120+ Heartwarming Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom & Dad | Happy Birthday Daughter Quotes With Images

Heart touching birthday wishes for daughter from mother

Birthday Wishes for Daughter: If having a son is an absolute joy, having a daughter is certainly the biggest and the priceless blessing in the world. A supporting, loving, and ambitious daughter can change your world in so many ways that you can’t even imagine. As a daughter is extremely special for every parent, her happy birthday celebration has to be out of the world to make your little angel feel enthralled and regaled. Are you looking for Heartwarming happy birthday wishes for your princess-like daughter? You have certainly bumped at the right platform. We have the biggest compilation of Heartwarming birthday wishes for daughter, Heart touching birthday wishes for daughter from mother and father, happy birthday daughter quotes with images and funny birthday wishes for daughter from parents that will make your forever princess birthday celebration perfectly splendid!

Heartwarming Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Roses are red, the sky is blue, It’s my super cute daughter’s birthday so let me put everything on a halt and celebrate it for you. Very happy birthday to my extremely beautiful daughter!

Your lovely talks, kind actions, and smile induce a lot of zestfulness and positive vibes in our lives. May your birthday celebration be packed with the utmost thrill, craziness, and unexpected surprises. Happiest birthday to the loveliest daughter in the world!

Heartwarming Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Lucky are those parents who give birth to such a caring, affectionate, and responsible daughter like you. I so want to tell you that you are the biggest asset as well as the most valuable investment of my life. I love you, daughter, and happy birthday!

Yes, a lot of things hold significance in my life but none of them are as precious as my cute daughter and her smile. You have no idea how much your presence has changed my life to a great extent. I wish a happy birthday to my darling daughter. May all your wishes and ambitions come true in no time.

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Before your birthday, I was quite a mean and grumpy man. Your mother was not very happy with me either. But once you arrived in our lives, everything changed and life couldn’t be better and happier. You are surely a lucky charm for us. Happy birthday my cool daughter!

Out of all the great things and blessings I have in my life, your smile is the most valuable and the needed one. Your vivacious presence makes my life more peppy and worth living. I wish a happy birthday to the most adorable daughter in the world!

birthday wishes for daughter with images

No matter how old you will grow, I will continue to pamper and spoil my little princess. After all, my cute daughter deserves all the luxuries and happiness of the world. Happiest birthday to the most beloved daughter!

Ever since you have taken the responsibility of this home, this place has turned into a living heaven. What a fantastic manager of the professional and personal lives you are! We are quite proud of you. Sending the cheerful birthday wishes to our lovely daughter with heaps of hugs and kisses! Happy Birthday To My Daughter!

birthday quotes for daughter with images

Happiest birthday to the most gorgeous and the most ambitious daughter who is the queen of many hearts as well. You have always managed to grab whatever you have desired in life. I wish you continue to set milestones and become a brand for herself. Happy birthday to my super successful daughter!

Now you have stepped into the age where more than happiness, disappoints and failures will be in your way. I promise you to have your back and hold your hands during the most critical time. I can’t avoid failures but I can surely face them with you. Wishing happy birthday to my inspiring daughter!

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I can clearly remember all those days when I used to give you rides on my back and we used to play all day long. Times fly so fast and now you are ready to start your own family. I am so pleased to see you happy and contained. Happy birthday my ever beautiful daughter!

Every day of life is a blessing when a parent has such an adorable and supportive daughter like you. At every stage of life, you have supported me like a guy and has never let me down for once. I am so grateful to have you in my life. Happy birthday, to my daughter!

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Whenever I feel low in life or face the setbacks, I see the face of my cute and lovely daughter and all my worries suck away from life like nothing. You are my best cope up mechanism and the perennial source of happiness for me. Happy birthday to the prettiest daughter in the world!

My world begins with your smile and ends with your hugs and kisses. In this harsh and not so happening world, you give me numerous reasons to cheer up life. Have a splendid birthday celebration, my lovely daughter!

birthday messages for daughter with images

For a brave and strong-willed girl like you, nothing is impossible to achieve and no obstruction can stop you from grabbing what you want. Undeniably, you are a fine example of women empowerment. Happiest birthday to my brave daughter!

You will always have one person by your side who will never forget your birthday. That one person is your dad. I feel immense privilege to call you my proud daughter. Happy birthday my lovely little princess!

birthday wishes for daughter with images

Hey daughter, the only thing you must remember in this ever-changing world is to never forget your real self. Never ever compromise with your morals and ethics. Everything else will fall in line. Wishing happy birthday to my utterly cute daughter!

Hey my forever charming daughter, you are a lot like the sun. No matter what season or time it is, you always manage to shine bright and never fall dim for a moment. Happy birthday to the pride of my life!

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Your birthday is the only date that I can remember all my life without any reminder. You are my heartbeat, daughter. I wish you a zingy Happy Birthday To My Daughter!!

Hey my princess, I hate to break it to you but you have officially entered the marriageable age and your teenage also has officially expired. Happy birthday my lovely daughter! Have an unforgettable one.

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Heart Touching Happy Birthday Messages for Daughter

I don’t think that the official Oxford dictionary has sufficient enough words to do the praising for your intriguing and interesting personality. You are the epitome of beauty, hard work, and sacrifice. Happy birthday my lump chump!

The only thing that I cannot withstand is your sad or brooding face. I can shake the entire world just to bring a heart-warming smile to your utterly beautiful face. Happiest birthday to the prettiest daughter in the world!

Heart Touching Happy Birthday Messages for Daughter

Not a single day passes when I don’t smile on an intermittent basis and the reason behind this genuine and big smile is your lively presence, my daughter. I wish you savor every moment of your life and no happiness remains untouched from you. Happy jovial birthday to my apple pie!

There was a reason I was quite harsh and strict with you during your entire childhood. I wanted to make sure you turn out to be the finest kid among all. Wishing happy birthday to my lucky charm!

As a feral teenager, you have given me some really hard times but that was nothing in front of your glittering and smiling face. Your dreams and ambitions are the most important things for me, and I can make any sacrifice to fulfill them. Happy birthday to the dearest daughter!

You were a great storyteller and expressionist when you were a little runt. The more you have grown up, the more you have become serious about your career and our well-being. We are more than blessed to have such a caring daughter. Happy birthday to my forever little sweetheart!

May your enchanting day be as special as the arrival of Halley’s comet. Wishing a happy birthday to my incredibly smart and talented daughter!

Life is the amalgamation of topsy-turvy and smooth rides. If you can learn to enjoy and savor rides on both the roads, you can easily topple and achieve anything in life. This piece of wisdom is your gift on this birthday. I wish you remarkable and crazy incidents packed birthday celebration! Happy Birthday To My Daughter!

Till yet, I have supported you in all walks of your life. It’s time you must learn to run all by yourself and face the challenges like a real empowered woman. I know you will do fantastic in both personal and professional life. Have a marvelous birthday celebration, my glorious daughter!

Two of the best moments in my simple life were your birth and the day you became an independent woman. Thank you so much daughter for becoming the strength and support of your wimpy father. Happy birthday my gorgeous daughter!

Unquestionably, a daughter is the most precious and inexhaustible treasure for parents. It is certainly right that the sons change after the marriage but a daughter’s love and caring remain the same for the parents till the end. Wishing a happy birthday to my magnificent daughter.

Though you look like a delicate and beautiful flower, you have the power to move the mountains and measure the infinite sky. I am utterly mesmerized by your willingness to become the best in life. Happiest birthday to the hardest working daughter.

You are one of those precious persons who spread magnificence, peace, and love wherever she goes. You are a beautiful ray of light in our ordinary life. May you continue to rise and shine like that throughout life. Happy birthday, dear daughter!

I don’t know you have such amazing persistence and patience to chase your dreams. One day your gleaming name will surely go down in the golden pages of the history. Happiest birthday to my to-be-legendary daughter!

If life becomes tough for you, you become tougher to tackle all the circumstances with the utmost courage and determination. You can put any boy to shame with your invincible physical and mental prowess. Happy birthday to my super tough daughter!

As you have already achieved every possible thing in life, on your special day, all I can wish for you is never-ending and permanent happiness. Happy birthday to my hustler daughter. Better things will come to your life pretty soon!

There is hardly any difference between you and a unicorn. Both are rare to spot, mesmerizing, outrageously beautiful, and god gifted. Nothing renders me more pleasure than your satisfied and smiling face. Happy birthday to my adorable daughter!

I don’t know why people crave for the sons so much. My astonishing daughter has achieved everything and done so much for the family that even a son only dreams about doing. Happiest birthday to my cutest and the loveliest baby girl!

In the world full of girls who only care about doing fashion and splurging parent’s money, you have made us proud with your elusive laurels, gargantuan achievements, and your ground-breaking works. I have yet to sport an intelligent girl like you. Happy birthday!

On the most imperative day of the year for you, I wish nothing but absolute blissfulness, unlimited wealth, impeccable health, and inexhaustible prosperity for my little girl. Happy birthday my sweet little daughter!

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Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mother

Very happy birthday to the world’s most beautiful daughter from the world’s prettiest mother. You have made me proud more than my son, and your zestfulness to live life to the fullest is laudable!

Dear princess, you have happily completed the 21 beautiful seasons of life and this is just the beginning of a truly magnificent and exciting life. May you grab all the success and happiness you deserve in life. Wishing happy birthday to my stunning daughter!

Heart touching birthday wishes for daughter from mother

Since the day you have arrived in my life, everything in life is going my way and all I have experienced is the best things so far. My lovely daughter, you are definitely my lucky charm in every sense. Have a bodacious birthday celebration sweetheart. Happy birthday my cute daughter!

Your birthday was an absolute dream came true for me because I always wanted a baby girl as a kid. After your birthday, I never wished for anything from God except for one more chirpy and bubbly baby girl like you. Wishing happy birthday to my lifeline, my lovely daughter!

Unquestionably, I am the most cheerful and the luckiest mom in the world as I have such a caring and successful daughter who doesn’t let worries even come near to you. I love you so much my moon pie! Happy birthday, dear daughter!

You are as fresh as the first dewdrop in the morning, as bright as the most intense sunshine, as calm as the ocean water, and as soft as talc. I wish a joyous birthday to my utterly beautiful and sophisticated daughter!

I can very firmly say that God has been outrageously kind to me as he bestowed me such an adorable and barnstorming baby girl. Today is your 18th birthday and the first leap into adulthood. May you have a glittering future, my baby girl. Happy birthday to my ever lovely daughter!

As it is the birthday of the biggest blessing of my life, I would like to impart some priceless wisdom to you. Never let your eyes off the goals and never ever compromise with your self-esteem. Happy birthday my angel-like daughter!

Not only you are an ingenious girl but also you are one of the kindest souls I have ever seen. The compassion you have for everyone is what separates you from the rest. Wishing happy birthday to my pretty splendid daughter!

I feel so excited and delightful whenever I prepare for your birthday celebration. My happiness knows no boundaries when you cut the cake and rub it on my face first. God, what would my life be without you? Happy birthday my cute daughter!

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Emotional Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter From Dad

The saying is not wrong that every daughter is a princess for her Dad. You are a sweet ray of happiness and high hope for me. With your arrival in my life, my every wish got fulfilled. Happy birthday to the daddy’s princess!

Hey lovely daughter, do you know why I manage to sleep and wake up with happiness at night and in the morning? Because I see your innocent and cute face before I go to sleep. Happy birthday my stunning daughter!

Every year, when your birthday approaches near, my excitement amps up manifold times and I do whatever I can to make your happy birthday celebration one heck of a scintillating and perfect affair. My life is empty with you. Wishing happy birthday to my dearest daughter!

On your special day, I just want to tell you that as long as your dad is with you, no one will stop you to chase the dreams and do whatever you wish to do. I know you will make all of us proud one day. Happy birthday my sweetheart daughter!

Emotional Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter From Dad

Today is the happy birthday of the biggest blessing and the most colossal achievement of my life. There is no denying that you are the most beautiful, the smartest, and the wisest girl in the world. Happy birthday to my adorable daughter!

It’s your most special day and I know you will ask me to party all night long, booze till you wobble, and dance till you drop. There is no need to ask as you are a grown-up adult and free to do whatever you like to do. My happiness lies in your happiness. Wishing happy birthday to my party freak daughter!

It is quite a daunting task to nurture a stubborn and strong will daughter like you. However, it’s my pleasure and dream to nurture into a young, fine, and educated lady and see you climb the ladder of success. Happy birthday my super adorable daughter. Thanks for spilling immense happiness into my life!

Though you are a mother of two wonderful kids and a massive success in the professional world, you are still a little and naive daddy’s girl for me. May the almighty keep pouring happiness and prosperity in your life as well the in the family of yours. I wish a happy birthday to my charming daughter!

For the love of God, would you please stop studying even on your birthday and allow your daddy to smash cake on your face? My studious daughter, so many gifts, and the birthday wishes are waiting to grace you. Get up and seize the day! Happy birthday to my beautiful princess!

I genuinely wish your big day be filled with a lot of crazy incidents, utter happiness and laughter, and all the gifts you covet for. May Lord showers all his blessings and grace on you. Happy birthday my cutie pie daughter!

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Heartwarming Happy Birthday Daughter Quotes from Parents

Daughters are like colorful butterflies that when you see them, you just forget everything and get attuned with them. Daughters are God’s greatest gift for humanity. Wishing you happy birthday my daughter!

When you were a little kid, you were my daughter. When you got into adult, you were my daughter. When you become a woman, you were my daughter. You were always my daughter and always will be. Love you daughter and happy birthday!

You are stubborn as me. You are determined like me. You are smart and sweet like me. You are my daughter, you are like me. Wishing happy birthday dear daughter! Love you!

Heartwarming Happy Birthday Daughter Quotes from Parents

I don’t pray anything except I pray for only you daughter. May you again take birth for me only. I pray may I be always you father in every birth. You are my beautiful daughter. Happy birthday!

I am very lucky I have you. When you came into my life since then my life has become fortunate. In the world my all love to you daughter. Happy birthday!

When you have a daughter in your life, you have the strongest person in your life and family. She is the strength of your family. Dear daughter, you are the strength of me. I wish you win all battles. Happy birthday my dearest daughter!

I wish daughter you marry a good man. I wish you make a happy family. I wish you always be happy and peaceful. Happy birthday my loveliest daughter!

A daughter is that rose of your life whose fragrance never fades. I wish you never fade. Wishing you hugs, prayers and love. Happy birthday my ever fragrant daughter!

What this life is if you don’t have the bliss of having a daughter in your life. I wish may my daughter achieve everything beyond. Happy birthday my intelligent daughter!

A daughter is always the heart of a father. A father could do anything for his daughter. I wish daughter you bloom through this life. I wish you grow till stars and heaven. Happy birthday my sweetest daughter!

A father can’t forget two moments in his life related to his daughter. Once when she was born and second when she gets married. These are the precious moments in any father’s life. I wish dear daughter you just keep smiling for your whole life. Love you my baby girl!

My dear daughter, you have the aura of a goddess. I wish in real life you also become a goddess. Wishing happiest birthday of your life. Love and hugs to you!

A daughter is more than any gold, silver, platinum and all the valuable treasure of this world. Only she is the real treasure of life. Wishing happiest birthday of your life. May you accumulate memorable moments in your life.

None worth in this world to a daughter’s happiness. I wish dearest daughter you not only achieve your dreams while you give others courage to see and fulfill their dreams. Happy birthday my always courageous daughter!

I wish daughter you can write your destiny as you want. I wish may you make the painting of your life. Blessings, hugs and love to my most understanding and kindest daughter. Happy birthday!

I wish may you lack nothing in you and your life. I wish may your all weakness become strength. Happy birthday my loveliest daughter!

I pray you get protected all the time. I wish you never depend on others. I wish you build and muscle yourself up. I wish you be your own savior. Happy birthday my strongest daughter!

The most beautiful thing in this life is daughter’s smile. The most hateful thing in this life is daughter’s tears. I wish and pray dear daughter may you never weep. I wish you always be joyous and peaceful. Wishing you my love and happy birthday my simple sober daughter!

I wish you have the depth as oceans have. I wish you have determination has mountains have. I wish you have fly as eagles have. I wish you be my daughter invincible. Happiest birthday my invincible daughter!

This world is only beautiful because of so many beautiful daughters. Love you my beautiful daughter. I wish you tread your path high, higher and highest. Happy birthday darling!

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Emotional Happy Birthday Greetings for Daughter from mom and dad

The time stood still when I took you into my lap. You smiled and transcendence happened to me my daughter. I pray may you never go through any difficulty. Happy birthday my dearest daughter!

As time is passing, you are growing all four folds. Seeing you growing is my most magical moments of my life I could never forget till the end of my life. You are a strong woman and I wish you forever be. Happy birthday my darling daughter!

I like two plaits of you when you were a kid. I like when you came from the school and asked me various questions. You are a grown lady now and a woman too. And as a woman I wish may you always make me and yourself proud. Happy birthday my awesome wonderful daughter!

With whom I compare, I find nothing to compare you with. You are generous and your attitude towards things is so observable and attentioned. Detailedly you describe anything is phenomenal. I wish you become a beacon of inspiration for all women. Happy birthday daughter!

I wish you be a sailor of your own voyage. All the tides and storms can’t stop you. May you be unconquerable? Happy birthday to my phenomenal daughter!

Emotional Happy Birthday Greetings for Daughter from mom and dad

You marry a good person of your choice. You have beautiful kids with whom I love and want to play. You become a good wife and a successful woman. May all the gifts of life come to you. Happy birthday my gorgeous daughter!

You are that bud of that beautiful flower that Gods use as a garland. Even they pray to that flower for its aura and fragrance has soothed the entire world. I am luck you have come into my life daughter. May you become famous and popular and may your name get known in the whole universe. Happy birthday my benevolent daughter!

In the orchid of your daughter may all flowers bloom and fruits come. May all birds sing in it and you feel the joy of having Mother Nature near you which is the greatest feel in this world. I wish all colors of flowers blossom for you. Happy birthday my flower daughter!

You are my best friend as I have never had in my life. Talking about literature and all the things are unforgettable moments. I pray you become a best and popular writer and may your books sold millions of copies. Happy birthday my aspiring writer daughter!

You are valuable for me my dear daughter. You are my peace, my calm and my serenity. You are the most possessive thing in my life. May you spread your wings as wide as you want to and fly wherever you want to. May wind be your companion. Happy birthday my best daughter!

My heart is not made of blood and vessels or nerves. It is made of you daughter. Till the last breath of my life I give all the things what you want and unlimited love to you. Happy birthday my amazing daughter!

You know why this whole night glitters with shine and light? It is because to lighten the daughters’ world. Because god knows, if his daughters are not happy and safe nothing could be. Happy birthday dearest daughter! May your world remain always lightened!

You look really an officer, a woman who can lead and command. May you lead and command and all obey you. Wishing gallons of love and happy birthday to my commanding daughter!

Be selfless in giving. Be shareable every time. Be egoless but never allow stains of disrespect. Be fearless and disciplined. May you all be. Tons of wishes for you dear daughter on your birthday!

Speak less, listen more. Talk less, do more. May you be not thunder less cloud. May you be not rainless cloud. May you be abundant of everything. Millions of wishes on your birthday daughter divine!

You have an amazing gift of nurturing. You have patience but don’t make it an endless wait. You have resilience. You have zeal for achieving. May you have all these forever. What you pursue and seek, may be successful in that. Happy birthday my resilient daughter!

Dreams you make possible all yours. Any hard path may come, you walk and never stop. You continue your journey towards you goal and until reached, never backward. May you have this winning attitude dear daughter. Happy birthday my victorious daughter!

I like your noise. I like you cook for me. I like you make our house a home. You are my daughter indeed. May the decisions and choice you make, you never regret them. May path you take you always learn from them. Gazillions of love from your dad and happy birthday my world’s best daughter!

May you need no protection because you will become strong. May you be independence and may you be an iron lady. May you never bend before adversities? Giving all gifts to you and tons of wishes on your birthday. Happy birthday my iron willed daughter!

Before making others happy, be yourself happy first. Before doing for others, do for yourself first. Before making others, first make yourself first. May divine light guide you. May angels surround you. May your glory spread everywhere. May you be a goddess. Happy birthday my lily daughter!

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Funny Birthday Wishes for Daughter

In your two long plaits you look like a cow! And today is your birthday, so here coming your cow milk cake! Happy birthday my sweet heart daughter!

I know you definitely demand for your pocket raise on this birthday. I will do it but you have to break up with your current boyfriend! Happy birthday my over smart daughter!

Comfort is good but over comfort is dangerous. I know in our house you are getting so comfort. I wish when you would get married you have to do lots of work cleaning dishes, brooming, ironing, and making bed. May this list go endless. But here, happy birthday my lazy daughter!

Only on this birthday I have to spend on your birthday. From your 16th, you take up your all spending. Oh so much happiness I feeling here! Happy birthday my daughter!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Daughter from parents

I give you one lakh rupees on your birthday. But you have to promise me you only marry a guy that I select for you! What you say! Happy birthday my doll like daughter! You always have your choice, don’t worry.

You don’t know how to wash your clothes, you don’t know how to iron them, you don’t know how to serve before guests, even you don’t know how to cook good omelet. Yet you say you can do anything. What an irony! Happy birthday my all-work-do daughter!

I wish that when you drink beer on your birthday, may your teeth get frozen as ice cubes! Drink orange juice! You always drink beer on your birthday while you are not legally adult! Happy birthday daughter!

You know at nights crickets make irritating sound? Your laugh is like that irritating sound and your all friends are like them! Happy birthday my cricket-laugh dear daughter!

I know you love to go to Beyonce and Drake live concert on your birthday. And I can understand you must be thinking about getting tickets for them from me. But on your birthday dear, I have arranged a Bhajan Kirtan live. You with your all friends are invited! Happy birthday my little daughter!

I have seen your friends and your dance on the birthday. Last time you were all dancing like; who bite me, who bite me, who bite me….. Your all moves were insectious. Happy birthday my small insect!

You have gone 16 on your this birthday. I think you must give me the rent of the house. What they say, your childhood is over dear. Happy birthday my daughter! Next time I call you a tennat!

You always say you want to travel the whole world on your birthday. I give you this. You just need to do a week community service. I think you like your birthday gift daughter? Happy birthday!

Live your dream my daughter. Before dreaming, you just need to come to the reality. You are overweighing. Even your dreams could not lift you up. Happy birthday my daughter! Just eat less!

The only one thing I don’t like about you my dear daughter- is your pouty face. Your whole instagram is filled with it. It feels like you have filled your mouth with a burger. What a pity! I always get dislike from me for this. Though happy birthday pouty face daughter!

I wish may your all boyfriends leave you and you concentrate on your study. May this wish come true on your birthday. How you like this in a greeting card!? Happy birthday my self claimed studious daughter!

I know you like peanut butter a lot. But these days you are feeling to me like mayonnaise sauce, which looks great but not good in taste. Happy birthday daughter!

I wish I could put a silencer in your mouth or in my ears provided I could not hear you for your birthday gift. Happy birthday to my annoying daughter!

The best way to celebrate your birthday daughter; never ask your dad for money or treat. Never ask for using house for a party. What could be best than that! Millions of cakes for you. Happiest birthday to my luckiest daughter!

I wish you grow daughter. But don’t grow to that ceiling high! Loveliest birthday to my dumbest daughter!

Oh dear lord… give my daughter your wit and wise. May her brain never outgrow in size! I really love. Just a little joke it on your birthday. You are my very good daughter.

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Heartwarming Birthday Poems for Daughter from Parents

Let her fly;
let her bloom;
she is your daughter shining like a full moon;
on her birthday, wishes and prayers full;
let her fly;
let her bloom;
happy birthday my flower daughter.

Heartwarming Birthday Poems for Daughter from Parents

Not here, not there;
not in this world and universe;
not in rivers or mountains;
you live in my heart dear daughter;
all my love to you, all my everything to you;
happy birthday I say to you.

When you were born;
I hold you;
you bubbling up as I care you;
your first smile and your first cry; pictures framed, would never dry;
It is your first birthday dear daughter;
with my all might, I try;
happy birthday.

Be the wind; don’t be hind;
fly float but never stop;
you be queen, you reign;
you are my daughter ever green;
wishing happy birthday with champagne;
you dancing with your wings.

Don’t wait too long;
keep paitence but not that too too long;
just do, never stop;
chase what you like;
don’t chase what others like;
you go this, you win all;
happy birthday my daughter baby doll.

Be the light;
don’t hold lamp; but be the light;
never cry, ever try;
the path you choose may never dry;
wear unbroken shoes; that’s truth;
may you find what you choose;
happy birthday my unselfish daughter;
you are good.

May you be what you be;
day you be, night you be;
storm you be, breeze you be;
smile you be, anger you be;
you are my daugher, forever be my be;
happy birthday dearest rarest daughter.

Never fear, never rear;
observe listen clear;
step forward with caution dear;
you be a winner dear;
wishing happy birthday to my courageous daughter.

As rain relaxes as you are;
as honey sweetened as you are;
as cherry reddish as you are;
as me as you are my daughter;
wishing you happy birthday.

Never weep, never cry;
whom you love, for them you always try;
who love you to, they always try;
may you get surrounded by love;
which is always thine, which is always thine;
happy birthday my daughter perfect.

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