more.

Heart Touching Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Hey baby, it’s high time to celebrate the most special day of yours and the most significant day for me in full swing. Happy birthday, baby!

A very mirthful and vivacious happy birthday to the sweetest girlfriend in the world. You don’t need a gift baby, you are a gift to me.

May god renders you all the lavishness of the world and keeps you eternally beautiful. Happy birthday to the most gorgeous girl I know!

heart touching Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

If I take the brightest light source and start searching for a girl like you in the world, I am pretty sure I won’t find anyone like you. I wish you a happy birthday, my lovely girlfriend!

You add millions of colors to my monochromatic life. You are the rainbow in my empty. Happy birthday to the one and only love of my life.

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If you were born on some other planet, I swear I would have reached there also to live with you. May you have an unforgettable birthday celebration girlfriend!

Dear girlfriend, on your birthday I want to make a life-long promise. No matter where we will be in the future, if you ever need me I will be there to have your back. Happy birthday, girlfriend!

Your birthday is the most special and alluring day for me as well. I love to prepare for your birthday and celebrate it with full fervor. Wishing a joyous birthday to the cutest girlfriend in the world.

Till the moment your birthday starts to the last second before it ends, I couldn’t hold my excitement and strive to do everything that makes you happy. Let’s create tons of sweet memories on your birthday. Happy birthday my love.

I don’t know why people fall in love. In your love, I have risen and risen only. Happy birthday to my quirky girlfriend

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Hey sweetheart, till the last breath my heart will desire only you and my hands will write love poems only for you. I wish a mirthful birthday to most special girl in the world!

I don’t think there is a better way to celebrate your birthday than reaching your favorite destination and cutting the cake. Hey baby, let’s make your birthday celebration and adventurous affair. Happy birthday, girlfriend!

On your birthday, I ask God only for one thing; whatever your heart desires you get that instantly. I can’t see my princess waiting for something. Happy birthday to the first and the last love of my life!

Hey girl, let’s fulfill your dream of partying in snow-capped mountains on your birthday. Happy birthday my sexy baby!

Wishing the most chirpy girlfriend in the world the most flavorsome happy birthday. I pray for you a lifetime of happiness and success.

Today is the birthday of the apply of my eyes and the beats of my heart. My life is colorless and loveless without you. Happy birthday, girlfriend!

You are more than a passion for me. You are that drug without which I cannot survive. Happiest birthday to the one and only love of my life. May God grants you great health and success!

I still can’t believe in my fate that a drop-dead gorgeous and intelligent girl like you is my girlfriend. Just pinch me to ensure it’s real. Happy birthday, girlfriend!

The best gifts you deserve on your birthday are my endless hugs, kisses, and a promise to be with you for a lifetime. Happy birthday to the cutest girl in the world!

The day we entered into this relationship is the day the whole world changed completely for me. My life is way beautiful and serene with you. Happy birthday, beautiful!

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

In every life, I want you to cross my path, make my heart beat faster, and hold my hands forever. Happy birthday to the loveliest girlfriend in the world.

The immeasurable love you have for me in your eyes is the most precious thing for me in the world. Happy birthday, cutie pie!

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Romantic Happy Birthday Messages for Girlfriend

May the one and only love of my life always remain happy, ecstatic, and achieve earth-shattering success. Happy birthday my lovely girl.

You are an absolute joy to have around. Your mere smile can make my day that even the most luxurious things in the world can’t do. Happy birthday, girlfriend!

Romantic Happy Birthday Messages for Girlfriend

I don’t know what gift to give you on this birthday so I am sending oodles of love, bundles of hugs and kisses, and an entire ocean of chocolates. Wishing you the love of my life happy birthday!

I won’t say I am lucky to have you. I say I am more than blessed to have such a lovely girl in my life. Happy birthday my lovely.

Since the day you came into my life, I can’t even think about spending a single moment without you. My love, you are the essence of my life. Happy birthday!

I know you love boozing, dancing till you drop, and eating like a monster on your birthday. This time, let’s keep your birthday celebration serene, mesmerizing, and unforgettable. Happy birthday!

I wholeheartedly wish all your heartfelt dreams and ambitions come true on this birthday. May the birthday girl gets only the best in life.

You don’t need garish and exaggerated arrangements to make your birthday special. Your stunning presence is more than sufficient enough to make the whole environment splendid. Happy birthday, girlfriend!

Dear love, today is the best day to tell you that you have made my life worth living. You are my perennial source of happiness. Happy birthday to my soul mate.

Undeniably, you are the most special thing ever happened to me and it’s an absolute delight to have you in my life. Happiest birthday to the sweetest girlfriend!

You are the only person for whom I can say that my soul is dissolved completely in yours. We are two bodies but one soul. Happy birthday, baby!

Baby, you are the sweetness in sugar, the fragrance in flowers, and the soul in my body. Happy birthday my lovely girl!

Today is the most significant day of the year for me as it is the birthday of the love of my life. May your birthday turns out to be as scintillating and glittering as possible.

Sweetheart, you taught me the true meaning of love, life, and how a relationship can be the most beautiful thing in the world. Happy birthday my girl!

The most exciting thing is, yours and my birthdays fall on the same date. Let’s make our birthday celebration big, better, and memorable. Happy birthday, dearest girlfriend!

In my gloomy days, you are the most shining star. In my lows, you are the source of inspiration I need the most. Happy birthday to my girlfriend, my life partner.

At times, you are a raging fare and at times, you are a calm ocean. You are the epitome of beauty and serenity. Happiest birthday to the most gorgeous girl in the world!

You deserve nothing but absolute happiness, love, raunchiness, and the finest of things in life. Wishing my sweet girlfriend a happy birthday!

It is certainly right that a woman is always the reason behind a man’s immense success. Like you are the reason for happiness and success in my life. I am so thankful to have you in my small world. Happy birthday, princess.

Hey my pretty girlfriend, on your birthday, I wish God listens to all your prayers and bestows everything you deserve in life. Happy birthday, girlfriend!

Cute Birthday Messages for Girlfriend

In a population of 7.8 billion people, you are the chosen one for me. And, even if I got 7.8 billion options to choose, I would always choose you. Happiest birthday my darling!

Without you, days don’t seem like days and nights don’t seem like nights. Without you, there is no fun in eating the most scrumptious food and watching movies. Happy birthday to the most beautiful soul in the world!

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Heart-Touching Birthday Messages for Girlfriend

The love we both have for each other cannot be confined and can’t be expressed in mere words. All we can do is feel it. You are the loveliest blessing of my life. Happy birthday!

If the world has 100 reasons to love you, I have one million reasons to love you more. Happy birthday my barbie doll!

Heart-Touching Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Before you became my girlfriend, you were my best friend who has always inspired me to become the best version of myself. Happy birthday to the most wonderful girlfriend in the world!

If God gives me a chance to choose between 100 billion dollars and you, I would choose you for the next 100 lives. Happy birthday my love!

Perhaps I am the only person in the world who is aware of all the beautiful facades of your stunning personality. Happy birthday to my perfect girlfriend.

In my garden of love, you are the most beautiful flower in it. In my empty mind, you are the waves of happiness. In my serene life, you are exciting and unending ripples. Happy birthday my lovely girlfriend.

I guess it’s your first birthday celebration with me. I won’t waste this wonderful opportunity to celebrate your first birthday after the beginning of our exquisite relationship. Happy birthday my new love!

Happiest birthday to a breathtaking girlfriend, a loyal friend, a classic teacher, and an awesome partner in crime. God bless you with success and unimaginable prosperity!

Don’t you think birthday greetings, hugs, and kisses are overrated? I would like to etch your name in my heart forever and that would be the perfect birthday gift for you. Happy birthday, girlfriend!

Is there any time or any expression in which you don’t cute? I mean how can someone be so heart-melting yet so wild at the same time? Happy birthday to my feral baby!

Happy birthday to the one and only gem in my life. Your presence alone emanates happiness and excitement in my dull life.

You are the only girl who deserves to be my life partner. You are the one who supported me when everyone else left me in the whirlwind of problems. Happy birthday to my biggest supporter, my awesome girlfriend!

When I am with you, I always lost the sense of time because of your charming personality and spellbinding smell of hairs. Happy birthday to the smartest girlfriend ever!

A year with you seems like only a day. You are the loveliest being I have ever come across. On your birthday, May god renders you the lifetime of love and peace.

We have spend a noteworthy amount of time together and I must say, this journey has been quite intriguing till yet. I would love to spend the rest of my life with you. Before that, accept my heartfelt birthday wishes to you.

Hey birthday girl, there is no beauty like you and there will not be anyone like you till eternity. Happy birthday and have an outrageously cheerful day!

You carry the intensity of the Sun, the calmness of the moon, the glitter of the stars, and the love that knows no boundaries. Happy birthday my lovely and perfect girlfriend!

Before you, everything in my life was good but not exciting at all. Since your entrance in my life, I feel nothing but utter excitement every single moment. Thank you love for making my life astonishing and worthy of living. Happy birthday!

Your birthday is high time for me to grab the best damn cake in the town and let the whole world know that it’s my sweetheart’s birthday. Happy birthday, love!

Though every day of your life is awesome, I want to make your birthday, the most special day of your life. Happy birthday to the prettiest girlfriend in the world!

Happy Birthday To my Girlfriend

Whenever you give an out of the blue smile to me, I feel an irresistible urge to kiss and hug you right away. Your one smile can make me go gaga for you. Happy birthday my lovely girlfriend!

Cheers to my mushy and cuter that teddy bear girlfriend on her 25ht birthday. May God bless you with the more cuteness and beauty!

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Impressive Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Hey baby, do you know why I desperately wait for your birthday every year? Because I get a special kiss on your birthday. Happy birthday my pretty angel!

You and I exist in this world solely for the purpose of loving each other. Without you, my existence is meaningless. Happy birthday, love!

Impressive Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Honey, I don’t know what gift to give you on this birthday so I am sending a love letter that encloses my entire feelings for you. Happy birthday, girlfriend!

If I had powers to give you something extraordinary, I would have brought the moon and the stars on earth as your birthday gift. Happy birthday, girlfriend!

Before you came into my life, I can live my life happily without anyone’s love. However, the day I met you, I totally went head over heels for you and wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. Happy birthday my lovely girlfriend!

Your beauty can outclass the most beautiful flowers. Your sweetness can overshadow the sweetest of honey. You are the essence of my life. Happy birthday, baby!

On your birthday, I want to give you the best birthday gift of all time. I am giving you my heart forever. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

Handling a drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend like you can be a tedious task as the kind of gargantuan attention you get from everyone. I want you to be hooked with me for a lifetime. Wishing a happy birthday to the most beautiful girl in the world.

The day I saw you is the day I decided to make you my girlfriend. Don’t you think it’s high time to make you my wife? Happy birthday my girlfriend cum future wife.

If gorgeousness had a face, it would definitely be you. Happy birthday sweetie pie!

The glitter in your eyes can make anyone go gaga for you. Your smile is the best medicine for me in the world. Happy birthday my sweet angel!

You are like my favorite ice cream flavor ‘butterscotch’. I can eat you all the time without taking a single breath. Happy birthday my yummy girlfriend!

The toughest moments of my life seem quite easy to pass when your hands are in my hands. Happy birthday to the best girlfriend ever!

Not only you are an astounding girl but also you are a loyal and trustworthy friend. Happy birthday my inspiration, my love!

I eagerly wish that your birthday turns out to be a fun-filled and enthralling affair. Happy birthday, miss adorable.

Any gift or birthday gift will pale in front of your humble and beautiful personality. Happy birthday to the most beautiful soul!

You are as soft as dandelion flowers and as mushy as cotton. You are the most perfect girl I have ever seen. Many happy returns of the day.

I didn’t know when our friendship turned into a beautiful relationship. I wish this birthday, you agree to turn this relationship into the marriage and give me the best return birthday gift. Happy birthday sexy!

Very happy birthday to the girl who taught me the real meaning of love, friendship, and relationships. You are worth cherishing for a lifetime.

The hollow love I have become concrete on that day when you walked into my life. I love you to the moon and back. Happy birthday!

Inspirational Birthday Quotes for Girlfriend

Hey love, thanks a ton for clearing my messed up life and making it into a gobsmacking affair. Happy birthday, girlfriend!

Not only I can see the love you have for me in your eyes but also I can feel the respect and admiration you have for me and my family. I wish happy birthday to the loveliest girl in the world.

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Long Distance Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

It’s sad to say that I won’t be able to celebrate your birthday together but my best wishes and unconditional love are always with you. Happy birthday, babe!

I still can’t digest the fact that a perfect girl like you loves more than an imperfect boy like me. I am more than lucky but you are the luckiest girl. Happy birthday!

Meeting you was certainly a wonderful stroke of luck. But falling in love with you was really uncontrollable for me. Happy birthday to the goddess of beauty!

Finally, your big day has arrived and it’s high time to celebrate your birthday with loads of fun and booze. Happy birthday, babes!

It would be an insult for you if I say you are special to me. I would say you are the best damn thing ever happened to me and I don’t think anything can surpass you. Happy birthday!

I am taking this moment to celebrate the most auspicious day of the girl of my dream. Happy birthday, darling! Stay blessed and keep shining!

Hey girlfriend, can I ask you for a return gift on your birthday? Just hold my hands and let’s go for a long walk. Happy birthday to the prettiest angel!

If it was in my hands, I would celebrate your birthday every damn single day and scream to the whole world that she is the most special one. Happy birthday my baby!

Finally, the day has arrived when I can hug you tight, kiss you hard, and wish you a happy birthday with tons of gifts. Happy birthday to the most stunning girlfriend!

Whenever you walk into the room, the time stops for me and my heart runs faster than an airplane. Happy birthday miss charming!

Here’s to the girl who steals all my attention, love, and time. I think you are the angel who comes straight from heaven only for me. Wishing happy birthday to the angel of my life!

I wouldn’t hesitate a bit in saying that you are the ultimate creation of God who is now enriching every dimension of my life. Thank you love for staying in my life and making it heaven. Happy birthday!

On your birthday, I would like to tell you that you are the only one who deserves my success, wealth, love, and devotion. Happy birthday, darling!

Happiest birthday to the girl without whom my life is nothing more than an empty paper.

May this day brings unimaginable happiness, immense joy, and earth-shattering success in your life. Happy birthday my sweet girl!

I see your face when the sky is packed with sunlight, clouds shower rain, stars glitter, and when a child smiles. Happy birthday to the one heck of a beautiful woman!

Never ask me how much I love you. Whenever I get the chance, I will prove to you every single time. Happy birthday my sexy girlfriend!

Hey pretty girl, I have selected the most alluring gift, especially for your birthday. It’s one million kisses, one billion hugs, and one zillion cuddles. Happy birthday my sweetie pie!

You have brought everything in my life, be it joy, success, or fun. It’s my time to give everything back with the double intensity. Happy birthday, my cutie pie sweetheart!

On your most special day, I promise you to never break your heart and strive hard every single day to make your life a fairy tale affair. Happy birthday my princess!

I have never told it to you but I think today is the right day to say,” I have never met an amiable and bodacious girl like you, and I never will.” Happy birthday to the queen of my heart!

Just to make you mine for the lifetime, I can deject any wealth, luxury, and beauty of the world. Happy birthday, my heartbeat!

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Funny Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Baby, you have finally hit the age where kids will start calling you an aunt if you don’t marry me now. Happy birthday, my love!

After a long arduous wait, you turned 18, and finally, we can make love. Jokes apart, happy birthday, my sexy girl!

Congratulations babe for entering the age group where you can party at any bar without showing any ID. Happy birthday, sweety!

Your transition from a messed up teenage girl to a messed up adult is laudable. Happy birthday to my idiotic yet beautiful girl!

Happiest birthday to the one but not the only love of my life. I mean, I love my mom too.

Trust me, baby, 18th is not the cool age as you can get pregnant and your consent can’t do anything about it. Happy birthday, my sexy girl!

People say, age is just a number but numbers do matter because I can’t put all the candles on your birthday cake. Happy birthday, girlfriend!

It doesn’t matter how old you become. I will keep loving you as long as you don’t get wrinkles on your face. Happy birthday, love!

Yes, you are boring as hell. But when you are interesting, you become the most exuberant girl in the world. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

You are so sweet that if I were you, I would surely make the birthday cake out of me. Happy birthday, darling!

You are the perfect amalgamation of sexiness and beauty. And, I don’t want you to take the first statement seriously. Happy birthday, barbie girl!

Sweetheart, on your special day, I want you to give the best ever gift a boyfriend could give to his girlfriend. My attention. Don’t even think about Lamborghini. Happy birthday, babes!

After doing painstaking research for years, I can firmly say, you are the wildest creature I have ever witnessed. Happy birthday, sexy girl!

Hey girl, has anyone ever told you that your smile is a real killer. It’s so killer that I lost the sense of driving and was about to smash the truck. Jokes apart, happy birthday baby!

If I am tom, you are my Jerry. If I am Mickey Mouse, you are Minnie. If I am bread, you better be Jam not butter. Sending the best birthday wishes to my lovely girlfriend!

On your 21st birthday, I want to render the most valuable advice to you. Do whatever you love to do, just don’t pregnant; accidentally or intentionally. Happy birthday, girl!

I congratulate the sweetest birthday girl for having the most handsome boyfriend in the world!

Hey girl, Are you a murderer? Because you kill every time you smile with your eyes. Happy birthday and God bless you with prosperity!

Welcome to the 30th club baby! Welcome to the age when you start hating yourself for fading beauty, pimples, wrinkles, and the list is never-ending. Have a marvelous birthday celebration!

Your birthday is the perfect time to say bid adieu to your cuteness and welcome wrinkles wholeheartedly. Happy birthday to my cutie pie!

My life surely belongs to you but my heart belongs to 1 billion dollars that my dad will leave for me. May you enjoy the birthday like there is no tomorrow!

Dear girlfriend, 25th is the age that brings a ton of good things in life. The reduction of social circle, more responsibilities, more debt, less happy moments, and the list is endless. Anyways, happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday Quotes for Girlfriend

Your birthday is the best excuse for me to shower all gifts and luxuries that you have always refused to take. Happy birthday to the girl who is my whole world!

On your special day, make a promise to me to chase your dreams harder than ever, fly higher, never quit, and keep loving me. Happy birthday my love!

There are somethings in the world that only God can give to us. May God bless you with more love, mercy, benevolence, and an attitude of gratitude on your birthday!

Happiest birthday to the girl who is as delicate as a butterfly, as ferocious as a leopard, as cute as a puppy, and as talkative as a parrot. Happy birthday and peace out!

Sending you in my life is the best damn thing God has ever done for me and I don’t want more. You are the reason behind success, happiness, and prosperity in my life. Happy birthday, angel!

This birthday is the embark of the new chapter of your life. Let’s make this chapter worth reading for everyone. I love you like crazy, babe. Happy birthday!

Life is nothing more than a blissful affair when a boyfriend has such a fascinating girlfriend like you. I will keep loving you passionately till my last breath. Happy birthday to the best girlfriend ever!

Wishing a freaking awesome birthday to God’s own special child and my pretty girlfriend. Happy birthday!

I literally thank you gazillion times for being the most solid support system of my life. Without you, I couldn’t make huge in life. Happy birthday to my biggest inspiration!

I am a huge fan of your gritty attitude, your charming persona, and uncountable virtues. Happy birthday my sweet doll!

Hey sweetheart, I love you more than God loves his own child. May your birthday be the biggest party celebration of the year!

People like you are born with the sole purpose of bringing happiness and tranquility in others’ life. Happy birthday, my mushy girl!

If you remember, exactly on your birthday, we came into the relationship and from the day, I am deeply, madly, and totally in love with you. Happy birthday to the zingiest creature!

I was so happy in my life. But I became happier and peppier after your arrival in my little world. Happy birthday to the cutest person ever!

On your most significant day, I want to make a big announcement. I and my love is yours till eternity. Happy birthday, my Cinderella!

I was a man with no purpose and vapidness all over men. Then, you came and everything I see seems like a miracle. Wishing happy birthday to my girlfriend cum magician!

Hey love, I can’t promise to bring heft and luxurious gifts to you on your birthday. But I surely promise to bring all my heart and emotions and put them under your feet. You are the biggest and the best part of my life. Happy birthday, sweetie!

I have caress so many things in my life but your hairs and hands are surely the most enchanting ones. Happy birthday!

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