Zingy Happy Birthday Wishes for Woman | Beautiful Birthday Quotes for Female Friend

Zingy Happy Birthday Wishes for Woman | Beautiful Birthday Quotes for Female Friend

To add numerous colors in the lives of all the woman you are associated with, be it your friend, mother, sister, or office colleague, we have carved a beautiful and the zestful compilation of happy birthday wishes for woman, birthday quotes for woman, and funny birthday wishes for female friend. Let’s roll out!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Woman & Female Friend

It is only because of you that’s why we are on this earth. Without you the whole human race could not be. Wishing you happy birthday women!

The origin and existence of love is because of you. You are the only original and real source of it. Wishing all the women happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Woman & Female Friend

You are an infinite source of power. None could defeat you if you came to your full potential. You hold that fire in you. Happy birthday to all the women!

You give birth to us. You take care. You bread us and grow us. You are all no one can be. Wishing you all the love and respect and happy birthday!

No sacrifice could be greater than a woman’s. Happy birthday to all women!

You are a mysterious creature hard to define, though transparent but not everyone could gauge the depth of your heart. The one who can is your beloved. Wishing all women happy birthday!

When your love flows it flows like a river continuously. For whom it flows, he swims and float in it, and you want to give him all the happiness he desires. That is your nature. Happy birthday women!

No one should understand you weak. You are the supreme power unawaken. The others can’t understand that you can devour whole creation in your womb if you want to. That is your power. Wishing all the women happy birthday!

You can be whatever you want to be. Your inner nature is caring for others. You are as soft as a leaf of a rose and as strong as a spike of it. Wishing all the women love and happy birthday!

You are pious as nectar of God. You are elixir of enormous ecstasy. You are the one whose for everyone is. Wishing you happy birthday powerful women!

As the moon shines in the sky and make shine all. Same as women shine in our life and make everyone shine. Wishing all the women happiest shiny birthday!

Most of the universe is from the will of a woman. Most of us are from the will of a woman. The entire creation is by the will of a woman. That woman is the Goddess supreme. Happy birthday to all dearest women!

You are a good friend. You are a good wife. You are a good mother. You are all and everything. You are a woman. Happy birthday to all the women!

Never make her angry. Otherwise your whole world would come down. Never make her weep. Otherwise your whole world would drown. Wishing amazing birthday to women!

There is no existence of the word ‘Love’ if women not in this world. Happy birthday women!

When in love, she is completely in love with you. She can do anything for you, even sacrificing herself. Her love is pious. Her feelings are genuine. Wishing happy birthday to all women!

Women are for love, not for arguments and fights. Wishing all women lovely birthday!

You are the source of inspiration. You are the source of wisdom and intelligence. Wishing happy birthday to all women!

There is no greater beauty than you. Wish you all the best in life and happy birthday dear women!

It is impossible to live without you. Directly and indirectly everything belongs to you. Happy birthday to all women!

Half of all the books are written for you to understand. Yet you are still ununderstandable. Wishing all love and happy birthday!

Without you nothing is interesting. Nor money, style and grace. You are all and everything is from you. Happy birthday women!

You are clever and have cunning abilities. You know and understand what is best for you and better. You walk cautiously. You are not in everyone’s arms. Yet you are at everyone’s handshake. Happy birthday all women!

In the place of you nothing could stand. You can’t ever be replaced. You are the most divine creation of God that he created mistakenly. Happy birthday to all women!

You are the companion of men. You are their path bearer. You are their solace. You are their poetry. You are their art. You are their heart. Wishing happy birthday to all women!

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Happy Birthday Quotes for Women with Images | Best Birthday Quotes for Female Friend

Happiest birthday to one of the most fantastic and charming women I know. You are an absolute sunshine in this gloomy world!

Out of all the women in my life, you are the only one with whom I can connect at every level and share all the details of my life. Happy birthday to the most stunning woman I know.

With this birthday, you are also going to write a new chapter of your life. I wish you good luck and a massive success for new endeavors. Happy birthday!

Best Birthday Quotes for Female Friend

Who says a girl and a boy cannot be best friends? I am super proud and happy to say that my best friend is a girl who is also the most beautiful and caring human being. Happy birthday my buddy!

Your influential presence is all I want in my life and nothing else. The day you came into my life, everything changed for the good. You are my lady luck. I wish you a joyous and splendid birthday celebration!

Not only you are the most helpful and gracious colleague in the office but also the dearest friend that every individual wish for. I am more than lucky to have you in my life. Happy birthday to the most amazing woman!

You are a classic example of women’s empowerment. You showed to the rest of the world that there is nothing a woman can’t achieve. I am a huge fan of your persistence and vision. Happy birthday to the most inspiring and ambitious girl!

What a remarkable woman you are! I mean you play the role of a mother, friend, sister, wife, and a professional all at once so effortlessly. I am highly intrigued by your persona. Very happy birthday to the loveliest woman in my life!

At times, you become so serious that it freaks the hell out of me. And sometimes, you do the crazy things that make me wonder, ‘is this the same girl I know?’. You are a mind-boggling puzzle for me. Happy birthday dear female friend!

Every single day of my life is an absolute fun and delight because of your vibrant and chirpy presence. You are me tweety bird and the beats of my heart. Happy birthday to the most lovely woman I know!

Today is such a glittering day because it is the happy birthday of the cutest woman in the whole world. I was eagerly waiting for your special day as I want to smash the birthday cake on your face. Happy birthday sweetie pie!

You are the one who taught me that every single day of life should be lived in a way that even the almighty feels happy after seeing you. Very happy birthday to the most positive woman!

Wishing a jovial birthday to the most gorgeous woman cum my adorable sister. I so badly want to pull your chubby cheeks and gives you a never-ending hug as the birthday gift. Happiest birthday my dear!

Happiest birthday to the most bizarre and spontaneous girl I know. It is better to live in a haunted house than to tolerate you for one day. May you have a birthday celebration that could be remembered till ages!

I have yet to find a woman like you who is the perfect blend of beauty, charm, smartness, intelligence, wildness, and a sense of humor. You can give any actress a run for her money. Happy birthday my perfect lady!

On your utterly auspicious occasion, I wish the angels of heaven land on earth to bless the angel of my life and grant you the lifetime of happiness. Happy birthday to the most stunning woman!

There are only two things in life that make me outrageously happy: your talks and your heart-wrenching smile. Happy birthday to the woman of my dreams!

I hate to break it to you but you are the most intolerable woman in the existence. I mean what pleasure you get in irritating the hell out of others? Happy birthday grumpy girl!

I still remember those good old times when you used to take me to the movies with your pocket money on my birthdays. Now is my time to take you to a swash-buckling trip on your birthday. Have an awesome birthday, my dream girl!

Not only you are one heck of a timeless beauty but also the woman with an indomitable will and ridiculous perseverance. Happy birthday to the most awesome woman I know!

Today is your birthday and you have been celebrating it in advance since last 1 month. I have never seen a crazy and self-absorbed woman like you. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the most important and the most beloved woman of my life. Mother, no one can take your place and no one can give the love you have given to me. 

I would like to let you know once again that I will support you and your dreams, no matter what others say. Happy birthday to the most compelling woman in the entire world!

Like your body, your soul and mind are also way too beautiful. This world needs more women like you to change its paradigm. Happy birthday my awesome girl!

You have no idea how much I am fond of you. Sometimes, I don’t sleep a whole night just to read and listen to our old conversations. Happy birthday to the woman who makes me crazy for love!

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Most Funny Birthday Wishes for Female Friend

I desperately wish for one thing as the birthday gift for you. May your stinky and messy hairs become sorted and full of fragrance. Happy birthday crazy woman!

The rate at which your wrinkles are increasing with each passing birthday clearly indicates that you will stop celebrating your birthdays pretty soon. Happy birthday wrinkle girl!

When you were born, even the almighty shouted…..shit! One more mistake. Happy birthday my female buddy!

Most Funny Birthday Wishes for Female Friend

Very happy birthday to the woman who only throws birthday parties just to get as many expensive gifts as she can. I wish you get herpes if you don’t give me a return gift on your birthday.

Hey sis cum friend! Well, if I don’t get what I want on your birthday, an email will be sent to our parents enclosing your sexually explicit pictures with your dumbass boyfriend. Happy birthday to you with my blackmail email!

You are surely turning thirty, but you are equally thirsty for young and chocolatey boys. Happy birthday to the soon going to be a pedophile!

Look at you! You are now the mother of two fat ass kids celebrating her birthday in a garage and I am a hot, sexy, and single hunk getting all the pie I want. Happy birthday to my best female friend!

When I look at you, I thank God for making me your friend only not the lover. Happy birthday to the girl who dyes her hair and doesn’t remember the original hair color.

You are the only girl in my female friend’s group who stands apart from the rest. Yes, you are freaking thirty and the rest all are in sweet twenties. Happy birthday, old woman.

Hey woman, let’s cheers to all the random shits, broken bones, and debts we have done over the years. You take care of the debt part and I will bring you a yummy birthday cake. Happy birthday!

Happiest birthday to the woman is also the sole witness of so many profound things like the invention of the airplane, cellphone, and the list goes on. Jesus Christ, you are that much old!

Woman, you are like the bubbles of the soaps. Bursting over little things. Happy birthday, you grumpy woman!

The closer your birthday comes, the farther I will get away from the town. I mean you are very demanding about gifts. Happy birthday to the most miser woman I know!

May you live long enough to tell stories to your grandchildren and the great grandchildren about your shitty birthday celebration. Happy birthday, woman!

Your birthday is certainly the right day to ask a very important question. Will you ever throw a birthday party? Or would you take all the money to the graveyard? Happy birthday, you silly woman!

To be frankly speaking, now I don’t see much difference between you and the scary faces on Jack O Lanterns. For the love of God, stop scaring kids on your birthday celebration. Happy birthday my dear friend!

Unquestionably, you are one of the most gifted persons I have ever met. I mean all you do is snatch gifts from others and never show up till the next birthday arrives. Anyways, accept my warm birthday wishes with no gifts!

Despite having numerous bone-crunching fights, I just don’t understand why I always end up in your horrendous birthday parties and eat the same old sickening food. Anyway, happy birthday woman.

On your 21st birthday, May you blow candles only and not the things you wanted the most. Happy birthday you freaky girl.

Here comes another birthday that will suck a bit more of your beauty, charm, and money. Happy birthday my female bestie!

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Happy Birthday Messages for Female Friend

Making you as my friend is the most precious and beautiful gift I have ever given to myself. Happy birthday dear friend! May you always be mine.

With you, it seems all possible and positive. You have an aura of angel. Happy birthday my dearest friend! I love you immensely.

Since you have been in my life, my life has become colorful. Thank you for that. I wish you all what you want. Happy birthday dear!

Happy Birthday Messages for Female Friend

Before uttering anything, you understand everything what I want to say. That’s makes you my best friend. I never leave you. Wishing you amazing birthday!

I wish you touch all the great heights of success that no other could have touched. You are simply amazing. Happy birthday dear friend!

You are only my travel partner with whom I want to explore the entire world. I want to make memories with you. May you live forever. Happy birthday my dearest friend!

Life without you seems impossible. Love without you not possible. You are my all and everything. Great happy birthday to my loveliest friend and life partner!

May you never suffer. May no pain touch you. May you be limitless. Wishing you happy birthday my forever friend!

May you have all the wealth what you want and desire. Happy birthday my cheerful friend!

May your life get filled with priceless moments. Wishing you unforgettable happy birthday!

I wish may God listen to your all prayers and answer them. Wishing you joyous happy birthday my loveliest friend!

May you never be sad or go through pain. May your life be like honey, sweet and mirthful. Love you dearest friend and happy birthday!

You don’t know how much you mean to me. I can do everything for you. Happy birthday my loveliest and dearest friend!

May you find true love and never get detached from him. Wishing you fourfold happy birthday!

You are not my friend in this life while for all coming. You are precious jewel for me. Happy birthday to my closest friend!

All the best moments of life I have spent with you. May you live long and may your life journey be strong. Happy birthday to my dearest and cutest friend!

You are my first friend and last. Nothing above you and nothing below you. You are my bestie. All the love to you and happy birthday!

May you always be hungry for your passion and dreams. You are an irreplaceable part of my life. Happy birthday my cutie!

I wish you soon marry and have lots of kids with whom I play. May you live a good and worry free life. Happy birthday my heart my forever buddy!

May belief and faith never leave you. May you become an epitome of success. Happy birthday my best friend!

May your life always get sparkled by little surprises of happiness. Wishing you all the love and best future. Happy birthday my money snatcher!

I wish you always be a cheerful girl. Wishing you from the truest of my heart happy birthday friend of friends!

I wish all the success in life simply for you and all your money to me! Happy birthday to my unapologetic friend!

I pray for your health and for your wealth that it soon may come to me! Happy birthday cutie pie!

If I can make sweets of you, I definitely would make. You are such a sweet person. Happiest birthday to my loveliest friend!

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