100+ Belated Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, Greetings and Quotes

100+ Belated Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, Greetings and Quotes

You just hopped on to the biggest compilation of the most original belated happy birthday wishes, funny belated birthday quotes, happy belated birthday messages with images. Let’s get started.

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes with Images

I always believed in sending my best birthday wishes to the person regardless of I am late or early. Belated happy birthday buddy, have a blast!

I am extremely sorry for wishing you that much lately but I was badly stuck in some quintessential work. Belated happy birthday sweetheart!

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes with Images

This sweeter than sugar belated happy birthday wish is not an excuse or justification of my late wishing. I actually slipped off your birthday. Accept my apology as well as belated birthday wishes.

How can I forget the happy birthday of one of my oldest friends? I am super sorry brother as I am going through some really tough time. Belated happy birthday to my brother from another mother!

A person who can forget the birthday of her dearest sister shouldn’t be considered as an accountable person at all. I am pretty sure you will forgive me after getting your birthday gifts and my belated birthday wishes to you!

Whether you believe it or not, but I didn’t forget your birthday. I just wanted to be the last one to wish you. Belated happy birthday dear! I hope you had a great birthday celebration.

Though I am the last one to wish you a happy birthday this year, I promise I will be the first one to surprise you next year. Belated happy birthday my love!

So what if I forgot your birthday, my love and unconditional support has always been with you. Now quickly accept my apology and belated birthday wishes for you!

Sometimes, life doesn’t roll out the way we want that’s why I missed your special day celebration. I genuinely hope you had a freaking awesome birthday celebration. Belated happy birthday baby!

I know you must be in awe that how can I dare to miss the most special day of the year for you. I am sorry and I hope you have a memorable birthday celebration. Happy belated birthday baby!

As you know that the most important person always arrives at the last, so my birthday wishes are also coming at last but they are the sweetest ones. Belated happy birthday dear, and God bless you!

I knew you were busy with the most imperative project of your life that’s why I didn’t send the birthday message. But my love, support, and wishes are always with you. Happy belated birthday!

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I am sending the belated happy birthday wish along with all the apologies and all the gifts of the world.

If my work didn’t catch my complete attention, I swear to God I would be the first person to wish you a happy birthday. Anyways, belated happy birthday dear. Keep loving and keep smiling!

You won’t freak out over I wishing you last as you know I always come last in whatever I do. Wishing you a belated happy birthday with all the blessings of the world!

Before things go really out of my hands, I am wishing you a very joyous belated happy birthday. I am certain that you had a great one!

Maybe my sweetest birthday wishes didn’t reach on time, however, the expensive birthday gifts and my love will knock your doorway before time. Happy belated birthday and have a ridiculous amount of fun!

I am so eager to compensate for the mistake of sending you late happy birthday wishes. Let me throw you a freaking great party and coo down your anger. Belated happy birthday to my sweetie pie!

I never saw any point in sending birthday wishes when everyone is already wishing you. That’s why I am sending you the most precious birthday wishes for the most important person in the last. Happy belated birthday!

I know I messed up your birthday big time and you must be looking for ways to kill time. But even the most horrendous criminal deserves one chance to rectify his mistakes. Belated happy birthday dear! May your awesome life be filled with love and adventures.

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Happy Belated Birthday Messages 

Well, I must be awarded with the most terrible husband of the year award for missing the birthday of my beautiful wife. Sweetheart, don’t blame me, blame my work. Belated happy birthday darling!

Wishing last is way more better than not wishing at all. Belated happy birthday to the dearest person of my life. Prosper, love, and live life to the fullest.

Belated happy birthday dear! May your life be filled with the endless flabbergasting moments and loads of success.

Happy Belated Birthday Messages

I can’t turn the clock back but I can promise to make the rest of the moments unforgettable. Belated happy birthday! I hope you had a super cool birthday party!

It’s totally fine to miss wishing happy birthday for at least once. I mean I have been wishing you a happy birthday on time for so many years. Happy belated birthday sweetheart!

Oh my goodness, how can I commit the same horrendous mistake twice? Dear, please forgive me and forget everything. Belated happy birthday to you! I love you to the moon and back.

I guess the only advantage of being in a relationship with you is you don’t freak out when I wish you late on birthdays. Belated happy birthday to the most understanding life partner!

It’s not that I want to wish you late. It has become my habit that is not going to break anytime soon. Belated happy birthday. Let’s have another blasting party!

How does it matters if I wish you late? Life is going to suck for you anyway. Jokes apart, belated happy birthday buddy!

The sweetest fruits always take more than usual time to get ripped. Similarly, the sweetest birthday wish always comes at the last. Belated happy birthday!

Though my sweeter than sugar birthday wishes always reach at the last, I am pretty sure they will put the biggest smile on your face. Belated happy birthday sweetie pie!

Life is good when you get birthday wishes from all the loved ones on time. Life is better when you have at least one person to send late birthday wishes. I am that person for you. Say thanks to me and accept my magnificent birthday wishes!

I am still in amaze that an impatient girl like you is not freaking out for wishing you so late. God is so kind to me. Belated happy birthday darling!

The truly blessed people are those who have good food to eat, roof to live, and good friends to send happy birthday. Happy belated birthday my awesome friend!

For the love of almighty, please stop behaving like a school girl who gets upset for not receiving birthday wishes and surprises on time. You are now a grown-up teenager. Belated happy birthday!

Along with belated happy birthday wishes, I am sending my sincere apology and all the blessings of the world to the person who is my soul.

The first time is a mistake, the second time is a choice, and the third time it becomes a terrible habit. Please don’t kill me for wishing you late again. Belated happy birthday to the prettiest girl in the world!

I will surely request the prime minister of this country for giving a separate award to my lovely girlfriend for tolerating my late birthday wishes since last 5 years. Belated happy birthday sweetheart! There can be no one like you.

Roses are red, the sky is blue, I hope my late birthday wishes won’t bother you.

Roses are red, the sky is blue, you forget to wish me on time, now it’s time time to screw you. Belated happy birthday, have a blast!

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Happy Belated Birthday Wishes for Cousins

If I were in front of you right now, I would be stabbed and thrown into some river by now. Please stop fuming anger, cousin. Belated happy birthday! May your life becomes a live example of awesomeness.

Yes, I know there is no point in wishing you a happy birthday that late. However, without doing it, I won’t be at peace. Belated happy birthday to the sweetest cousin brother ever!

You didn’t throw me a birthday party last year so you didn’t get my birthday wishes on time this year. You got what you sowed. Belated happy birthday my grumpy cousin.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes for Cousins

Dear cousin, time and time again, I have told how special and significant you are to me. Please forgive me for wishing you late and accept my cute belated birthday wishes with apologies. I am sure you would have set the stage on fire at your birthday party!

It is the first time in my entire life I forgot to wish a happy birthday to my loveliest cousin sister. Don’t worry sis, I will compensate for the mistake by giving your favorite dress. Belated happy birthday sister!

After seeing your face, I can firmly say that you have a splendid birthday celebration. Sorry for not wishing you on time and not attending the birthday party either. Belated happy birthday to the cutest cousin in the world!

There is no denying that your birthday celebration was out of the world. However, without me, It would surely be a little less than the perfect. Belated happy birthday to my most favorite cousin!

I missed your birthday but it wasn’t my fault at all. The stupid alarm clock didn’t ring on time. Belated happy birthday cousin!

The reason why I missed your birthday party and sending birthday wishes is still highly confidential. I will definitely tell once your mind is cooled off. Accept my lovely belated birthday wishes cousin!

I don’t think the time is a concern as long as I manage to send birthday wishes to my frisk cousin. Belated happy birthday!

I never forget to check Facebook birthday notifications but only on your birthday, I forgot to check them. To heck with Facebook. Belated happy birthday cousin. Birthday gifts are on the way.

I am utterly and thoroughly sorry for missing your special day. I hope you will forgive me and quickly send the birthday cake. Belated happy birthday!

The only reason why I am sending late birthday wishes is because everyone sending birthday wishes on time is way too boring. Belated happy birthday to the most energetic cousin!

Wishing a belated happy birthday to the cousin who never throws a birthday party but always standing at the front when it comes to taking the gifts.

Not only you are a great cousin brother but also an inspirational mentor and a fantastic friend. Belated happy birthday to the most beloved cousin in the whole family.

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Belated Birthday Wishes for Friend

Did the sunrise from the west or did I forget to wish you a happy birthday? Belated happy birthday to my dearest friend!

I am not at all sorry for forgetting your birthday. I mean you sent the birthday party invitation at the end moment to me. Don’t you think I should be the first one to get it? Belated happy birthday buddy!

Yeah, I forget to wish you happy birthday but I didn’t forget to send belated happy birthday wishes.

No, I didn’t forget your birthday at all. I just find out you are not a friend who should be wished on time. Belated happy birthday to my parsimonious friend!

Belated Birthday Wishes for Friend

Belated happy birthday to the funniest, coolest, yet the most accountable friend in the world. I am sorry buddy! This won’t happen next time.

You are indeed a gem of a friend. That’s why I know you won’t freak the hell out of me when I wish you a late birthday. Happy belated birthday to the most caring and understanding friend in the world!

Do you know why I didn’t wish you in time on your birthday? Because I don’t want to distract you from following the morning routine. Belated happy birthday to the cutest friend!

I know I forgot your birthday and it is hurting me so badly. I know you will understand my situation and forgive me really soon. Belated happy birthday buddy!

Ordinary friends always remember your birthday. Only a true friend forgets your birthday for more than once. Belated happy birthday to the best buddy ever!

I am super ashamed of myself for missing the birthday of my childhood friend. Now, forgive me quickly and give me so money to celebrate your birthday. Happy belated birthday friend!

I didn’t forget your birthday. It would be wrong to say that. The better way to say this is, I couldn’t remember it on time. Belated happy birthday buddy! I am pretty sure you have a crazy birthday celebration.

You have all the right to be angry with me, kick me, be rude to me, but you have no right to ignore me. I am utterly sorry for missing your birthday. Belated happy birthday to the nearest and the dearest buddy!

Don’t you think it is quite better to have best friends who forget your birthday than to have no friends at all? If you don’t forgive me, you will lose your only friend. Belated happy birthday my insanely cute friend!

Wishing a happy birthday is not a big deal at all once you have gone past the age group of 40. Belated happy birthday to my cranky 40 years old buddy.

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Funny Belated Birthday Wishes

It would be preposterous to call my birthday wishes belated. Don’t you think I am the first person to wish you a happy birthday in advance for the next year?

The best explanation I find to wish you late on the birthday is I circled the wrong date on my calendar. Belated happy birthday!

Funny Belated Birthday Wishes

To cover up my mistake of wishing you late, sending the most magnificent birthday wishes along with your favorite cheese pizza!

Hey buddy, I just remembered the most important I forgot. It was your happy birthday. Jokes apart, belated happy birthday to my friend cum brother!

Missing your zingy happy birthday party is the most heinous crime in my eyes. I couldn’t make up for it, and I still regret it. Belated happy birthday to the coolest buddy!

Not wishing happy birthday on time is the latest fashion. But a gawky person like you won’t understand this super cool fashion. Belated happy birthday!

Neither my puppy eyes nor my begging will save me from your wrath that emerged because of missing your birthday. Happy belated birthday, dear!

This is the first time I am feeling so elated after forgetting someone’s birthday. Forgive me, but I am going to laugh my ass off. Belated happy birthday, buddy!

I am feeling outrageously terrible for missing the most special day of yours. Won’t you do something like sending cake or good food to console me? Belated happy birthday!

Do you know why I missed your special day celebration? I couldn’t find the right cake and I was tired after searching it all day long. Belated happy birthday!

Even it is so funny that I am wishing you happy birthday and that is even belated too which I should not do! Happy belated happy birthday dear!

I want to see how much belated I could wish you birthday. That is the only reason I didn’t wish you on the date. So belated happy birthday dear! May you soon grow up!

I thought that the sun has not yet risen up. So that’s why I didn’t wish you. Although you know how punctual I am of time and date. Wishing you happy belated birthday! 

You are still expecting? Oh! I thought you have forgotten! Wishing you awesome happy belated birthday! I hope you celebrated nice!

I just want to give others the opportunity first to wish you. Otherwise I always wish you first. This time I am only late. Wishing you belated happy birthday! Never forget my gift!

There is an advice I want to give you on your birthday. And it is you should not expect anything from anyone. And that is the only lesson I wanted to teach you. That’s why I did late wishing you. Belated happy birthday dear!

 I was just busy in buying a gift for you that I forgot your birthday. I wanted to gift you something valuable and memorable. And then I came to know what could be more valuable than my wishes for you! Belated happy birthday dear!

I didn’t see your pictures of birthday celebration on Instagram. Else I would be wishing you just next day. Don’t take four days to wish you! Don’t mind. All the best belated happy birthday to you dearest!

I have heard from all the family members that you are kind and of forgiving nature. Even you forgive the thief who stole your bike. I think you forgive me too! All the warm and belated happy birthday to you dear!

The only reason that I could not wish you on time that I lost my phone and there was your number. So this was the only reason. Belated happy birthday dear! You are an awesome man!

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