200+ Hearty Happy Birthday Wishes

The best moments in life don’t come. You have to make them. Wishing you my love and happy birthday dear!

This life is not difficult. You have just made it yourself. You control your thinking, you control everything. My heart to you and happy birthday!

I pray all the abundance for you which you want and which you don’t know. May you have all the pockets full of wealth. Happy birthday dear!

Whom you love, just say it that you love her. Love is about expressing, not about hiding. Loveliest  happy birthday to you!

I wish and pray for all the love you get in your life, that it never vanish. Because when love vanishes, all vanish from life. Awesome happy birthday!

You always have the choice. It just depends on you what you choose. Wishing you all the best for your life and happy birthday dear!

I know and understand wishing someone late their birthday seems a bit irritating when from someone you expect but sometimes it happens. Happy birthday dearest!

What you think can only make difference. So whatever would happen in your life would directly depend on your thinking. So think wise and think good. Happy birthday dear!

This life is one only. Hence don’t waste it in having unnecessary ego and attitude. Because being kind and compassionate is a new attitude today. Awesome happy birthday dear!

Never mind anything and anyone who doesn’t come in your life. It is life sometimes you get and sometimes you don’t. Wishing you all the love and happy birthday!

You get success and try to live up to your dreams. Whoever left you would come into your life and a new spring would blossom. All the love to you and happy birthday dear!

What this life without you? There was a time when I just couldn’t imagine anything without you. We are soul mates. Perhaps you haven’t understood this but I have.  Happiest birthday my darling!

I don’t know where this life would take us and how our relationship would flow. But one thing is sure that I would die with the beautiful memories of you. Whatever time we have spent, we have spent best. All the love to you. Happy birthday my heart!

Every day I wish and pray soon you come into my life and we never be apart and always together living our dreams. Wishing from my heart awesome birthday to you!

It is so much intense I feel here when I don’t talk to you. This uncontrolled intensity of yours is killing me. How accidentally we have connected to each other. Happy birthday my immature love!

The poem that I wrote for you, they were true feelings of mine there. Love is strange phenomenon and sometimes you are strange too. Happy birthday to my strange love!

It is the first time I saw you and fell in love with you. At that time I could not say and still not but you know I love you and you love me too. We are not together now but we will be one day. From my heart happy birthday!

I don’t know when we would finally meet and say what is in heart. Sometimes I think there is not anything between you and me but then suddenly it is all rainbows and I come to love you more. Warm happy birthday my love!

I thought of marrying you and we living together in our house where you cooking food for me and when I come from office you and me both sleeping in each other’s lap. Happiest birthday my only love!

For two years we could not speak. I don’t know why misunderstandings and distances come. But in all these years I come to love you much, so much that sometimes I think I could not live without you. Happy birthday my girl!

You are the only girl for whom I have fallen. I don’t know and understand how it happened and but it has. You first deny it but I know you love me too. I promise I try to fulfill your all dreams. Wishing you all the love and happy birthday!

I have done like you wanted and it is only for love and how you want me to do and only for you. You can never say me directly, the love of you for me. Happiest birthday my love!

Before you die, just carve your name among the best. Happy birthday dear!

Mental ability is the only highest form of the strength. It is what counts and wins. Happiest birthday dear!

Never regret anything in your life and what you regret forget it as soon as possible. Wishing you all the love and happy birthday dear of mine!

Let loose and let it settle itself. One day everything will be in perfect right frames. Warmest happy birthday to you!

Pretending that you don’t understand my love, it makes me a bit sad. Although I know you love me too but you don’t admit to it. Yet I wish you happy birthday my love! You are only my true girl.

You have all the virtues but if you don’t have discipline; this virtue, then everything is waste. Your whole life is garbage then. You have discipline, you have everything. Happy birthday dear!

Discipline and Will; are the two most lethal weapons with which you can achieve everything. Wishing all the love and happy birthday!

Never ever consider yourself a weak. Then moment you consider it you have died there instantly. You are born strong and you will die strong. Wishing you utmost joy and happy birthday!

The ultimate treasure is not billions dollars of money and lavish lifestyle. The ultimate treasure is peace. The peace of mind and heart it is. Wishing you happy birthday!

When the feeling comes to you that you don’t need all the materialistic life and pleasure; and without it, you still feel happy and fulfilled. This is the time you would realize your full potential. Happy birthday dear!

Hard work is for lifetime. Smart work is for moments. Although how you perceive these two paths would only make difference. Everything depends on your understanding. Wishing you love and happy birthday!

You are handsome and beautiful. You must always remember this. Wishing you hugs and sparks of laughter. Wish you happy birthday dearest!

Attachment always attracts you. It makes you down to your knees. The thing and person you feel attached to, when you get him/her, you would feel completion. But only later you would realize that was your death you embraced. Happy birthday dear!

You can never understand this love game. We often claim love is selfless but people who do it are selfish and possessive. And this is only that makes love interesting. Wishing you happiest birthday!

It doesn’t matter whether we talk or not. We are still in each other’s heart. I still miss you, and I know you still miss me. For our love, I wish you happy birthday!

Soon we will meet. Soon we will be in each other’s arms. When you finally will be mine, I kiss you on your forehead and on your lips, and for eternity you will be in my arms. Now you are a bit away from me. I wish you happy birthday my love!

Every day in my stomach and near the area of my heart, I feel a strange warmness that forces me to talk to you. I have been missing you so much. Please come to me now. We will celebrate your birthday together. Wishing you happy birthday darling!

One must have determination and stubbornness in oneself to get what one wants. And one must never stop from his aim. Wishing you awesome birthday!

You care only for those who care for you. You must never weep for those who ignore you. You must rise from ashes. Happy birthday dear!

Caring is love. Over caring is possessiveness. Love is about freedom. Loving is not caging. True love is rare. Wishing you happy birthday my dearest!

You are strong. You must understand yourself strong. You must strive for it. Hugs, wishes and happy birthday!

Never fall in love many times. Because the more you fall, the more pain you go through. True love could never be forgotten. It is a souvenir. Wishing you happy birthday darling!

I pray to God that a day must come where our love gets rekindled again. Happy birthday my dear love!

There is no better cure than self love. Wishing you happy birthday my dearest star!

Whatever between you and me is connected deep root. The much I try to forget you, the much you come to my remind. It is insanely magical. Such love ours is. Wishing you happy birthday! You can’t get away from me.

You don’t care about yourself. You want everything best for us. Besides, you give everything to us what is yours. You are sweet mother of mine who is divine. Happy birthday mom!

Emotions drive us. If we lose the rein of it, they can drown us too. You control the emotions, you control everything. Get inspired! Wishing happy birthday!

Long drive is like floating in the water. When you float, you fly. Happy birthday dear!