50+ Heartfelt Birthday Poems for Mother

Happy Birthday Poems for Mom

Birthday Poems for Mother: There is no way better than poems to express your innermost feelings eloquently to your loved ones. A mother is perhaps the most beloved and quintessential person in the life of any kid. And who doesn’t want to make his/her mother feel like the queen of the world on her special day i.e birthday? Emotional birthday poems for mother is one of the seamless ways to express your immense love, respect, and affection towards your mother along with loathing her with surprise birthday gifts. If you don’t know how to jot down happy birthday mom poems, you can take some cures from our riveting compilation of birthday poems for mother along with a beautiful birthday gift to make her special day stellar.

Happy Birthday Poems for Mom

Here and there, you are everywhere;
you are my mother like a God on the earth here;
I wish you happy birthday oh my mother dear!

In your care I have grown up, you raised me;
taught me all; how could I forget you are my mother best of all;
in my ever prayer you are, you are dear to me, not so far;
happy birthday to you mother;
you are my most charming star.

You believe in me when others deny me;
you inspire me when others down me;
you listen me when others fool me;
I love you limitless my mother dear;
wishing happy birthday thee!

Happy Birthday Poems/Prayer for Mom

I save you from all;
no storms, pains and sadness could touch you;
I always stand for you with my heart;
and with the same heart;
I wish you happy birthday with gallons of cake bars!

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The moon and the sun all fade;
before you all dead;
you have the charisma of eternal shining star;
you always shine mother, I wish you so far;
giving you all my love and wishing happy birthday with my heart!

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What I demand, you fulfill;
you always make me happy;
no tear drop you can bear of me;
no mother like you all have;
I am lucky as I have, no others could have;
wishing you happy birthday mother with hugs and prayers!

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What I wish for you! I wish all for you;
may no disease touch you;
may you be always healthy and wealthy version of you;
may I again have mother like you in next birth;
when again I am son of you;
wish you happy birthday mother with all the gifts and God’s grace to you.

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Been you there for me been always;
you are my mother always;
may all hues come in your life;
may rainbow of happiness always light;
wishing you happy birthday to my mother charming.

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You cook for me best dishes;
pumpkin pie, apple pie, and all the sweets;
not one you ever miss;
such a love of you my bliss;
wish you happy birthday oh my beautiful mother miss!

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No harm come to you;
no evil come to you;
God protect you from all;
I forever stand for you with my sword;
happy birthday my mother;
you are my lord

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Beyond the sky, beyond the waters;
beyond mountains, beyond this universe;
only your name echoes my mother;
happy birthday my loveliest mother!

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Even though you sometimes yell at me;
you always care for me;
even though sometimes you don’t look for me;
but you always wish for me;
I’m in your every prayer;
you are my mother dear;
happy birthday mother!

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You make me understand believe;
you make me understand faith;
you make me understand love;
no hatred you teach me;
you make me understand friendship;
happy birthday my mother mentor;
you are my everything!

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 I’m a little cub of you;
you are my mother tigress, everything below you;
All stars shine and everything for you;
you are my mother benevolent, I love you;
happy glorious birthday mother!

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All colors are colorless before you;
no treasure I need, just mere blessings of you;
whether I live or not but you live my mother forever;
I wish this on your birthday;
may this come true.

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No mother can ever hate her child;
it is the truth benign;
I love you mother, it is also the truth;
that none could deny;
happy birthday my wonderful mother!

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I could be the man as you want and as you have taught;
I bring you all the gifts and happiness a lot;
one day I make you proud;
one day you say it loud;
happy birthday my awesome mother!

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Always be what you wish to be mother;
all your dreams and prayers come true;
may your life fulfill be;
may I son always be;
happy birthday my charming mother;
you be as you be.

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Have a wonderful life;
wherever you go, you never struggle, always by heaven’s side;
all abundance for you and richness too;
no pain you go through;
I am your son, always thine;
happy birthday mother with all twinkling surprise!

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No tears come from your eyes;
may nectar for you and elixir divine;
you are world’s best mother;
may you forever for me;
always my mother with everlasting smile;
happy birthday my always smiling mother!

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