60+ Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Childhood Friend With Images

50 Best Birthday Wishes for Childhood Friend: Many-Many Happy Returns of the Day My Childhood Friend

In this post we have written ravishing heart touching birthday wishes for childhood friend. We also want to say happy birthday to your friend if today is his or her birthday. These days it is almost impossible to maintain a good, pious or true friendship. Perhaps as love, it is only in books. To find those friends who really care for you is not so possible today. If you have then treasure them. But there is one condition in friendship that you need to stick to it anyhow whatever circumstances come. When you commit, then commit truthfully and dedicatedly rather than just having it on temporary basis. And please don’t break anyone’s heart because it pains a lot that aches much that becomes a wound for whole life.

With time as it passes we meet many new other friends. Some others become close so and some other far. Relationship dynamics always changes. So it depends on you to whom you stick and to whom you not and who sticks to you and who not. Here are we have all the best happy birthday wishes for childhood friend. Wish them and make their day!

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Childhood Friend With Images

Our childhood memory could never fade nor removed and not erased. Thousand years would pass. We forever remain each other’s childhood friend. Happy birthday my friend!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Childhood Friend

I wish you my friend best memories of our childhood. How we used to play it was all playful. I still have those memories in my heart. With that I wish you happy birthday oh friend fast!

Playing and learning with you who could forget. We loved to do all things together. Who could forget? Those are the great memories of our life like a treasure never find. I wish you today happy birthday benign!

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We both went to school same. We together in class with same name and surname different. We looked like twin. How could we forget those school days and canteen! Wishing you happiest birthday dear childhood friend!

We all have grown up. Many various friends we have. Some left and some still best. One of them I’m your childhood friend, wishing you a glamorous birthday and all fame. Happy birthday dear!

All the breeze and walks we used to take together eating mangoes and oranges. You brought me candies and chocolates whose taste still fresh. I still love you oh my childhood friend. Happy birthday!

We both used to live near together each other’s house. Our terrace attached like our hearts in each other found. I could never forget your care. You are my best beautiful friend. Wishing you a great birthday!

We used to do home work together. You mine and I yours. Those were awesome moments never blurred. Today I wish you your happy birthday with all mirth and love!

I remember how your nosy used to come. You with your handkerchief all wet. Yet we bathed in water splashing it farther. Those were the good days of laughter. Wishing you bestest birthday to you!

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I would never leave you and you would never, this promise we made in childhood under sun gaze. Still fulfilling it. It is friendship of us unfazed. Loveliest birthday to my dear friend!

Happy Birthday Messages for Childhood Friend

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Funny Birthday Wishes for Childhood Friend

Even the thoughts of you make me laugh how funny our childhood was. Wishing you so much love and happy birthday my friend!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Childhood Friend

How I made you do my work it was so funny task. So fool you were believing me. Still our class teacher remembers this, how funny this entertaining bliss!

I wish your girlfriend become mine on your birthday, not for whole but for some days. Wishing you loveliest birthday my childhood friend!

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One day you remember you did not wear underwear under your pants. Only I knew and that day was my day because I made you do what I wanted. Our mesmeric childhood memories. Wishing you happy birthday my friend!

You remember how our promo night. All day you were in bathroom and I dancing with your wanna be wife! Awesome happiest birthday my friend!

It was fun when we all friends used to eat together one another tiffin. Childhood memories are best memories. Wish you loveliest birthday my friend!

Those days in summer when after returning from school, we all went to swim in the village pond. Memories still so fond and always remain in thoughts yours and mine. Rocking birthday to you my friend!

You brought ball, I brought bat, others brought wickets, we all used to play cricket. No one got hit-wicket, yet we all fought. Hugs, wishes and happy birthday to you. Love you my friend!

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We fought for one girl. That girl was same love interest. For her, we mildly broke our friendship but girl went for someone else. Funniest and foolish it was but entertaining it is. Hugs and wishes to you on your birthday!

The thing is, you are four years younger to me but still look old in age than me! Craziest birthday to you my childhood friend!

Funny Birthday Messages for Childhood Friend

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Birthday Quotes for Childhood Friend

Don’t know how to commit to friendship. Then you could not commit to any relationship. Loves, wishes and hugs on your birthday!

Birthday Quotes for Childhood Friend

True friendship goes through all storms. Those who go are only the true friends. Love you and wishing happy birthday!

A friend who can understand your silence is the only friend you need in your life. Never leave such friend. So glamorous birthday to you!

A friend who doesn’t go on a date with a girl and comes for you when you call is a friend indeed. Wishing you happy birthday!

As a kite cannot be flown without a thread. The more the strong thread is, the much strongest storm kite can go through. Glorious happy birthday my childhood friend!

A friend who teaches you dare and lets you never bare is friend fair and fare. Happy birthday my childhood friend!

Trust, faith and loyalty are only the three ingredients where friendship can stay forever. Happy birthday to my faithful friend!

In summer and winter, in hot and cold, in rain and dry; those friends who never lie, are the only friends who remain by. Wising so much love and happy birthday!

Friendship is without ego. In love no place it has. Happiest birthday to my handsome friend. Love you and hugs!

As you can’t live without air. You could not live without a true friend. Happy birthday to my successful friend!

Happy Birthday Quotes for Childhood Friends

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Birthday Messages for Childhood Friend

Wherever you are, you don’t understand that you are alone. I’m always there for you. You just call me and I’m before your eyes. Happy birthday my dear childhood friend!

Birthday Messages for Childhood Friend

Relationship is always about sacrificing ego and accepting someone as they are. You can request them to be as you want them to be. But can’t force. If someone comes in your life on force, they are not yours. Wishing you happy birthday my dear friend!

Living near someone is not always about true relationship. Sometimes those who really love each other. They are not together yet connected by heart. Hugs and wishes to my friend on your birthday!

For me, our childhood memories are one of the best treasures I could not lose. It is so mesmerizing remembering them. The best thing we are still friends of childhood. With time, friendship change but ours haven’t. Wishing you loveliest birthday!

All the games we used to play I still want to play with you. Though grown-up we are yet want to again go into childhood living that life again. Thank for being my friend forever. Happiest birthday my dearest friend!

We are so lucky that our past was beautiful and playful. I wish same all the time for you. I wish you grow in your career, earn everything whatever you want but never forget in which soil you are born. Awesomest birthday to you!

Life is always about philosophy. Love, hate, greed, ignorance and other emotions are all the aspects of it. So one must live life freely rather than with worries and tensions. So rocking birthday to you my friend!

Miracles always happen. Only few could notice. You just believe in yourself and keep praying for what you want. It will definitely come to you. Love you my dear friend and happy birthday!

Just don’t ever forget your values and culture wherever you go. It is you to whom you belong. Losing it is like losing your identity. Traditions, culture and your values are the main elements that make you unique. So much love and happiest birthday to you!

Nothing in life is permanent. So you better live it as you want with whom you want to. Wishing you so much love and hugs and happy birthday my friend!

Happy Birthday Messages for Childhood Friend

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Instagram Birthday Wishes for Childhood Friend

True friendship is a rare gift. Never lose it only because of your ego. Lovingly wishing you happy birthday!

Instagram Birthday Wishes for Childhood Friend

Love and friendship are like radiation. It happens to you and sometimes you don’t know it. But gradually you know how intensely it has affected you. Happy birthday friend!

These people think it is easy to find people because of lots of dating websites. But they don’t know they only find people there, not friendship. Happiest birthday my friend!

In actuality and reality all the forms of love are unconditional. They don’t grow when you force it. They grow only when you let them go. Happy birthday my childhood friend!

When you are connected by heart, you don’t need any other connection to connect. Huggiest birthday my friend!

It is only in stars, hearts and in eyes loved ones live. I wish you from the bottom of my heart happy birthday to my smartest friend!

When your friendship has shattered, you must always try to glue it rather not leaving it as it is. Lovely birthday to my little angry friend!

Sometimes in relationship when gone through storms and chaos, you must leave it as it is rather than forming it again. Because then, only with time, they again could grow. You couldn’t do anything in that. Happy birthday to my bit egoistical friend!

You have to speak to her if you want someone in your life.

Just talk with that one whom you want in your life – and all problems solved. Hugs and wishes on your birthday!

Facebook Birthday Messages for Childhood Friend

The above written birthday wishes for childhood friends are original and authentic. Send them whom you want to, to your close friend if they are going to celebrate their birthday. If anything interesting you want to tell about your childhood memories, then you can tell us by emailing us. If we like it would share it.

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