21st Birthday Wishes for Son | Happy Birthday Son Turning 21

21st Birthday Wishes for Son | Happy Birthday Son Turning 21

21st Birthday Wishes for Son: There are a handful of occasions, moments, and events that a person would love to keep pretty close to his heart, and turning 21 is certainly one of them. Turning into a 21-year-old responsible and dreams-chasing individual is indeed a huge thing especially when the 21st birthday is of your son. On the most significant day of your son’s life, you must carve some inspiring, heart-touching, and humorous 21st birthday wishes for your son that will remind him how deeply you care about him no matter how old he turns. Make your son’s most special moments utterly special and extraordinary with these alluring birthday wishes for son turning 21.

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes for Son

I am still in awe about the fact that how expeditiously you turned 21 and started carrying all the responsibilities on your own. Time flies like a butterfly and gives us umpteen enchanting memories to ponder upon. Happy 21st birthday son and have fun!

21 is such a confusing age because at one moment all your dream about is ruling the world with your intelligence and at another moment, you start dreaming about the love or crush of your life. I just want you to take care of yourself and live your life intelligently. Happy 21st birthday son!

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes for Son

Today, you have turned into a 21-year-old gentleman and I am pretty sure you will also live this phase of your life gracefully and smarty as you have lived your childhood and teenage. May god’s blessings always be with you. Happy birthday to my 21-year-old hunk son!

May your 21st birthday celebration turn out to be a chaotic and electrifying affair so that you can know what it feels like when your life becomes a mess and exciting at the same time. You are such an endearing personality that you deserve the birthday party of a lifetime. Happy 21st birthday and have a great day ahead!

May you always run after the literal gold of life like wisdom, knowledge, humility, and gratefulness not after instant pleasures like beauty, intoxicants, and materialism. Have a scintillating 21st birthday celebration, son. I love you and God bless you!

Wishing you happy 21st birthday son! You have grown and I don’t have any idea you have turned 21. May you enjoy your life as you wish to! 

Lovely happy 21st birthday son! May you make your name in the pages of history with your amazing works! You are a good son. Happy birthday again!

Love you my boy. You have turned 21. It is really an awesome feeling. Wising you happy 21st birthday! May you forever have vigor and will to change and achieve anything you want! 

You are my dearest son. I never want to lose you. Happy birthday to you! You are of 21 years of age. It seems how quickly you grow and how time has passed. May you always enjoy the company of yourself! May you never doubt and underestimate yourself!

Love you mate. You are my boy and mate too. Wishing happy birthday on turning 21! I wish you always follow your heart.

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21st Birthday Wishes for son From Mom and DAD

No matter how tall stature you achieve in life, no matter how many laurels you rack up in your cabinet, for me, you will always be my little rabbit. Whenever you need love, support, and affection, your mom and dad are always standing for you. Happy 21st birthday to my wonderful son!

When I was a 21-year-old, I was completely purposeless, directionless, and wasting the most valuable time of my life. I am glad you are manifold times intelligent than me at 21. You have all my blessings and love forever. May you smash all your goals! Happy 21st birthday, son!

21st Birthday Wishes for son From Mom and DAD

I have lived one heck of a turbulent life and I always make sure you don’t have to go through that type of phase in yours. May you forever prosper, happy, feral, and lively. Wishing happy 21st birthday to my dearest son!

Hey son, this is perhaps the last birthday you will celebrate with no worries, concerns, and stress. Be ready to face trials and tribulations of life, and man up yourself to go head to head with anyone who challenges your authority. Happy 21st birthday to a lovely son from a proud father!

21 is an age when you feel you can easily conquer the world and sow the seeds of a million dreams in your mind. However, your vision only becomes your reality when you channelize your youthful force into something productive. May you never lose focus from your goals. Wishing a mirthful 21st birthday to my dearest son!

You are our son and most wonderful human being you are. We are lucky we have you. Wishing you happy 21st birthday dear son! May you touch the stars of your sky! 

You are a beautiful son and kind one. So mannered and humble. We are so proud of you. May you never lose your belief in yourself! Wishing happy 21st birthday to you!

You are our darling son. We always wish you always keep smiling. May you do wonders in life! Wishing happy 21st birthday dear son!

May nothing stop you! May no hurdles down you! May you always win! Wishing happy 21st birthday to our dear son!

You are hardworking and one of the most wonderful things about you is you never lose yourself. May you never lose yourself and have the strength to change yourself whenever you want! Wishing happy 21st birthday dear son!

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Funny 21st birthday wishes for son

Hey son, I want to give you the biggest birthday surprise on the most special birthday of your life. From now on, there won’t be any pocket money or credit call bills payment from my end. You better learn to cover up your own expenses. Jokes apart, have a thrilling birthday celebration!

Kids at your age are either becoming start-up owners or getting admission into the top-notch business colleges and you are playing videos games with your useless friends. My blessings won’t work anymore on you. God bless you and happy 21st birthday!

Funny 21st birthday wishes for son

Very happy 21st birthday to the most lethargic son from the most handsome, dynamic, and dashing father. May you get a real job pretty soon so that I get to enjoy my hard-earned money.

Hey son, I must say your utterly valuable presence has taught us numerous valuable attributes like tolerance, controlling rage, and keeping money safe. Happy 21st birthday to my rock star son.

Dear son, maybe you have a humongous fan following on social media platforms but your fans won’t give you money to eat, drink, and buy useful things. You better focus on your education and get a good job or else I will abandon you for sure. Happy 21st birthday and stay blessed!

May you find a girlfriend that never leave you for a single second! You are our cutest son. Wishing you happy 21st birthday dear son!

You are dearest and brightest son. May you always have love in your life! May love and happiness never leave the lap of you! These all wishes cost dear! Wishing happy 21st birthday dear son!

You are a gift for us from God. May your every wish come true! May you go beyond the limits for what you want! But first you try to make your bed! Wishing happy 21st birthday lovely son!

May you always have a short hair cut! We don’t like your long hair cut. Happy 21st birthday to our long hairs bear son!

May you always live upto your expectations! Before that you buckle up your pants tight! Wishing happy 21st birthday dearest son!

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