100+ Happy Birthday Prayers & Blessings for Loved Ones

100+ Happy Birthday Prayers & Blessings for Loved Ones

Birthday Prayers for Loved Ones: A birthday is the most awaited as well as the coveted event for every individual. A person celebrating a birthday keenly waits for sweet birthday greetings, surprising birthday-gifts, and life-changing blessings from loved ones. Everything matters in a birthday bash but the most special thing for a person is divine prayers that his or her loved ones offer to the lord for the well-being, prosperity, opulence, and happiness of the birthday boy or girl. Genuine prayer is powerful enough to change the fate of a person that’s why we all chant prayers in front of the lord on all significant occasions. Peek into the most divine and blissful selection of happy birthday prayers and happy birthday blessings that ask for the happiness, good health, and prosperity of a person to whom you will send them. Tell your birthday boy or girl how grateful you are to have them.

Happy Birthday Prayers and Blessings for Loved Ones

Today is your happy birthday and I pray almighty to bless you with all kinds of earthly joy. May you always live a productive and jovial life. Happy birthday and God bless you!

May God be so happy with you that you get to celebrate every birthday of your life with so grandeur and in the presence of all your loved ones. Have faith in God and his blessings will keep you in the right direction. Happy birthday, dear!

On your happy birthday, I genuinely pray to god to fill every fiber of your life with unending happiness and give you the strength to differentiate between right and wrong all the time. God bless you!

Happy Birthday Prayers and Blessings for Loved Ones

My dear, always remember that God never creates anything useless in this existence. You are here means you are special and have a very significant purpose to fulfill. May god’s glory make your life an utter success. Happy birthday!

I am outrageously thankful to god for creating such an emotional and lovely person like you with whom I am connected. I am in awe of your faith in the lord, your extraordinary wisdom, and your unmatched wittiness. Happy birthday to the most perfect person I know.

Dear Lord, thank you immensely for giving me a lovely friend who is no less than a whole family to me. I pray to you to bless him with the best virtues, divine knowledge, and the key to everlasting happiness. Happy birthday, dear friend!

To my loveliest brother, may lord grant you the most enigmatic serenity, unexperienced joy, and the energy to fulfill your purpose on this planet. Happy birthday and God bless you with his mercy!

Hey sister, today we are not only relishing your birthday but also we are celebrating the wonderful gift of life God has given to you. I thank all almighty for endowing me such a chirpy sister and happy birthday. Amen.

May your inner goodness and benevolence remain undeterred and you rejoice every single moment of this magnificent life endowed by the lord. Happy birthday and be blessed forever!

It’s your special day and I ask God to load with every possible happiness and gift you deserve. Happy birthday daddy and god bless you with flawless health and longevity.

Nothing is easy and I pray that lord Almighty make everything easy for you. May you not go through stones and pebbles for what you want! May in your path flowers be always there! Happy birthday my love!

I pray that you never have to suffer anything in life. May everything come to you as breeze just in your lap! Wishing happy birthday my dear!

For you I want everything. You are my soul and without you I can’t live and not even could dream of it. I pray that you never have scarcity of anything in life. May you achieve everything what you want! Wishing you happy birthday and prosperity!

I pray that you soon meet a good girl and marry. May my this wish for you come true on your birthday! Wishing happy birthday and love! May you be filled with warmth of love forever in your life!

May nothing trouble you! I pray that your all prayers get answered by the God. You are my dearest love and I want all the happiness for you. Wishing you happy birthday love!

May your all works get done as you want! I pray may lord show you light and path. May he even guide you! I pray that no worry every bother you! Sweetest happy birthday to you!

happy birthday prayer

Happy unforgettable birthday to you! I pray you never lose your confidence and wherever you pave, you never get edged out from there! May God always support you! 

Fabulous happy birthday to you! No one is like you in my life as you are. You are special for me and I am grateful you are in my life. I pray for your wellness and health. Love you always. 

You are honest, faithful and loyal. May you never lose this wealth of you! I pray may you never get forced to lose them ever. Wishing you happy birthday my love!

In my heart you always hold a special place. You don’t know what you mean for me. I pray on your birthday you get your wish granted. May the God listen to you and grant you all the blessings! Happy abundance birthday to you!

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Short Birthday Prayers for Friends and Family

Happiest birthday to my dearest and the quirkiest friend. You are such a sweet blessing of god to me and I never want to lose you at any cost. May lord consolidate our swoon-worthy bond of friendship with each passing birthday. Amen!

The way you are carrying on our beautiful bond of friendship for so many years is admirable. You are one gem of a friend and I know God will never let you down in life. Happy birthday to my beloved friend!

Short Birthday Prayers for Friends

On your happy birthday, my most intense and hearty prayers for you are that may god fills your life with an abundance of everything you desire and deserve. Brace up yourself because something wonderful is going to happen in your life. God bless you!

Happy birthday to my dearest buddy who is no less than a close family member to me. Today is your extraordinary day and I pray God to be always merciful upon on you. Be happy and be lively. God bless you!

Not only you are a super protective and watchful brother but also an amazing friend with whom I love to spend most of my time. Having you as my close one is the biggest blessing as well as the gift of god to me. Happy birthday and God bless you!

I pray to God to always give you wisdom and wit to make every decision right. May no enemy ever harm you! May God always shield you! Happy birthday my friend!

May your name be written on this sky! May you be remembered for your remarkable works! I pray to God that nothing hurdle in your way! Wishing you happy birthday my dearest friend!

May no one in your family ever go poor! May all be safe and sound and get ahead in their life! Wishing you happy birthday, and blessings for your family! 

short birthday prayer for family

I pray to the ever shining God that you always get to do what you want to do. May you always have your desired choice to fulfill your destiny! Wishing you happy birthday my sweet friend! May you always have love in your family!

Wishing you joyful happy birthday my friend! My prayers and God’s blessings are always with you. May you blow the flags of achievements! 

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Birthday Prayer for Her

Sweetheart, on your special day, I pray to god for our life-long togetherness, longevity, and undeterred love till the end. You are the only flower in my empty garden. Sending you heaps of blessings and love on your birthday!

May the blessings of almighty and his holy light always shine upon you and protect you from the pernicious elements. May your birthday be full of alluring and surprising moments. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

As you are stepping into adulthood with your birthday celebration, I promise I will always protect you from all the internal and external demons and hold your hands at every crucial moment. Happy birthday to my dearest one!

Birthday Prayer for Her

Happiest birthday to the queen of my heart and the goddess of my life! May God always be the sailor of your topsy-turvy boat and protect you from the most horrendous storms. 

On your super special day, I wish god open the doors of endless opportunities and meaningful relationships for you. May lord mercy and divine grace keep pouring on you. Happy birthday to my sweetie pie!

I love you infinite. I pray to the all powerful God that you always wade through the storms and win in your life what you have heart for. You are my love. May you always be powerful! Wishing you happy birthday my sweetheart!

You reign at my heart. I pray to the brightest almighty that you reign where you eye for. May you have abundance and glory always! Wishing happy birthday my beautiful love!

Without you I don’t want to exist. May you always be loved by all! May no hate you ever suffer from anyone! And one promise I make that I love you in all the births. Wishing happy birthday my gorgeous darling!

I pray to the kindest supreme Messiah that no misunderstands should come our way. May we never get distanced from each other! May you have all the wealth of the world! Happy birthday my ever glowing diva!

With all my heart wishing you happy birthday my baby! You are my soul through which I breathe. I pray May you always shine like the moon! Love you deeply.

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Birthday Prayers for Him

Happy birthday to the piece of my heart! May god’s light shine on you with so much intensity that the paths to success and greatness get clear for you. Happy birthday sweetheart and have a blessed day!

My beloved boyfriend, it’s because of you I get to grasp the real taste of love and get conversant with the true meaning of love. I wish you enjoy your birthday in the most zingy way and thank the lord for everything in your life. Happy birthday!

Birthday Prayers for Him

May you see massive and world-changing dreams and fulfill them with utmost honesty and dedication. On your happy birthday, I am sending heaps of love and wishes along with my genuine blessings.

May this birthday turns out to be the most exciting and blissful birthday of all time for you. May you put off all the self-imposed limits and become the most productive version of yourself. Happy birthday and God bless you, sweetheart!

I am unquestionably the luckiest girlfriend in the world because my sweetheart wants to dedicate his most special day only to me. May we rise in love, may you continue to glitter my whole world with your goodness. Happy birthday, my love!

It is only you for whom I am alive. Wishing happy birthday my dearest heartthrob! I pray you always be successful. May you never get drown in anything bad! Just remember I am always there for you. 

You are the heart of mine. You are that flower whose fragrance I am. I pray may you aura and fragrance spread throughout the world. Wishing happy birthday my charm! I love you through all ups and downs. 

It is my luck that I have got you for my life and I will never get separated from you. I pray you always be strong and powerful. May all bow down to you! Happy birthday my forever love! I always be in your love for infinite numbers of time. 

I pray you never have to beg for anything. May all pour to you what you want from the heaven! I every pray that God always bless you. You don’t know how much I love you. Even I can die for you. Happy birthday my love!

With all my heart I truly wish you happy birthday my life. You have given me the greatest gift I always wanted and it is you. I pray that you win at all your efforts that you put for your success. Forever deeply in love with you. 

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Birthday Prayers for Myself

Dear Lord, on my birthday, I thank you for making me a human being and I pray you to endow me ample strength so that I can continue to walk on the path of righteousness. Happy birthday to me!

Thank you Lord for giving me one more year to celebrate my birthday and experience the most precious gift you have given to me – Life. Please always keep me under your shadow and fill my days with love and serenity. Happy birthday to the most amazing person I know!

Birthday Prayers for Myself

Dear almighty father, since the day I was born I haven’t asked you anything except your love and blessings. As long as you are supporting me, no one can do any harm to me. Your blessings and grace are all I need. Happy birthday to me from you!

Dear God, I never pray to you with the intent of getting something from you. I pray to you because I owe you this wonderful life that I get after arduous struggles in previous lives. Thank you god for all the love, prosperity, and blessings. Amen!

Dear God, on this glorious and such a happening day, I bow down in front of you and beg you to erase all my sins and give me sufficient strength to think positive and perform only good deeds. I wish myself a wonderful and feisty birthday!

I pray that no one could ever match me in anything. May truest god give me everything what I wish and desire! Wishing beautiful happy birthday to myself! 

May I never stop caring for myself and appreciating! I pray that God always gives me his blessings and boons to me. May the omnipotent always love me as his first! Happy birthday to me!

I love myself and it is must. Before anyone else I love myself a lot. I pray I become the king of this world. May I have the limitless bliss of powerful God! Happy birthday myself dearest!

Wishing happy birthday to myself who is confident, intelligent, religious and spiritual! I pray to the Lord may I live the life I want. Wishing happy birthday myself!

May I have the strong heart and mind! May no suffering ever break me! May I lack nothing in life! And I pray no one could harm me. Wishing happy birthday to myself fearless! 

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Birthday Blessing Quotes

You are the most secured person in the world when god’s blessings walk by your side all the time. Be thankful to the creator for everything from life to relations. May you have a magnificent birthday celebration and be blessed always!

May you always find strength and courage by chanting god’s divine name. May you never feel wavered when you go through tumultuous times in life. Just keep your eyes fixed on God and only good things will happen in life. Happy birthday, dear!

Birthday Blessing Quotes

Dear Lord, thank you so much for giving us the kindest, loveliest, and the most caring daughter. May lord never hinder your success and never put a lot of obstructions on your path to success. Happy birthday and God bless you.

I praise the ultimate creator for gifting me such a supporting and staunch life partner who can go to even hell to protect me from all nasty things. It’s your happy birthday and may you be blessed with the most pristine and novel things. Happy birthday!

You are such a nice human being that finding you I feel I have found a rare treasure. Wishing you happy birthday dear! I pray that you never lose anything. May you always be surprised by life giving you crackle of happiness!

May you always be blessed and divinely guided by the supreme reality and the truth which is god! May you never lose belief in him! I pray that you never lose yourself. Because you are your trident strength! Love you and happy birthday!

I love more deep and intense than seven oceans of this world. I pray you never make mistake. May nothing trouble and bother you ever! May you always have the love of your dear and near ones! Wishing happy birthday my dearest!

May you make history with your life! May the crown of the world on your head be! I pray to the kindest God he shower you with the sprinkle of blessings. Happy birthday my loveliest!

With every grain of my heart and blood I do want to say that I love you tremendously. I pray we never lose each other and always be there for each other. May you always be ahead in your life! Wishing you happy birthday!

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Birthday Prayers for Son

I must have done some astonishing deeds in the past life that’s why I have given birth to such an obedient and loving son who only cares about the happiness and the growth of family. May you enjoy every birthday of your life like a grand festival. Happy birthday to my adorable son!

Birthday Prayers for Son

You are feral, you are bubbling with rage, you have failed a lot, yet you have never let me down in life. I know one day you will become a great man and change the destiny of the whole family. I trust you son and I pray for your success and joy only. Wishing happy birthday to my wonderful son and god bless you!

Dear Lord, day in and day out, I pray for the well-being, success, and happiness of my son. May you always shower your divine blessings and mercy on my son. May you nurture him into a fantastic human being. Happy birthday to my lovely son!

I praise God every single moment for giving me such a talented and vibrant son who showers joy and friskiness wherever he goes. I wish you continue to chase your dreams and keep your goodness alive. Happy birthday to my dashing son!

My lovely son, you have no idea how special you are to the whole family. On your happy birthday, my humble advice for you is to be as authentic as possible. There is no treasure better than being yourself in life. Happy birthday to my amazing kiddo!

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Birthday Prayers for Daughter

Dear daughter, giving birth to you was the greatest thing of my life. Getting you hitched with the love of your life was the most alluring moment. And seeing you becoming a mother was the most serene event of my life. I am super proud of you. Happy birthday and god protect you from all vicious elements!

Birthday Prayers for Daughter

Since the day you were born, I haven’t seen the dearth of anything in my life. You came to our life as a harbinger of good luck, prosperity, and utter joy. I am more than grateful to God for giving me such a caring, intellectual, and kind daughter. Happy birthday to my angel from a loving mom!

Today, my joy knows no boundaries because it’s the happy birthday of my little and notorious angel. I know one day you will leave this nest and hop on to a new one, however, as long as you are with me, we will create the most regal memories together. Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter!

On your super special day, I pray to god to make you kind enough to understand the pain of others, intelligent enough to solve the problems of others, and strong enough to stand firm against any storm. I am super proud of you and I love you with all might. Happy birthday, daughter!

Thank you almighty for giving me the most vivacious and naughtiest creature of this world. Since the day you have stepped into my life, I haven’t experienced a smidgen of sadness. Thank you for being my happy bunny. Happy birthday daughter and god bless you!

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Birthday Prayers for Mom

My beautiful mother, today is the biggest day of the year for you and I pray to god to give you 100 more years to live so that you can experience all the happiness which you haven’t till yet. Happy birthday and God bless you mother!

Birthday Prayers for Mom

Dear mother, I wait for your birthday more than mine because it is the only day when I can do something wholeheartedly and free for you, otherwise, you wouldn’t let me do anything for you. May God always bless you with an impeccable health and respect you deserve. Happy birthday to my god, my mother!

Yes, you are my beloved mother but more than that, you are a fabulous friend and a true mentor. I express my gratitude to God every single day for giving me such a lovely and supporting mother. May you touch the pinnacle of motherhood and always receive infinite love from God and us. Happy birthday, mother!

May the all almighty always be merciful and graceful to you. May you live long enough to accomplish all your goals and experience moments of happiness that you haven’t till yet. Happy birthday brother and God bless you!

Dear mother, I am a bit confused because I don’t know for whom to pray for your well-being and success. For me, god and mother are no different entities. Let’s have a barnstorming birthday celebration and create uncountable moments of joy for you. Happy birthday, mother!

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Birthday Prayers for Dad

Dad, you are awesome and the spine of the family. Wishing you happy birthday! May you forever be rock solid! I pray every day for you to the loveful God to cure you from all diseases. I love you my emotional dad!

Birthday Prayers for Dad

You have done all what you could ever demanding and saving for yourself. You are the loveliest and kindest father. May you have all the wealth in life! I pray to the almighty May he instill belief in you of his and erase your negativity. Happy birthday my sweetest father!

You are strict and disciplined and I like and respect you for that. You are the man of your words. May you always have a good health! I pray that God give you strength to always lead your family to the front. Happy birthday my honest father! 

You have the truest heart and clean clear thoughts. What is in your heart on your tongue. I love you for this. May you have the tremendous bliss from the God! I pray May he always show you the path and May you never get deceived by anyone in life!

You are my simple and loveliest dad. I love you truly and I can’t say it. But you are my dearest father. May you always have the smile on your face! I pray to the mightiest God that all your troubles get erased. Happy birthday my kindest dad!

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Birthday Prayers for Sister

Happy birthday my dearest sister! You are my sweet sister because every time you have sacrificed for me without saying a single word. I am always there for you. I pray that no drop of tear come from your eyes. Love you my sweetest sister!

Birthday Prayers for Sister 

May you have all the wealth of this universe and no worry ever touch you! I pray that sadness never touch you. May God always protect you! Wishing happy birthday my soft heart sister!

May nothing shackle you in life! I pray you always be in joy and laughter. May you always have the support of your husband and loved ones! Wishing happy birthday my cute sister!

Happy birthday my truly caring sister! You are the life of our family and our father really loves you. I pray you always shine and grow to your zenith. May you have the courage to follow your heart! Wishing happy birthday my smartest sister!

May wealth never vanish from your life! May you always be emotionally strong and tough! I pray God always fortify you! Happy birthday my dearest sister! 

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Birthday Prayers for Brother

May you discover your true path! May the almighty show you the light! I pray to the God to give you strength mentally and physically. Wishing happy birthday my little brother!

Happy Birthday Prayers for Brother

You are the love of our parents. Father loves you dearly. May you never be in lack of confidence! I pray to the heaven to give you self belief. May you never get back at what you promise to do! Wishing happy birthday my good brother!

Happy birthday to my cute little brother! First of all, May you get disciplined in life! I pray to God everyday that no evil ever touch you. May you always have the luck! Wishing happy birthday my lazy brother!

Happy birthday my good brother! I pray that you get successful in your dreams. May you find the true love in your life! May your all worries get eradicated! Always secretly loving and caring for you. 

You are the charm and life of our parents. You are fond of savory dishes. May you become the best chef in the world as you always wanted to be! I pray that you never lose faith in yourself and in the God you believe in. Wishing happy birthday my cutest brother! 

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