30 Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Facebook Friend: Post, Tag and Share These Lovely Happy Birthday Wishes

30 Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Facebook Friend: Post, Tag and Share These Lovely Happy Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes for Facebook Friend: Who is in this world, that doesn’t want to celebrate his or her birthday?! We want to do it every time whenever it comes. And it is so joyous when anyone’s birthday in family is celebrated. It is get-together we always want to do, talk and converse. Hence we have brought for you heartiest happy birthday wishes for facebook friend. Nowadays everyone is on social media. There are various. And rather than meeting people physically, they foremost meet on social media like facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter or others. These mediums are new hangout place, and you can find the whole world on them. Almost everything and everyone.

Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Facebook Friend status

As we are all aware, that our life has become drastically busy, and people don’t have time for unnecessary and garbage things. They just want to laugh, enjoy and dance, and whenever any reason or occasion comes for celebration, they never leave it. So that’s why we have written for you funny and good happy birthday wishes for facebook friend, provided you can wish your any friend happy birthday if they exist on social media, especially on facebook. So read and see all the wishes, messages and quotes on birthday. Or else you miss them!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Facebook Friend

So genuine and smiling face you have. May you have for whole life and forever keep smiling. Wishing you so much love and happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Facebook Friend

Love knows not direction. It flows as it wants to flow and when it wants to flow. I wish you flow and go ahead in your life carving your name. Wishing you happy birthday!

May you have so much wealth that it never ends. May you have so much kindness that it always increases. Wishing you from the bottom of my heart happy birthday!

One can hang out with many girls. But the real pleasure is with only true love. May you soon have it. Wishing you loveliest birthday!

May you and me never break. If break, may we come more near, so much near that never could be separated. Happiest birthday dearest!

May you find someone who loves you unconditionally. Hugs, wishes and so much love on your happy birthday. Celebrate like a rock star!

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May you be king. May your destiny make it. May you have the power to write your own destiny. Love you and happy birthday!

May you only see the light of success. No failure, dearth and down you come near. May you forever win. Wishing you starriest happy birthday!

May you wake up among flowers gardens. May sweet birds sing for you. May you feel the wonders of mother nature. May you rise all the levels. Happy birthday!

May you always remain in people’s heart. May all think good for you. No hatred and no wrath come to you. Wishing you abundant happy birthday!

Best Birthday Wishes for Facebook Friend status

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Happy Birthday Messages for Facebook

The first time we met on facebook and fell in love about which we were not aware of. I wish you so lovely birthday. May you fulfil your all dreams.

Happy Birthday Messages for Facebook

Between you and me, there is a strange relationship exists, that till today I could not understand what kind of chemistry it is. But I like being with you. Happy birthday to you!

When I hug you, it feels like I don’t need anyone and anything. You are special person in my life and no one could take your place. Wishing you nicest happy birthday!

The way you love me is so amazing. And I know as you love, no one could. I never want to lose you ever in my life. I only want you in my all births. Sweetest birthday to you with kisses!

Walking with you amid groove of flowers where winter flowing with breeze is so romantic. I want to hold your hand resting my head on your shoulder. I love you. Happy birthday!

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Your companionship is entertaining and a bit painful too. And I like it. The best quality of you is, you always listen to me. And for that I love only in the world. Wishing you happy birthday!

You must learn. It is a fact that everything is possible. Only one has to do work for it, has to do effort for it. Everything is possible. Noting is impossible. Happiest birthday to you!

You have two hands and two feet and one mind. With all these three, you could become what you want to. Positivity is power. Wishing you success and happy birthday!

Your thoughts affect your life. What you think you become. It is the fact. So think rich and prosperous. Hugs, wishes and love to you and happiest birthday!

Don’t ever go negative in your life. Whatever happens in life, all have meaning. Have faith and belief in God. Everything will be best with you. Loveliest happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Messages for Facebook status

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Happy Birthday Quotes for Facebook

Real music is not what you play with your fingers. The real music is what you hear with your ears. Happy birthday dear!

Happy Birthday Quotes for Facebook

Man has cradled the habit of living in comfortable illusion. It is poison that is killing us. With my all heart wishing you happy birthday!

If you are only seeing dreams with your eyes and not giving pain to your hands and body, then my friend, you are all wasted. From bottom of my heart happy birthday!

The real pleasure is having in richness and luxuriousness. But it doesn’t come just sitting on a couch. So better hard work. Wishing you all the success and happy birthday!

If you believe in yourself, then it is the guarantee that you can move mountains. And it is the truth. Happiest sweetest birthday love!

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Behind every successful man, there is not always a woman. It is utter hard work and sweat and an urge to fulfill your dreams. Happiest birthday to dearest!

Never cling to anyone. Love that comes as breeze is much truthful than that brought with storms. Wishing you so much love and happy birthday!

Rise like the sun and shine like the moon. Vast like a sky and high like Himalayan mountain. Pure like river Ganga. Wishing you happy birthday!

Sometimes you don’t need a soulmate. Sometimes you just only need a companion. So much love, happiness and happy birthday to you!

If you want to be a king, then have attitude like it. Attitude is all that matters. Happy birthday love!

Birthday Quotes for Facebook Friends

In coming time, there is a birthday of my one friend which is coming in this month but I could not wish her because we are now not together. But no worries, I still would wish her through facebook and I have these happy birthday wishes for facebook friend, from which I select one and send it to her. Seeing it, she would definitely call it and I hope so she does. Moments are never going to come back. So rather than holding anger and ego, it is better to resolve the matter if there is something wrong going between you and her. You must do it better early and quickly. Else you would definitely be regretting this idea of not talking to her when you should. And I tell you, with time, if you didn’t do it, time would fly. Above we have written thirty happy birthday wishes for facebook friend. Even though you can send it anywhere wherever you want to and through any social media. At Happybirthdayall.com, we try always to provide original and engaging content. The website is everything related to it happy birthday. Because as our tagline says, ‘wishing birthday still matter.’ So wish it, to whom you want to wish it!

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