30 Mesmerizing Happy Birthday Wishes for Friend’s Son with Images: Friend’s Son is Like Your Son

30 Mesmerizing Happy Birthday Wishes for Friend’s Son with Images: Friend’s Son is Like Your Son

How we grow so quickly, that if we rewind the time, we were children, then soon adults, we marry and our sons are born. Time passes so quickly, and with time people too. Nostalgia. In this post, we have drafted for you some of the nicest birthday wishes for friend’s son. So if your friend’s son birthday is going to come, then wish him birthday with these beautiful wishes. Your friend’s son is like your son and you are his uncle or godfather. It feels so good to be your friend’s son’s uncle. And you wish for him everything that he get in his life. And it is so natural to explain and tell him how things are and how everything goes in this world. You love to tell him about your childhood, that how you and his father spent.

Best Birthday Wishes for Friend Son

We born, we grow, we make friends, we marry, we have children, we grow old and then we die, and then perhaps we again born! Who could say? Though don’t worry about this phenomenon. Here in this post, we have for you beautiful birthday wishes for friend’s son. So send, post and tag him on social media and celebrate your friend’s birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Friend’s Son

Your son is like my son. May God bless him wealth and health. May he achieve what he wants to. A very best happy birthday to your son my friend!

Birthday Wishes for Friend’s Son

What I say more? Your son looks so good and beautiful. And it is his fourth birthday. He is growing fast. I wish him loveliest birthday. May God always protect him!

So relaxing is his giggling and noises he makes. I love to watch him playing. He looks so cute. Happiest birthday to your dearest son and mine too!

May God give him strength and agility. May God protect him from all disease. May he never suffer and always rise like the sun. Wishing loveliest birthday to your cute son.

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When I first see his face when he was born, he looked so adoring and he still looks now. I love him so dearly and wish him all enjoying life. Lots of wishes to your son on his birthday!

May his all dreams come true. May he become what he wants to become. May life give all the blessings. From bottom of my heart happy birthday to your son!

First of all, I wish your son may not become dumb like you! May he be intelligent and wise and become an astronaut! Wishing him all the rockets and spaceships and hugs. Happy birthday!

He is the star of your family and may he always be. May he have courage and all the virtues bestowed to him. Giving him hugs and kisses and a rocking happy birthday!

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May he fly high, higher than above all. May he always smile and laugh. May he have peace of mind always. May he never leave you. Wishing him all the wealth and life. Happy birthday to your son!

We wish him abundance of everything. May no lackness come to him. May his hands never be empty. Love to your son and happiest birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Friend’s Son

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Birthday Wishes Messages for Friend Son

May he be like Shakespeare, may he be like Beethoven, may he be like Bruce Lee. May he be what he wishes to be. Starriest birthday to your son!

Birthday Wishes Messages for Friend Son

He is so lucky that he has parents like you. I know he will always be closely cared. Otherwise I will be always there for him. Wishing him 4th best happy birthday!

May he walk in the flowers’ garden. May he fly in the sky. May he drink the nectar. May he be like an angel. With lots of hugs happiest birthday to your son!

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May in his home grow always fruits. May in his home nymphs stay. May Gods come to visit him always. May he always be by their side. Wishing loveliest kid awesome birthday!

May he have success wherever he goes. May he have unshattering determination. May he never lose. Wishing him all the love and happy birthday!

Boring and idleness are the greatest vices. May your son never have them. Lots of wishes, hugs and love to your son!

None could defeat your son. May he be invincible. All the blessings, love and hugs to him. Wishing happiest birthday to your son!

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May he always have the guts to speak truth. Whenever he speaks, he triumphs. Wishing him unforgettable happy birthday!

My friend, I wish may you have an obedient son! But I also wish that he does what he wants to do! Ha…Ha… Happiest birthday to your son!

May your son never get bald as you have gotten my friend! Lots of love and happy birthday!

Birthday Messages for Friend Son

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Happy Birthday Quotes for Best Friend Son

May all the glory to you. May all the wishes to you. What I say more, may your all imaginations come true. Wishing your son rosiest birthday!

Happy Birthday Quotes for Best Friend Son

What I wish for your son, I wish him everything. All the stars, moon and mountains and love of you and love of mine. Wishing him warmest birthday to your son!

May your son never be alone. May he always have the company of true friends. Wishing him rocking birthday!

May he never get broken by anybody. Where all die, may he always rise. May he have the power to write his own destiny. Wishing him kisses and happy birthday!

When he reign, he reigns like a king. He be like a lion. All bow down to him. Wishing him craziest birthday!

Wising him great on his 6th birthday. May he live long. Happy birthday to your son my friend!

He feels so soft and fragile like a doll of millions smile. His eyes are so beautiful and magnetic. Wishing him his second great birthday!

May million girls behind him. When he walks, all like him. May he always be in their hearts. May he rule them, that you never was! Love you and happy birthday!

I just want to hold him in my hand and want to play with him till day’s end. You have so beautiful son that has sun and moon’s grace. Happy birthday!

Whenever he falls, he always rises. May he have this quality of God. Your son is good and have godly aura. Happy birthday to him!

Birthday Quotes for Friend Son

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