50+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend with Images

50+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend with Images

Hilarious Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend: People who are funny in nature are the simplest and the kindest by nature. No matter what’s the occasion, if your event doesn’t have people who can hook everyone’s attention with their humor in the party and keep it going on, then your part will be forgotten soon by everyone. Wishing your boyfriend on his birthday in a sarcastic or hilarious manner is a fine way to ensure he giggles the most and kick start the birthday on a great note. To save you from the painstaking task of writing hilarious birthday wishes, we have come up with funny birthday wishes for boyfriend that are full of wit, leg-pulling, and tease. These sarcastic wishes are perfect to tease him up the way you want.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Hey boyfriend, You are so funny and witty that sometimes I forget what makes you so funny. You really are the most precious among the rusty ones. Jokes apart, happy birthday to my dashing boyfriend!

Hey darling, would you accept my apology for not bringing a worthy birthday gift for you? Actually, I tried my best to find something jaw-dropping for you but everything pales in front of your charismatic personality. Happy birthday to the sweetest boyfriend ever!

Wishing happy birthday to the guy who is perfect in disappearing instantly when it comes to throwing a lavish birthday party. May God gives you money enough to throw a decent birthday party at least once!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Happy birthday to the most awesome boyfriend who loves her girlfriend so much that he bears all her craziness, constant mood swings, blabber, and some punches as well happily. May you continue to love me like that eternally!

Hey boyfriend, I must laud you as much as I can for being such a low-key person in such a massively materialistic world. Therefore, I will keep your gift’s budget low from now on. Happy birthday to the most gullible boyfriend in the world!

Happy birthday to you my lovely handsome boyfriend! You cake the cake while I on your birthday want to go with my other boyfriend! Again wishing you happy birthday dear!

Happy birthday my dear love! You are looking awesome today. Could you please give me some money to buy a cake for you!

It is your birthday today. First of all happy birthday and I want to tell you are my friend but not boyfriend. Don’t have misunderstandings please.

Today is the best day and it is your birthday. Wishing happy birthday my love! Thank you for loving me unconditionally. But I can’t go long with you dear. Hence on your birthday I break up with you. Love you darling!

Although it is your birthday but I just want to advice you don’t eat cake on your birthday because you already look fat my love. Wishing you happy birthday my fat boyfriend!

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Funny Birthday Messages For boyfriend on Facebook

Wishing jovial and exuberant birthday to the cutest and the loveliest boyfriend in the world. Well, so far you are quite lovely that’s why I am using all the superlatives to wish you. God knows what will you become in the future.

Hey boyfriend, you are exactly the same prince charming I always wanted but you are a little tinier, broader, and lackluster version with a lot of money. No problem at all, I will manage with you happily as long as I am getting alluring and expensive gifts from you. Jokes apart, happy birthday to you!

Funny Birthday Messages For boyfriend on Facebook

On your very special day, I want to express my deepest feelings to you. I haven’t seen a person more parsimonious than you in my life. I have a dream that one day you will do something for me wholeheartedly and selflessly. Wishing happy birthday to the most miser boyfriend!

Today is the day when you are entitled to ask anything from your girlfriend except hugs, kisses, gifts, or any other form of physical touch. LOL, you must be thinking what kind of a girlfriend gives such a rubbish gift? Well, you chose to live with a devil, what else you could expect? Happy birthday, boyfriend!

Heartiest congratulations to my cutie pie boyfriend for hopping on to the 21st age group. Everything is perfect but there is still no sign of beard or mustache on your face. Do you have male hormones or female hormones raging in your body?

Happy birthday dear! Don’t use that more filters on your facebook profile. You already look a puppy face and with filters you look more puppies! Wishing happy birthday again!

Happy birthday my lovely boyfriend! On your birthday can I check your facebook messages? Just want to see how many ex girlfriends have messaged you.

Happy birthday my love! So rocking you look today. So awesome you are, so fabulous my love. But why didn’t you clear your arms pit hairs? Is this fashion or something else?

You are my absolute treasure and without you I can’t live. Could you do one thing today on your birthday for me? Just don’t dance because you look like a donkey is dancing. Happy birthday!

Being with you for so long years my love I have realized you are a bad joke done with me rightfully. Happy birthday my love!

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Happy Birthday Boyfriend Funny Quotes

Hey boyfriend, when I need to laugh my ass off, I don’t search for funny jokes and memes as your oval shape face is sufficient enough to make me laugh all day long. Just take it as a compliment from your beautiful and sexy girlfriend. Happy birthday to my forever sweetheart!

Wishing joyous birthday to the boyfriend who is proficient in choosing the finest things and people in life. I mean choosing me as a girlfriend exemplifies a lot about your taste. God bless you with money and good looks!

Happy Birthday Boyfriend Funny Quotes

Everything evolves and matures with respect to time except my ever-excited boyfriend. You are still a notorious kid trapped inside the body of a muscular man. But I love the way you live life and take care of me like a princess. Happy birthday to the sweetest boyfriend ever!

Dear boyfriend, you were quite a sorted, serene, and focused person before I met up. Now you are a feral, spontaneous, and rampant soul. I know girlfriends do change their boyfriend for their own good but your case is a might exception. Change is beyond my comprehension. Happy birthday!

Hey boyfriend, since it’s your only special day, I am allowing you to do things you want to do for a long time but couldn’t because of me. Don’t get too excited as I will have my eyes on you. Happy birthday, Mr. Handsome!

Boyfriends are really time pass. Girls only marry a good husband. Wishing happy birthday my love! I hope you get it!

In their young age girls need a driver that’s why they have a boyfriend or boyfriends. Wishing happy birthday my love! Have you got it!

There are a few boyfriends who become a good husband to whom girls don’t date always. Wishing happy birthday my love! You are not one of them!

Business men are good husbands. Boyfriends come and go. My love you are perhaps latter. Wishing happy birthday my dear boyfriend!

Girls take vows with boyfriends but pay only with husbands. You are not one of them! Wishing you happy birthday! But you can be!

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Sarcastic Birthday Wishes For boyfriend

Hey boyfriend, you are the second best thing that ever happened to me. The first best thing is till Brad Pitt. Don’t be jealous, I am all yours, and I will give you the raunchiest gift of your life today. Happy birthday to you!

May your birthday cake, food, and birthday jokes don’t turn to be tacky and yukky as they were last year. If that happens again, I will no longer hop on to your birthday party. Happy birthday to my caring boyfriend!

Sarcastic Birthday Wishes For boyfriend

Of course, I am head over heels for you because of your magnanimity and kindness. However, your gargantuan wealth and luxurious villas are my additional bonuses. May everything you dream and desire come true. Happy birthday to my forever sweetheart!

Happiest birthday to the second most handsome man in the world. The first is obviously my sturdy and dashing father. Don’t worry, I will still love you even if you become bald and with a tilted back.

You are the only man I know who can be the most irritating and the most endearing person at the same time. However, the fact is you are the most honest and loyal man I know. May God bless you with the most life-enriching things. Happy birthday, my love!

Don’t be just boyfriend. Love is not enough. How much you earn? Think practical. By the way happy birthday my love! I love you really. 

You are handsome my love but that is not enough. Wishing you happy birthday! I would be with you till you are!

Age really doesn’t matter in love as much as one has lots of money. Wishing happy birthday my love!

I will be as your wife and girlfriend forever but never compromising with my freedom. Wishing you happy birthday my love!

Expressing love through eyes is not enough. You have to say it too. Being handsome is not enough you have to be hard worker too. Happy birthday my love!

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