50+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister – Happy Birthday, Sister!

50+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister - Happy Birthday, Sister!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister: Having a chirpy, sassy, a little bad assy sister by your send is an unimaginable blessing. She is your best friend, an arch-nemesis when it comes to sharing something, a watchful protector from parents’ scoldings and outer threats. Sisters spread a lot of love on each other, share secrets, console during the time of distress, and leave no stone unturned in amplifying happiness. On your sister’s birthday, put some elements of surprise in the celebration by sending her funny birthday wishes for sister, be it younger or elder, and make the birthday celebration of your little tweety a memorable affair!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister from Brother

Hey lovely sister, the pace at which you are aging I don’t think I won’t be able to distinguish between you and the grandmother. May you get rid of wrinkles and pimples on your special day. Jokes apart, happy birthday to my cute sister!

I have heard people saying that money, wisdom, and reputation come with age. But your case is an anomaly. You have nothing but failures, embarrassments, and bad puns by your side. May God shower some mercy on you on your birthday. Happy birthday, sis!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister from Brother

Normally, I would give you exorbitant gifts, splurge money, shower hugs and kisses on your birthday. But you don’t bath properly and I can’t bear your body odor. Happiest birthday to my smelling like a skunk sister. 

No matter how old we both get, the tussles, love, and playfulness between us will never fade away. May the quirky and endearing sisterly bond we share stands tall against all the trials and tribulations of life. Happy birthday sister and I love you!

Hey sister, thank you for being a prime example of why getting older is no fun at all. Your gleam is fading, your back is bending, and your wrinkles are sprouting like a newly blossomed flower. Wishing happy birthday and ole age to my dearest elder sister!

Such a nice sister you are, that when you need anything, you start buttering. That is why it is a butter cake on your birthday. Happy birthday sister!

You say you are a mind reader but can’t you read your own mind where it is written ‘dumb’! Wishing you happy birthday sister!

It is your birthday today and I have to waste so much amount of money on you. Can’t you settle in some chocolates? Wishing happy birthday sister!

I wish may you soon get married provided your husband celebrate your birthday every day! Wishing you happy birthday sister!

Nothing is impossible in this life except only you. Such a nonsense you are! I don’t know how I am tolerating you. Yet wishing you happy birthday sister!

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Funny Birthday Wishes For Younger Sister

I am not at all pleased to wish happy birthday to my frenzy little sister. As long as we are together, I am never going to get my due love, pampering, and pocket money from my parents. God bless you with curses and jinx!

I hate to break it to you but you are far more beautiful, intellectual, and bold than me even though you are my younger sister. Happiest birthday to the most quirky and adorable little sister ever!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Younger Sister

Happiest birthday to the most stubborn younger sister from a really charming and resplendent elder sister. The biggest birthday gift for you is my presence at your birthday party. Be happy about that and don’t expect any gifts.

You may be a little one when it comes to height but you are a very nasty package of shrewdness, boldness, and audacity. Though you are a little one, your anger scares the hell out of me. Wishing happy birthday to my super dangerous little sister!

I literally thank God every single day for giving me such a brilliant and smart little sister. Oops sorry! I mean I thank god on your behalf for giving you such a caring and awesome elder sister. Say thanks to me every day for looking after a brat like you. Happy birthday, little sister!

You are my younger sister but you always try to be elder. My advice to you is always remain younger and don’t try to be my mom. I wish may you get old soon! Happy birthday younger sister!

You are my younger sister that’s why you get everything extra. But I am your elder brother so I can always snatch that extra from you. May you look fool with your extra makeup! Happy birthday younger sister!

You demand so much these days and increasing day by day. I wish may you get little younger again like when you were born! Wishing happy birthday younger sister!

You are an awesome single piece of menace that we have in our house. How you come to us? May your all freedom get snatched! Wishing happy birthday younger sister!

I don’t know how to praise you on the day of your birthday. But today you are looking like a pig! This I really appreciate. Happy birthday younger sister!

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Funny Birthday Wishes For Sister Quotes

Another birthday has arrived and it brings nothing but more responsibilities, more tantrums, and big fat bills in your life. Thank god I am not aging as you do. Wishing a joyous birthday to my forever lovely sister!

Hey sister, you better don’t expect any gift from me if you don’t throw a super cool birthday and amazing return gifts. Happy birthday, sis! May you have a birthday celebration without any melodrama!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Sister Quotes

Having a competitive and shrew little sister like you can make life really tough for an elder sister. However, I know how to control your rage with your secrets by my side. Don’t forget I will be the bossy one in our sisterly relation. Happy birthday to my angel-like sister!

Growing up with you was certainly the best time of my childhood. However, the more you have grown up, the worse it is becoming for me to share the same room with you. But it’s your birthday today and I can tolerate that much. Happy birthday to my funky sister!

From the core of my heart, wishing a mirthful birthday to my rapidly aging and not so intelligent sister. I am sorry sister as there is no cure for aging. But I will console you by getting an extra scrumptious cake for you. 

I really like you sister that how quick your birthdays are coming and you are growing old turning into a grandma. May you be quick in that! Don’t dye your hair please! Happy birthday sister!

I wish may you soon learn how to cook otherwise your husband would be in trouble. By the way happy birthday sister!

You are a good sister and I really wish you get everything in life but please don’t demand gifts from me on your birthday! Happy birthday sister!

People say you are a magic in their life. I wish may you soon disappear from our life! By the way wishing happy birthday sister!

You are learning music. That is good. Why don’t you learn it in silence without singing! Wishing happy birthday sister!

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Funny Birthday Wishes For Elder Sister

Happiest birthday to my elder sister who is not at all ashamed of stealing things from the wardrobe of her little sister. May god endows you with enough makeup, dresses, and pieces of jewellery so that you can stop stealing and using mine!

Throughout my life, I wished badly that you weren’t my sister but it seems like some curses can never be broken. Anyway, wishing a joyous and exciting birthday to my spoilt and bratty big sister!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Elder Sister

Hey sister, you know very well how much your presence and support mean to me. However, having you by my side is not either beneficial because you are of no help in any condition. You should thank to me every day for being your street smart little sister. Happy birthday, sister!

May the burning candles on your birthday cake intensify the flames so much that they burn your birthday dress which you have stolen from my wardrobe. Just kidding, happy birthday to the loveliest sister ever!

Your happy birthday is a fantastic opportunity for me to remind you that you are getting one step closer to marriage and I am getting one step closer to owning the entire room. Happy birthday, sis! May you get gifts less amazing than I got on my birthday.

You are my elder sister. On your birthday why don’t you take a pledge to do my all work? I am your little brother. Yet wishing you happy birthday! May you get extra hairs on your head!

May the eldest become soon the oldest! May your all treasure and pleasure end soon! Happy birthday elder sister!

You are like that honey in which so many ants are and no one wants to eat it. May a bit sweetness come to you in your nature! A pure one I wish. Happy birthday elder hitler sister!

You are good at everything dear elder sister. But you are not good at being a slave. May you be my slave forever! Happy birthday elder sister!

You are my elder sister and your tummy is eldering like a big tomato. Why don’t you be on diet on your birthday? It is a good idea to celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday elder sister!

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Funny Happy Birthday Sister Quotes from Brother

It should be a matter of honor for you as the most rewarded and fabled woman of this family is greeting you on your birthday. May you continue to rise and shine under my sky. Happy birthday, little sister!

Happiest birthday to my bubbliest elder sister who is no less than me when it comes to being sassy and classy. May you have a classic, energetic, and splendid birthday celebration!

Funny Happy Birthday Sister Quotes from Brother

You must thank god every minute of your life for giving you an admirable, supporting, and caring elder sister like me. I know it is quite daunting for you to live under the shadow of a role model like me but you have to deal with it anyway. Happy birthday, little sister!

I know you must be expecting a lot of flashy and swanky gifts from me. The biggest gift you can get from your elder sister is her time. I will be present all the time at your birthday party. Happy birthday and God bless you with everything!

Yes, I find myself lucky to be your little sister. But you should feel more than blessed that I am your sister with all the beauty and brains of the world. I know you love to be around me all the time. Happy birthday to my favorite sister!

It is really funny serious that all sisters understand themselves like ministers of their homes. May they all fall from this! Happy birthday sister!

No any single quote could define a sister. They are funnily worthless rebels. Wishing happy birthday sister!

Sisters are sisters, and they don’t sister us while always mothering. They are always self centered. Wishing happy cakeless and giftless birthday sister!

Sisters always say they are diligent. While they are diligent at attacking in other’s works! Happy birthday sister!

Rather than getting gifts on your birthday, I wish may you give gifts to others. Be a bit kind and benevolent dear sister. Wishing happy birthday sister!

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