100+ Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Aunt | Happy Birthday Auntie Messages

100+ Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Aunt | Happy Birthday Auntie Messages

Like a mother, an aunt is one of the most imperative women in anyone’s life. To make your beautiful and mother-like aunt feels like she is on cloud nine, here is the biggest and perhaps the most pleasing compilation of heart touching birthday wishes for aunt, cute happy birthday auntie messages, funny birthday wishes for aunt with images. Woo your aunt with heaps of happy birthday wishes and blessings!

Sweet Happy Birthday Wishes for Aunt | Happy Birthday Auntie Greetings

Happiest birthday to the most adorable and caring aunt in the world. You are no less than a mother for me, and you are an indispensable party of our family. God bless you!

Even at this age, you look so fresh, alive, and young that I do feel embarrassed to call you my aunt. You look more like a college-going teen girl to me. Wishing a jovial birthday to the most beautiful aunt ever!

Hey aunt, you are perhaps the only woman I know who is aging so gracefully, acquiring the ridiculous amount of knowledge, and helping the needy ones to your heart’s content. Happy birthday to the perfect role model for women, happy birthday auntie!

I can vaguely remember those days when my mother used to go on work and only you were there to take care of me. Your value in my life is more than my own mother. Happy birthday to the most special aunt ever!

Life will turn upside down, stars will change their positions, the sun will stop shining one day, but your unconditional love for me will never fade away. Thanks aunty for loving me like your own child. Happy birthday my lovely aunty!

It takes a woman of indomitable will power like you to smash the oppressing patriarchy and pave the way for young and bright women with the exceptional talents to change the face of the nation. Very joyous birthday to the most inspirational person!

My beautiful aunt, may you have the most remarkable birthday celebration of all time. I wish you stay every young and cheerful. I wish an incredible birthday to the most special auntie!

Sweet Happy Birthday Wishes for Aunt | Happy Birthday Auntie Greetings

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Dear aunt, another year of your priceless life has passed and the journey has been quite intriguing till yet. May the wonders of life continue to enthrall you till the end. Wish you a happy birthday Aunt!

May God continue to bless you with great health, wealth, and the other blissfulness of life. Have a wonderful birthday celebration aunty!

Only a few blessed individuals like me have the privilege to celebrate the birthday of the most serene and lovely aunt like you. Happy birthday to my special aunt!

I certainly am the luckiest dude on the planet as I got the immense love of two motherly figures. One is of my mother and another is of my groovy aunty. Have an outrageously happy and fun-filled birthday celebration!

Happy birthday to the aunt who never says give up until she gets what she wants. I always look up to you when I need motivation the most.

On your way too special occasion aunty, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a supportive and understanding soul. I always owe you one. Happy birthday auntie!

Out of all the nephews and nieces, I know I am the only one for whom you are most concerned about. I am blessed to have such a loving and caring aunt. May you have the birthday celebration of a lifetime. Happy birthday, auntie!

May your happy birthday celebration turns out to be as magnificent as you are. I wish a cheerful birthday to the most charming aunt in the world!

Dear aunt, so what if you don’t have your own children. I promise I will never let you feel the lack of having children by becoming all yours. I will take care of you till the last breath. Happy birthday, auntie!

Hey aunt, whenever I think about your birthday celebration, the memories of last year’s awesome birthday party, scrumptious food, stunning direction, soothing music, and birthday games pop up in mind. You are the best birthday party organizer ever. I wish a spectacular birthday to the most special aunt!

Happiest birthday to the most astonishing auntie from the most astounding niece. You know aunt everyone says that I am the exact copy of you. Blow the candles, have some champagne and make your birthday memorable!

Numerous birthdays have passed but I have yet to see a sign of tiredness or wrinkles on your face. How do you manage to look so marvelous and glittery all the time? Happy birthday to my drop-dead gorgeous aunt!

May your special day brings the entire family together once again so that we can show to the rest of the world how eccentric we are. Happy birthday my loving aunt!

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Happy Birthday Auntie Messages with Images

If I am not wrong auntie, you were the one who puked on my father after getting drunk like a skunk on your last birthday. You are way crazier than any teen girl. Happy birthday to the coolest aunt!

I am feeling more than delighted in sending my handwritten and original birthday wishes for the most beloved aunt in the world. May you be blessed with unending happiness and unimaginable love.

Hey aunt, I have never told you that all my other aunts are quite jealous of your beauty and elegance. Happy birthday to the most wonderful aunt!

Heart Touching birthday wishes for aunite

A lot of inspiring and wonderful women have come into my life but none of the women were as insightful and conscience stirring as you are. Happy birthday my beloved aunty!

I know you have gone through a lot of terrible things in life. On your birthday, I want you to take a fresh new start and start carving a remarkable future for yourself. Happy birthday, auntie! You are the real source of strength for me.

Unquestionably, you are the hottest aunt in the town. Your hotness in mid-forties can give any teen girl a run for her money. Happy birthday to my forever young auntie!

Like my mother, you are an unshakable and quintessential pillar of my successful life. You have made a significant contribution in my fine upbringing and colossal success. Happy birthday my role model!

You are sweeter than the sweetest sweet, lovelier than a little baby, softer than talc, and more authentic than anyone. Very happy birthday to my all-in-one aunt!

Being the proud aunt of so many notorious nephews and nieces is not everyone’s cup of tea but you have played the part pretty well. Happy birthday my gorgeous aunt!

I didn’t know that being your accidental niece will reap me so many benefits. God is really great for giving me such a rich aunt. Jokes apart, happy birthday to my super special auntie!

Dear Aunty, I couldn’t thank you enough for all the great and significant things you have done for me. Happy birthday and may you celebrate the day like there is no tomorrow!

When a nephew like me have an amazing aunt like you, life seems so seamless and gripping. Aunty, you take great care of my tiniest of needs and wants. Thank you so much for doing that much for me. Happy birthday auntie!

Dear cute Auntie, may God never stop throwing his divine light and blessings on you. Happy birthday and I love you so much!

I have yet to find an adult-like you who understands my generation so well and so much. Happiest birthday to the coolest aunt prevailing on this planet.

In my eyes, you are and you will always be a great superstar. Because you are the only who dared to chase the dreams regardless of what others think about you. Have a glorious birthday celebration auntie!

I have more admiration and regards for you than my own parents. You surely know how to live life in the fullest way and also have great respect for everyone. Happy birthday to the most humble and elegant woman I know!

After looking at you meticulously, no one would believe you are the aunt of so many feral and mushy nephews and nieces. Happy birthday to the most gorgeous auntie of all time!

Out of all the lovely women in my ordinary life, you are indeed the most special one. Your mesmerizing love and enchanting voice can make anyone fall in love with you. Happy birthday to the sweetest aunt!

Hey aunt, if you ever feel lonely in life just remember, I and my entire family is always standing with you firmly during all the highs and lows. May you have a stunning birthday celebration, my pretty auntie!

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Heart Touching Happy Birthday Quotes for Aunt

For me, you are like fresh waves of the ocean that are also wild and reckless. Your spontaneity intrigues me like nothing else. Wishing you a soothing happy birthday auntie!

You are like an inexhaustible source of positive energy that only functions to transform as many lives as you can. I am a huge fan of your philosophy and the way of living. Happy birthday to my nearest and the dearest aunt!

Hey my hot as hell aunt, thank you so much for all the unforgettable memories and thrilling vacations. It’s because of your feminine teachings I am the hottest diva in the college. Have the best birthday celebration of your life. Happy birthday to you!

My adorable auntie, may your special day be packed with everything you want to see all at once in life. Happy birthday to my cutie pie aunt!

Heart Touching Happy Birthday Quotes for Aunt

Like some relations are bigger than the blood relations, your role in aggrandizing my life is way bigger than my own family. Thanks a lot aunty for giving big wings to my dreams. Happy birthday, I love you!

What is life? It’s nothing but a series of moments. I am glad that I have spent some of the most crucial moments of my life with the most sagacious and loving person. Happy birthday to the auntie who oozes wisdom in heaps.

You are the kindest, bravest, and the freest soul I have ever seen. You seem like God’s own angel. Happy birthday to the most serene auntie!

Unlike others, I never take you for granted because time slips so swiftly every single second. As long as I am with you, I will love you every moment. Happy birthday to my best companion!

There are so many wonderful aunts in my life. But there is only one wonderfully crazy and funny existing on God’s green earth. Happy birthday my lovey-dovey auntie!

You have everything in life a normal person covets for and works to achieve all his life. You truly are the epitome of selflessness and spiritualism. Happy birthday auntie!

One of the greatest blessings of my not so happening life is your garish presence in it. For a young girl like me who is bubbling with energy, you are the ideal torchbearer. Happy birthday to the most wonderful aunt!

I won’t be able to grace your hyped birthday party but my gifts and the best birthday wishes will reach at your doorstep on time. Happy birthday my dear aunty!

You are one of those rare women who is respected, listened, and appreciated by everyone in society. I wish you an awesome happy birthday and a lifetime of happiness!

Who says an individual can’t have two mothers? I am perhaps the most blessed person on this planet who have the privilege of receiving unconditional love from two different mothers. One is you, aunty. Happy birthday!

Surely, you have grown old physically but your heart is as young as of a 5 years old little runt. Happy birthday my marvelous and forever young aunt!

I don’t know why but when it comes to doing something adventurous, I always see you standing first in the queue. Happy birthday to my swash-buckling auntie!

Hey aunt, do you know my daily dose of happiness? One cup of piping hot coffee and your dazzling smile. Happy birthday to the most terrific aunty!

With the confidence and attitude like you have, ever girl can rock the world and prove her mettle. Happy birthday to my overachiever auntie!

Whatever little time I have spent with you, I cherish every single moment because, in those moments, you imparted wisdom, love, and knowledge in me. Have a gobsmacking birthday celebration aunty!

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Inspirational Birthday Messages for Aunt

You must remove this word ‘can’t’ from your life and then your whole life gonna be blissful. Wishing you happy birthday auntie!

This body is a temple and a weapon too. You must make it strong. There is no difference between male and female body. Don’t consider yourself feeble. Wishing you happy birthday aunt!

All women are beautiful and all are respected too but when someone doesn’t. You must have the gut to fight. Happy birthday auntie!

Inspirational Birthday Messages for Aunt

You are just like my mother aunt. You are my mother too. You are a much focused woman. Happy birthday auntie!

You must cultivate the habit of self love aunt. It is the only love and highest form of love. It needs no one. Wishing you happy birthday!

Women always have choice aunt. This choice must never be snatched from them. You have all the rights to say No when you don’t want something. Happy birthday my dear aunt!

Let nights not fright you. Let silence not kill you. Let aloneness not burn you. Happy birthday dearest auntie!

Women must never compromise. And all the compromises that she has made must be respected and remembered and celebrated for her their devotion for everything. All the love to you aunt, happy birthday!

Women should never waste their emotions. If they not, they won’t weep. Wishing you lovely birthday aunt!

Women are not shackled by anything. They are only by their thinking. They must break it. Happy birthday auntie! I love you.

With imaginations one can eradicate all impossibilities. Happy birthday dearest aunt!

You must have the strength to walk alone. Dependence is not choice for women. Independence is liberation. All the love to you aunt. Happy birthday!

Whether you marry or not, you sacrifice cautiously. Wishing you happy birthday aunty!

Society has always been unfair to women. A woman with stubborn will can only change it. Wishing you all the love and happy birthday to you aunt!

Since childhood aunt, you combed my hairs and readied me for school. You picked me up and dropped me also. Your whole life for me. I promise I always be there for you whenever you need. You are my only favorite aunt. Happy birthday!

Though women are always divine but they are more divine when they become mother. Gallons of love and respect to you aunt. Happy birthday!

Women are forever great. As you are my aunt. Gallons of love to you and happy birthday to you!

May this world become of women only and may they only reign. So many hugs to you and happiest birthday to loveliest aunt!

I take care of you aunt when you become old and unable to walk. At that time you can always hold my hand and walk wherever you want to. Wishing happiest birthday to you aunt!

Never betray the love of a woman because when she loves; she loves with all her heart. I love you with all my heart aunt. Wish you happy birthday aunt!

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Funny Birthday Wishes for Aunt

Don’t put so much makeup aunt; you look like a bag of flour! Though happy birthday! But you must take your makeup seriously!

The way you wrap your sari aunt, it looks like a cream roll has been wrapped. You seem like a brown potato! Don’t mind it! We know it is your birthday yet you are aunty. That much for you!

Your hairs are so lovely aunt. When I go through it, they feel so soft and beautifully fragile. Have you washed them with rotten curd? Is this the recipe? Yeah love you and happy birthday!

You are my mother’s sister and it is the tragedy. I though you are some improvement but you are very low than your sister! Happy birthday aunt!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Aunt

I never want to go shopping with you aunt. Wherever you go, you always buy empty bags of brands! Happy birthday aunt!

The only right and fabulous skill in you aunt, that you wash utensils very cleanly! I like it! Happy birthday!

Whenever I hear you are coming to live in our house for some day, I make arrangement for a year at my friend’s house! Happy birthday my dearest aunt! I like you, you don’t know!

The love of you is so sweet aunt that it has increased my dental cost! And we have to say happy birthday to you! The great celebration has begun!

You are talkative. You eat a lot. You dress like a deer. And yet you say we appreciate you! You have all the virtues in you! Happy birthday aunt! I don’t want any other aunt!

I always pray and wish that the day would definitely would come when you pay our restaurant bill! Till now happy birthday to you aunt!

Whatever paste you use aunt, your teeth always look like melted with yellow curry! I hate them but I love you and on your birthday I gift you a toothbrush. It would help! Happy birthday!

Whatever flower you choose aunt, they all die when you put them in your hairs due to excess of hair oil you use. You drink oil like a car! Happy birthday aunt!

I love you aunt only surfacially to show that I love you but in my heart you are nothing! Just nothing! And yes give my thirty dollar back! Happy birthday!

You are so tall aunt. Since your childhood, have you been eating ladyfinger? I never want to wish you happy birthday but happy birthday!

Today is your 40th birthday. And I wish May your youth come again which is impossible! Happy birthday aunt! Please give me that piece of cake!

You must not wear high heels sandals. They are for girls, not for aunties! Wish you happy birthday my dear old aunt!

The way you use to walk, you know, pigs walk. How you come this aunt. I thought you are a ramp model but you can’t even walk on roads! Wishing happy birthday to you!

I want to give you life time achievement award for celebrating your 60th birthday! What you have eaten that you are living so lengthy! Happy birthday dear aunt! I didn’t mean to say that!

You are a pouch coffee aunt that looks costly but nothing in taste! Don’t mind aunt! I wish you happy birthday from truest of my heart!

From the bottom of my heart aunt, I wish you find a true love in this young age of 50. And I really wish and mean that. Just remember one thing, don’t look for boys! Wishing you happy birthday my dearest aunt!

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Heart Touching Happy Birthday Poems for Aunt

Day and night, all time;
you my aunty care bright;
not you your take care;
you always talk soft and light;
you are sweet aunty; happy birthday benign;
Wishing happy birthday benign!

Whoever whatever say;
I never care; when you say aunt, only then I hear;
you are my all like mother, a forever hold;
I wish you love and happy birthday;
you’re my aunt why don’t you go on holiday!

Love defines you;
care; fine of you;
dine you all with us your children;
you always bring popsicles;
and your jokes bring us laughter tickle;
wishing you happy birthday aunt!

Heart Touching Happy Birthday Poems for Aunt

May you soon marry;
we want it hurry;
we want to carry you in a lorry decorated with gems and jewels;
in your wedding, we would dance well;
wishing you happy birthday aunty with thousand claps!

You comb our hairs;
you cook for us;
you take and look for us;
you want for us best;
it is aunt, your best that we taste;
may you be loved all the time;
wishing you happy birthday divine!

Aunt, you love us;
we love you too;
you keep our secrets;
it is best of you;
we give you party of your birthday;
wishing love, hugs and happy birthday!

You’ve taught us all the values;
what keep life going;
you’ve taught best of you;
whatever we have of our best;
we wish you happy birthday;
you my aunt, we are forever for you!

Late in nights when I come home;
you say nothing but in my room roam;
to see whether I asleep or not;
you keep your eyes wake to see whether I asleep or awake;
wish you aunt a great happy birthday!

Nothing matters more than your happiness aunt;
for you everything we sacrifice;
only you must smile and laugh;
you are a lovely aunt of us;
our life best part;
wishing you happy birthday aunt!

Your love is true like a chocolate cookie of new;
may spring forever in your life;
you keep us always surprise;
wishing all the hugs, wishes and best life;
happy birthday aunt! You are my life.

May the moon shine in your life;
may the flowers blossom in your life;
may all the happiness come life;
may you always be our aunt fine;
happy birthday auntie!

All wounds you heal;
all hugs you give;
all the love of you is for ours;
we too love you aunt with gallons of love so far;
wishing you happy birthday auntie!

None we say yet you understand everything;
before uttering anything, you understand our feelings;
in your lap we want to sleep;
we all love you so deep;
wishing you happy birthday aunt!

On our birthday you bake cakes for us by your hands;
on your birthday we for you;
though ours taste is not like you;
our love might have sweetened you;
wish you aunt happy birthday!

Believe me aunt, I always say truth to you;
saying lie is not my hue;
you have put your trust in me;
believe, I never betray thee;
wishing happy birthday aunty!

May we all be together;
may we forever be;
you are our aunt forever be;
we with you forever be;
wishing happy birthday dear aunt!

May your journey be live and life;
may your journey be sound and kite;
may you be always full of joy;
may you always be kind and kind;
wishing happy birthday aunt!

May roses and lilies forever spring in your life;
may, we your children, forever be love of thine;
may none sadness separate us;
may we all go by and by;
wishing happy birthday aunt!

May your birthday be a huge party;
all sing and dance and all party;
may it get forever remembered;
may it get all hearty;
wishing you happy birthday aunt!

You joke a lot;
you talk a lot;
you walk never;
but you laugh a lot;
you lazy;
but we like your sweet voice;
you are our aunt;
without you we can’t;
wishing you happy birthday aunt!

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