50+ Heart Touching Happy Birthday Ex Boyfriend Wishes | Birthday Quotes for Ex BF

51 Happy Birthday Ex Boyfriend Wishes | Birthday Quotes for Ex BF

Feel free to peek into the colossal compilation of heart touching happy birthday wishes for ex boyfriend. Everything fades, only love remains. This is a statement best fits to the first love of life. Falling in love with someone is a great and irresistible trick by nature to keep the generations going on. At some or other point of time in life, we all fall for someone and that person becomes the indispensable part of life. You weave innumerable dreams to spend future with the love of your life, want to spend every minute thinking about him, wanna share everything with him, and the list is endless.

However, all good things come to an end, terribly or seamlessly. When you get detached from your lover, the entire world seems a big lie, dreams shatter in no time, and life started seeming pointless. But that’s not the end of life. Loneliness matures all of us. Out of maturity, we realize that love is more about setting the person free rather than holding him up. You suddenly want the lost love to be happy, as a friend or as a lover. If your ex-boyfriend’s birthday is around the corner, you must consider sending happy birthday wishes to an ex-boyfriend for the sake of good old times you have spend with him. So, after churning emotions and thoughts, we have collated a scintillating collection of birthday wishes for ex boyfriend that will help you to make the birthday of ex lover remarkable!

Emotional Happy Birthday Wishes for Ex-Boyfriend

We are not together in once a beautiful relationship but I have always thought about your well-being and success. Happy birthday, ex boyfriend!

It’s a tragedy that two people who are madly in love with each other are separated and living in two different corners of the world. Anyways, it’s your birthday and I wish you massive success and immeasurable happiness.

You were, are, and will always be the most special person of my life. On your birthday, I pray for your lifelong health, unimaginable success, and peace. Happy birthday to the loveliest ex-boyfriend!

There was a time when we used to celebrate your birthdays by visiting the new destination every year. Now, we haven’t seen each other face for years. Let’s release our grudges and rehaul the things again. Wishing you a very happy birthday my ex-boyfriend!

Even we are miles apart, you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Happy birthday to the most amazing ex-boyfriend!

Emotional Happy Birthday Wishes for Ex-Boyfriend

Two days of life are the most important ones; When you are born and when you found the true love of life. The later one is gone, it’s time to fable the former one. Happy birthday, ex boyfriend!

We broke up in the most terrible way but I couldn’t let go of my feelings for you. I wish you could come back again in my life and fix up the things again. Happy birthday friend cum ex-boyfriend!

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So what, if we can’t live together as lovers, we can still continue the most beautiful form of relationship – friendship. Happy birthday, ex boyfriend!

Today is a super special day for you. I hope you maximize the potential of day to the fullest and celebrate your birthday like there is no tomorrow. Happy birthday my ex love.

May each day of your life throws numerous surprises and you should get the love you deserve in life. Many happy returns of the day ex-bf!

I don’t know why we separated from such a beautiful relationship but still, I only wish for your good life and success. Happy birthday and have a mirthful day!

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Emotional Happy Birthday Messages for Ex Boyfriend

Don’t be surprised if you receive my birthday wishes. I am a woman with a broken heart but still madly in love with my first love. Happy birthday to the first and perhaps the last love of my life!

We have lived some of the best times of our life together. For the sake of good old times, can I come to your place to celebrate your special day? Happy birthday, ex boyfriend!

Life and tide wait for none. However, I can steal some moments from the passing ones to wish my past love happy birthday!

Yes, we haven’t seen each other faces for ages but I don’t have any hard feelings for you. Your presence still makes me feel vivacious. Happy birthday sweetheart!

I know we cannot be together again but I feel so alive whenever I hear your name. Wishing you a cheerful and unforgettable happy birthday my ex love!

Emotional Happy Birthday Messages for Ex Boyfriend

It’s been 7 years since we have drifted apart but I still can’t forget those times when you made felt like a princess. On your auspicious occasion, sending you bundles of hugs and kisses with happy birthday wishes!

We cannot predict how long we are going to stay with someone but we can choose to create ever-lasting alluring memories with the person. I had some chocolaty memories with you. Happy birthday, ex boyfriend!

You are the same person who touched my heart and also broke it into zillion of pieces. I don’t want to see you anymore but I can’t hate you either. Many happy returns of the day to my ex-bf!

You were the ignorant one in the relationship but I overlooked all your shortcomings. A relationship is a two-way process but I was the only in it. Anyways, happy birthday and have a blasting celebration!

Sometimes, I wish we could be together again but then I think, whatever happens, happen for the good of everyone. Happy birthday, ex boyfriend!

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Heart-Touching Happy Birthday Wishes for Ex Boyfriend

Falling in love with you was the wonderful stroke of luck but breaking up with you was my choice because of your toxicity. Still, I wish you happy birthday and pray for your success!

I lost all my hopes and dream when you went out of my life. But true love is not about holding, it’s about letting go and see whether it comes back or not. Happy birthday ex-boyfriend!

Just want to take few moments from your special occasion to send my genuine emotions along with happy birthday wishes for you. May your special day turns out to the best one of your life!

We don’t love each other anymore. However, I still have a lot of respect and admiration for you. Wishing happy birthday to a great man and a fantastic lover!

Though I hate sending birthday wishes to the person who doesn’t want to even see my face, still, I mustered my feelings to wish you a happy birthday. Have a great life!

Heart-Touching Happy Birthday Wishes for Ex Boyfriend

I have been in numerous relationships in my life but the moments I had spend with you are still the most special and precious ones. On your birthday, all I can wish for you are: success, peace, and love.

Not a single day passes when I don’t cry for you. How can I forgot those enchanting moments when you made me feel the top of the world? Happy birthday to the only love of life, my ex-boyfriend!

Your birthday is one of the most significant days of my life as well. Your birthday reminds me that, on this day, a lovely person came on this planet who loved me like hell. Happy birthday pretty boy!

Often, when I cry during the night, your soothing words and the inexplicable feelings I have for you become the sources of consolation. May you live happily and have a happening life. Happy birthday, ex-boyfriend!

Within a blink of an eye, you made my life absolutely vapid and pointless. I don’t seek an apology from you but I do have the right to wish you a happy birthday on your special day. Happy birthday my love!

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Happy Birthday Quotes for Ex-Boyfriend

Our relationship was one heck of a topsy-turvy affair. I am glad we parted our ways at the right time otherwise, we would have lost the bond of friendship as well. Happy birthday best friend cum ex-boyfriend!

Sometimes, it’s better to separate the ways at the right time and keep the sanctity of love than to destroy the beautiful memories of the relationship completely. May you have an awesome birthday celebration ex-bf!

The biggest mistake in our terrible relationship was the lack of appreciation for each other efforts. I wish you are living a happy life with your new party. Happy birthday, ex love!

I have never ever got the feeling that once I used to have because of you. Life is not that great anymore but I am learning to cope up with loneliness. Anyways, it’s your big day and I wish you a happy birthday!

May the eternal glory of God fall on you and illuminate every fiber of your body. Happy birthday, ex boyfriend!

Happy Birthday Quotes for Ex-Boyfriend

We have been through so many ups and downs but our relationship was not strong enough to survive the biggest challenge. I wish you don’t have to face the thing again with the new partner. Happy birthday!

It’s your awesome day and I want nothing but the very best for you on your birthday. May you experience true love again. Happy birthday, ex-boyfriend!

People come and go in life, you are the only one who stayed in my heart forever. I can’t have you back but I can’t stop missing you either. Happy birthday to the dearest person of my life.

May you savor the special day with the newfound love of your life. Please don’t break her heart like you break mine. Wishing you a spending birthday celebration!

Happiest birthday to the ex-boyfriend turned best friend. I just want you to be in my life, no matter how.

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Funny Birthday Wishes for Ex Boyfriend

I paid a great price to be in a relationship with a jerk like you. And the price is my virginity. Nevertheless, wishing happy birthday to not such a terrible ex-boyfriend.

It’s your special day and I want you to take a good bath and brush teeth at least on this day. Happy birthday stinky man.

Finally, it’s your happy birthday and you won’t be getting any gifts and birthday wishes except for me. Happy birthday you piece of crap!

Happy birthday to my cute yet dumb ex-boyfriend who has yet to learn how to act according to one’s age.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Ex Boyfriend

On your 27th birthday, I have a valuable suggestion for you. Get a job or better be prepared to become homeless.

Happy birthday to my partner in crime when it comes to eating food sneakily. I still remember those good old days!

Birthdays will come and good, but your shitty and careless attitude will never go away. Happy birthday to my ever-childish ex boyfriend!

If you want a great gift from me on your birthday, you better don’t organize your classless birthday parties from now on. Happy birthday heart breaker!

Whenever I need inspiration in my life, I look up to you. Because there is no one uglier and dumb than you and it makes me feel so good. Happy birthday ex-boyfriend!

When you are around me, I feel like there are better people who can be around me. Get out of my face now. Before that, wishing you the happiest birthday!

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