500+ Best Hearty Happy Birthday Wishes With Images

500+ Hearty Happy Birthday Wishes With Images

What means to happen will definitely happen. You are into me and I’m into you. We are both constantly thinking about each other. Come in my life again. Wishing you happy birthday my love!

Love is always different and in various interpretations of it. You are the only girl whom I love truest and only will be. Wishing you happy birthday my dearest darling my love!

Father, you are so generous and calm. You never shout at us but always warm. I wish you happy birthday with my whole heart. Love you father. May you live long and enjoy this life forever last!

When you get old father, I will be there for you. You must not worry because I be beside you. I take you to long walks and to beautiful orchids. I wish you happy birthday father for giving me best life!

Uncle, you are always there for me whenever I need. You are like a father figure for me. Your gentleness and gratitude always appreciable. I respect you so much. Happy birthday my dearest uncle!

My dear aunt, though you are very talkative. But I like you. You always help me. I have always best time with you. The stories you tell refresh my mind. You are my simple sober talkative aunt. Happiest birthday to you my dearest aunt!

Love you my dearest and sweetest niece. May you quickly grow up and I see you achieve all the things what you talk about to me. Wishing you happy birthday to my lovely adorable niece!

You are the moon of mine, my sunshine. I wish you happy birthday my sweetheart. May you be always mine.

You are my best grandpa. I love you. You are so cute. The most loved thing about you is, that you understand my heart. Wishing you happy birthday grandpa!

Oh my loveliest grandmother, in jhumkas, you look so dashing. Still you have beauty and grace. May it forever remain. I adore you grandma. Wishing you happy birthday!

May the thread of love between you and me never die; what die, our misunderstandings. May you forever go ahead in life. Wishing you happy birthday my love!

I know mother how much you love me. And I also love you so much but couldn’t express. May you always get what you want. May God always protect you. Happiest birthday to my dearest mother!

You are my best friend. How do I define my love for you? I can’t say. But you are sugar in my life I must say. Wishing you my happy birthday my dearest friend. May you achieve all in life.

The friendship between you and me is like ebb and tide. But you always shine like the moon in my life. Hugs, kisses and love to my loveliest friend. Happy birthday!

I pray for a true friend and I have got you. I wish we always sail through every storm. Happy birthday my most handsome and beautiful friend.

I never let you go whatever the time comes. I hold on to you. I promise I never break with you and none could break us. Happy birthday my star my best friend!

Distances between us can never make our feelings distant for each other. I can feel you from thousand miles. That is how our love and friendship is. Happiest birthday to my most dearest friend and my love too!

Hey dear, your birthday is special to me in so many ways. On this day, you were born, we became friends, we entered the college together, and we engaged as well. Happy birthday to my lucky charm.

You are the only person in the world who goes to the office even on his birthday. For the love of God, please take a day off and cut the birthday cake so that we could also get to eat something. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

The biggest advantage of having a rich friend like you is we never have to wait for a lavish party. Your party exceeds our expectations every time. Happy birthday dear!

May your 25th birthday brings wisdom, conscience, and the needed knowledge to live an enlightened life. Happy birthday!

Happiest birthday to most authentic and the most humble person I know. Your vices are difficult to match and your character is flawless.

I feel proud that I am your son father. One day I will make you proud too. Wishing you happy birthday my dear father! Love you.

Your undying determination always inspire me. I am totally in awe of you. You are my hero. One day I will be like you. Happy birthday my dear father!

You have brought me up, you have given me all. What I have demanded, you have fulfilled all. You are world’s best father. I try to be your best son dear father. Wishing you happy birthday!

May you forever live. May no disease touch you. May you never lose your faith in you. May you always be respected. Wishing you happy birthday dearest father. I love you. I have never said this. I love you. You have given me everything.

May you get all the love. May you with my mother and your wife forever get along. May we joke, talk and walk all mountains. The inspiring stories you have told us; those best moments forever hold us. Wishing you happy birthday my lovely father!

I love you mother. I wish you happy birthday. May you be always powerful and a beacon of strength. And I pray under your shadow, we always be your kids. May you always be our mother.

None a person like you have seen;
you are my beautiful mother, beamed;
may you forever be happy and gleamed;
May God forever have mercy on you;
I wish you happy birthday with thousands lights seen and unseen;

You never get tired, you never say you feel pain;
for you, we are little angels, unbrained;
you teach us all; we all day play;
not you shout on us but love abound;
we wish you happy birthday mother;
you are our mother profound.

You rise mother, you never fail;
you rise and rise mother, and surprise all;
you have abundance of strength and magic, tell all;
you are mother, above all;
I wish you mother loveliest happy birthday;
may heaven and angels all dance all.

Every true mother, may forever reign;
none could get defeated;
all win and has been forever;
from my truest heart, I wish you mother happy birthday;
you always be my mother; an undying queen.

What I say to you? You are always there for me when others are not. You have sacrificed for me a lot. I wish you from my heart happy birthday dearest sister. May you live long and I will do everything for you every time.

The best thing about you is your innocence sister. You know what it is and yet you accept everything gracefully without worrying. You are the best person in my life. Wishing you happy birthday!

Happy birthday sister. I wish I could give everything to you. May you never feel the dearth of anything. Wishing you happy birthday!

You are the star of our family. And we do everything to fulfill your dreams. May you always be our sister and may we always be together!

May you have the power to write your destiny. May you be a beacon of strength and solidarity. May you live your life fullest and be an inspiration. Wishing you lots of wishes, hugs and love my dear sister on your birthday.

Surely, you have turned one more year older but you have also grown one more year wiser, smarter, and happier. Happy birthday to the finest human being in the world!

Celebrating a birthday is not just about cutting cakes, dancing, partying, and boozing. It’s also about the realization that time is slipping and you should love more, live more, and laugh more. Happy birthday cutie pie!

It’s not about how many birthdays you have celebrated in life. It’s about how many moments you were able to snatch and live them to the fullest. Happy birthday dear!

Hey dude, thanks a ton for throwing a freaking awesome party. I genuinely wish your birthday brings a lot of friskiness and exuberance in your life. Many happy returns of the day!

Jesus Christ! Why the hell your every birthday falls on a working day? I have missed a lot of free dinner and drinks because of you. Anyways, happy birthday and may you have a spending birthday celebration!

Love you always say;
days and nights, nights and days;
without you, nothing hue;
you are mine and I’m of you;
I say happy you birthday in thousand ways;
Oh my darling, happy birthday to you!

You go with wind, you fly with birds, you play with flowers, you dance with rains, you flow with streams and rivers. You do whatever you like. I say you happy birthday with all my heart and smile!

Oh dear mother I love you a lot. I tell everyone how lucky that I’m in your thoughts. I’m your son I never forget. I make you proud one day, but this time happy birthday. May you live long. May you tolerate me more!

You dear sis, you are our bliss. With you, our house is home. Your innocent nature is gold. When you speak, it feels like songs. I wish you happy birthday with all glimmer and shimmer; whether you admit or not! Happy birthday dear sis!

Happy birthday to you. May you rise above. May you never forget from where you have come. May you remember the day, time and place from where you began. May your life journey be prosperous.  

I always love to be around you. I love to see you. Your hairs look so beautiful. So dense and black they are. And on small banters as you giggle, it makes me giggle too. I wish you with the warmth of my heart loveliest happy birthday. May you always be happy and smiling!

May little birds sing for you. May butterflies dance for you. May you be the queen of mother nature. When you smile, rains happen; may all streams flow from you. Wishing you happy birthday! You mean a lot to me.

May we never forget each other. May love forever be between us. May we marry. May we always be in each other’s memories. From my heart, all the love pours to you. Happiest birthday to you!

May the Lord’s divine and inexhaustible light continue to illuminate your life and makes you a better person with each passing day. Happy birthday!

I wish your special day be packed with the birthday wishes of all the loved ones, coveted gifts, affection, and bountiful joy. Happy birthday my dear!

There is no better way to celebrate your special day than giving your time, attention, and love to people who matter the most in your life. I wish you a mirthful and memorable birthday!

Way the way the way you like you go. Here and there only you know. Wherever your path lies you fly. We wish you a lovely happy birthday you never deny!

Bliss may God shower on you. Heaven may rain on you. Luck you always have. We wish you happy birthday oh my best!

Success and wealth all you get. With the love of your ones, and the one special who cares. May you have all confidence and determination. We wish you happy birthday with our feelings’ total submission!