200+ Hearty Happy Birthday Wishes

Always waiting is not a good option. Going forward is the right choice. May you forever go forward. Happy birthday champion!

Everything turns right and proper in the end. You must keep believing in this. Hope for the best. Happy birthday darling!

Continue. What you are doing; just continue. Continue your work and continue till the end what you like doing. Happy birthday mate!

This life is temporary. But memories are not. Make beautiful memories, especially of your birthday. Because you celebrate the happening of you in this amazingly magical world. Happy birthday my bestie!

Say someone lots of happy birthday wishes. Because wishes fill everything with positivity. It gives you hope, peace and relax. We want good for you. We want best for you. Happy birthday!

Family, friends, cakes, pastries, sweets, dancing, singing, togetherness, love, enjoyment, soulful; these all equal to birthday. Happy birthday dear! May this be with you.

Get thirsty, get uncomfortable. Burn yourself completely until and unless you reach your final destination. That’s what you are. Happy birthday you the great!

What you are, you are. Accept it. Don’t try to be others. Rise and improve yourself. Never get shy of your flaws. When you accept who you are; then you can be a titan. Happy birthday my titan!

Rose; be like a rose; with all the wine fragrance and with spikes too. Never lean, just always forward. Happy birthday mate! Rock party hard!

You must celebrate all the little events in your life that can give you happiness. You don’t need reasons for celebration. As your birthday is special, every event in your life is special. Celebrate and enjoy. Happy birthday darling! I pray may I wish your birthday all the time.

You don’t have greater enemy than procrastination. It is sweet poison. You don’t know and it is ruining you. Get up and get high towards your aims. Happy birthday my dear! Make your life worth-living for.

It is God’s blessing that we see dreams. If we hadn’t, we would all have been barren. I wish may you see plenty of dreams and fulfill them all. Happy birthday my sunshine!

You just run and run, and keep yourself burning towards the targets you want to achieve in your life. Keep burning-Keep running. Happy birthday my beautiful!

Twenty times you have failed in your life and you think you can’t get what you want. Then think about that man without legs who has won races on his wheel-chair. God always has specials for us. Just believe and have faith. May you have these in your life. Then success definitely touch your feet. Happy birthday my darling!

Going through dark period in life doesn’t mean you would not ever see glitter of light. You are in dark because God needs you there to light up there. You are a firefly. Happy birthday to you! Keep positivity soaring in your life.

May your every birthday bring positivity for you and beneficial changes for your life and family. Wishing you happy birthday dear!

May all the riches in life come for you. May all the help and support you get when you need it. Happy birthday dear!

Don’t be like a stone. Be kind and compassionate towards everyone. May stars of your wishes fall over you. May God help you in accomplishing them. Love and happy birthday my dearest!

May God hold your hand when you are in trouble. May God give his shoulder to you when you need rest. May God always be with you. Wishing you happy birthday dear!

You are kind, not much angry and the one who speaks his heart out. You are a nice lady. May all be nice to you. Celebrate your birthday like you have never celebrated. Happy birthday dear!

May no distance for long time between you and your goal remain. May you achieve them quickly. Happy birthday dear!

Last but not the least, wishing you happy birthday with awesome feast! May you celebrate your birthday always with your closed ones. May you celebrate it till the last breath of yours.

May you have all the merriment in your life. May you get all the best surprises on your birthday. Wish you happiest birthday my dearest!

See the fire. It always rises up. You must have the nature of always rising up. May you always be a rising star for your whole life. Happy birthday darling!

May all the memories of your birthday never fade. May you always be in top grade. Wishing all my love and happy birthday to you!

Make the resistance your greatest power. May what you dream for you come true. May you be always in celestial bliss. Happy birthday dear!

Life is a book of several chapters. I wish you write your all chapters best and exciting with happiness and enthusiasm. Happy birthday my love!

Roses come with the spikes at their bottom. It is for their protection, no one could pluck. I wish may you have the strength to protect yourself and others. Wishing you happy birthday!

When you wake up in the morning, you see your parents smiling faces; it is what counts as a happy life. I wish you have happy life and best moments to celebrate like your birthday every time. Happy birthday dear!

What a birthday would be if friends not there! I wish you make good friends in your life. I wish they make it wonderful and optimistic. Doing prayers for you. Happy birthday love!

The beauty really not exists on human faces. It is certainly within the heart. And you only realize it later when faces fade. I wish may you grasp the real meaning of beauty. Happy birthday my beautiful at heart!

You must seek the company of yours first rather than others. You dwell in yourself and the whole world dwells in you. May you master your thoughts and yourself. Happy birthday beloved!

As a sword remains in its sheath. You must put your anger in your sheath. Never show it unnecessary. I wish may you dance in the pool of happiness. Happy birthday love!

The sky is so vast and limitless. Birds fly in it. Stars live in it. May you be limitless and vast too. May your heart have the kindness for everyone. Wishing you tons of hugs and love. Happy birthday!

This earth, this soil gives us all for living, eating and everything. May you have a selfless heart of a giver. Then the abundance flows in you of everything. Warmth and love to you. Wishing you happy birthday!

I wish you always be young and handsome. But most of all I wish may you be young at heart. It is what it counts. HBD dear!

I wish the rain of flowers may happen for you. I feel all the happiness and pleasure within. Wishing pleasurable happy birthday dear!

May you soar high up above the sky touching the stars that you like and moon and all others be yours combined. Wishing you happy birthday love!

May you have gut to tell what is right and what is wrong. May you never get feared of unlaw. May you always take the side of justice. Wishing you happiest birthday dear!

May you be truthful to what you commit. May you never betray and not get betrayed too. Wishing you happy birthday dear!

May you be by the side of true love. May you not chase the momentary sparks. I wish may your life get fulfilled and the purpose of you. Happy birthday dear!

I wish you see magic in your life. Many people pray to see but rare. I wish your all moments be full of magic. Wishing you happy birthday darling!

You keep concentrating on your growth. It is all that matters at the end of everything. Wishing you happy birthday love!

I wish you become such a figure that seeing you people get motivated. Happy birthday dear!

All love of the world to you. I wish what you seek May you find. Wishing warmth and happiness! Happy birthday loveliest!

If you know where you want to go, then journey becomes easy. Explore yourself. I pray you find peace and glory. Happy birthday darling!

You always have great potential in yourself. Never let your dreams down. Even though failures often make you feel like down. But you must rise and show everyone what ability you have. Remember believe and have guts to do what you want to. Wishing you happy birthday dear!

The human mind is infinite. You are infinite. You must believe you can do everything. Never say No to yourself. It is like insulting. Wishing you love and happy birthday dear!

Wind is breeze and wind is storm too. It is only the movement that makes all the difference. So you get to your own move rather following others. Happiest birthday dear!

There is one great and most lethal weapon that could kill anyone instantly. And it is worry. Hence it depends on you whether you want get killed or want to enjoy your life. Wishing you loveliest happy birthday!