50+ Heart-Touching Birthday Wishes for Elder Sister

50+ Heart-Touching Birthday Wishes for Elder Sister

Birthday Wishes for Elder Sister: There is nothing that can fulfill the spot of a caring and protecting elder sister. Not only she is your unshakable support system but also fulfills the role of the parents perfectly in their absence. The relationships an elder sister shares with the younger siblings are alluring and special in so many ways. If you have an elder sister to love, fight, share, and create memories, you are luckier than most of the folks out there. On the special day of your inspiring and protective big sister, do something extraordinary that will move her so much from inside that she falls in love with the existence. Send her tailor-made happy birthday wishes for elder sister that depict your innermost feelings perfectly and make your elder sister feel like she deserves the whole world’s joy and bliss!

Happy Birthday wishes for Elder Sister

Hey big sis, thank you so much for all the memorable late-night talks, sharing everything with me, and saving me from getting scolded by dad umpteen times. You are by far the most intriguing person I have ever met. I wish you a happy birthday with bundles of surprises!

I never really saw the need of having a friend because I find one in you, and I didn’t care to make one. I am more than blessed to have you as my protective big sister. Happy birthday elder sister and stay blessed!

Hey big sister, there will come a day when you will leave all of us to commence the new phase of your life. Before that, I want to live every moment of my life to the fullest with you. You are a beautiful soul and a woman with aspirations. Have a marvelous birthday celebration, big sister!

Happy Birthday wishes for Elder Sister

Unquestionably, all the elders of the family love you more than me even though I am the youngest one. This exemplifies how much you have done for the happiness of everyone. May god gives you smile, strength, and serendipity to live a complete life. Happiest birthday to the most supporting elder sister!

Getting older doesn’t mean you can’t live life the way you want to live. Be cheerful, be open-minded, and be receptive towards life. Happy birthday to my sweeter than sugar sister. Keep your zing alive!

It is daunting to keep up with the expectations of the family and the society, however, you are not born to please everyone. Give wings to your dreams and shatter stereotypes. Your little sister is with you in your every decision. Happy birthday to my role model, my elder sister!

Hey big sister, don’t work too hard on your looks and the body because both come naturally, and it is next to impossible for you to match the charm of your little sister. Just joking, you are the prettiest one. Happy birthday to my sweet elder sister!

Mighty congratulations to my humble elder sister for completing the one-quarter of your life seamlessly. You have achieved a lot and the sky is the limit for you. Keep your aim high and your feet on the ground. Nothing can stop you. Happiest birthday to my hard-working big sister!

You treat me like I am your own little kid. There is so much grace and effortlessness in the way you wall and talk that I so badly want to be like you when I grow up. I am lucky to have you as my bossy big sister. Happy birthday and God bless you with his divine light!

Hey sister, don’t be timid as aging is a natural process and so does the appearance of wrinkles on the face. As your caring little sister, I am giving you anti-wrinkles creams to help you look young again. Happy birthday and may god slow down your aging process.

Elder sisters are more like mothers and they are often dominating on their cute little brothers. But they love them. So for you elder sister happy birthday! May you excel at everything whatever you try for your career and growth! 

Elder sisters are always there as instructors when you need them most often guiding you like fairies. Happy birthday my elder sister! May you never feel sad ever in life! 

You are the rose of our garden. You are the moon of our home. You are cutest elder sister. May you have all the rewards in your life! Happy birthday elder sister!

Elder sisters are rock strong support for their brothers always caring for them. May you always get cared sister! Happy birthday lovely elder sister!

You are the reason for happiness. You raise me up and brought me up and gave everything to me. May God always have blessings on you! Happy birthday dear elder sister!

You are my elder sister and like mother. You are the friend there, you are my brother. You are my everything. May you have all the love in your life as I have from you! Happy birthday dear elder sister!

Heart-Touching Birthday Wishes for Elder Sister

May you never suffer anything in life! May you have all the comforts in life! Wishing happy birthday dear elder sister!

May destiny never be unlucky for you! You are beautiful elder sister so simply cute one. Wishing happy birthday elder sister!

You are my mate dear elder sister. You are awesome party thrower. I love you. May you be always protected and May never face any hurdles in life! Happy birthday elder sister!

May no droplet of tear come into your eyes! May no evil touch you! Wishing happiest birthday elder sister!

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Funny Birthday Wishes For Elder Sister

Yes, you are my elder sister but only in terms of age. Otherwise, I am way intelligent, beautiful, smart, and taller than you. Jokes apart, you are the best elder sister a little one could ask for. Happy birthday!

As they say, the elder child only gets everything as long as there is no younger one in the home. So said, I have snatched all the benefits that you were getting without asking. Don’t worry, I will give a decent surprise to you on your birthday. Happy birthday, big sis!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Elder Sister

No one indeed understands my feelings, what’s running in my mind, and what I want better than you. However, what’s the point of understanding all that when you can’t fulfill anything. Happy birthday to not so useful elder sister!

It was so fun when we were little notorious kids. I mean I was the stronger one and I used to beat you a lot. Now the dynamics have changed and I can’t think about going head to head with you. Happy birthday to my best friend cum big sister!

Don’t you think you are lucky enough to be called by a big sister? I mean I am so popular in the college and everyone respects you because of me. I am your sister and this fact alone should be your gift for the rest of your birthdays. Have a great and long birthday celebration, sister. Happy birthday to you!

You are my elder sister then why you behave like a toddler! Wishing happy birthday elder sister!

You are the eldest sister. Then why don’t you give me some pocket money and feel proud being elder sister! Wishing happy birthday elder sister!

Elder sister mean no worry in life while she is the biggest worry to face! Wishing happy birthday elder sister!

All elder sisters cry like little children when they don’t get what they want. Such a baby cry! Wishing happy birthday elder sister!

Never ever break out in your elder sister’s make up kit. If you then your worst time has come. Wishing happy birthday elder sister!

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Best Birthday Quotes For Elder Sister

Apart from being my caring elder sister, you are a trustworthy friend and an outstanding life mentor. I will try to follow your path and ensure to make you proud of my achievements. I love you more than anything else and happy birthday to you!

Out of all the siblings, you are the one who has always given me the best advice and also taken care of me like a little runt. I wish nothing but heaps of good luck, blessings, and happiness for you. Happy birthday to my drop-dead gorgeous, sister!

Best Birthday Quotes For Elder Sister

Though there is nothing common between us, we still manage to live together without breaking bones or damaging the precious stuff of each other. May god endows you enough power to tolerate me well. Happy birthday, big sis!

Having such a supportive, kind-hearted, and intellectual sister is in itself a monumental blessing for the little siblings. As long as you hold my fingers, I am ready to walk on any path blindly. May you have a jolting birthday celebration. Happy birthday to my beautiful big sister!

You may have received exorbitant gifts, bundles of blessings, and hugs from a lot of people but none can be compared to the love your little sister is oozing for you on your special day. When you need something, you can always count me in. Happy birthday, elder sister!

Sisters are like protective walls for their brothers. Wishing happy birthday elder sister!

A sister is that shield which always wield for you. Wishing happy birthday my dearest elder sister!

A sister take cares for you like a mother, behave with you like a friend and help you like kindest. Happy birthday my dear elder sister!

She is always with you. And she is your sister when no one would stand with you. Wishing happy birthday my elder sister!

Your life is worry free when you have a sister in your life. Because she is the only your real friend and truest one too always till life. And you can fight with her any time sweetly. Happy birthday elder sister!

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Birthday Wishes For Elder Sister from Younger Sister

Very mirthful and exciting birthday to my resplendent elder sister from her quirky and devilish mind little sister. For me, you are a whole world and someone whom I can rely on whenever I feel down. God bless you with irresistible charm and beauty!

I have spent my entire childhood under your shadow. It’s you who have protected me from all the obstructions and protected my vulnerabilities. I am more than blessed to have you like my big impenetrable wall. Happy birthday to my stunning elder sister!

Birthday Wishes For Elder Sister from Younger Sister

I swear to god there is no one who could have played the role of a sassy and bossy elder sister better than you. You are my mushy blanket that protects me from spine-chilling weather. I wish you a lifetime of happiness, hugs, but no kisses. Wishing a joyous birthday to my big sister!

Being a responsible elder sister of a bratty and arrogant little sister in itself is a mind-boggling task. But congratulations sister, you haven’t disappointed me at all. I am quite happy with your work and I will give you the birthday gift of your choice. Jokes apart, happy birthday to your elder sister!

The only thing I outrageously hate about you is your drool-worthy looks. I mean you are the elder one but everyone calls you, my younger sister. I hope you age pretty fast and start looking like my big sister. I love you and I bless you with love and happiness. Happy birthday, elder sister!

May you never ever weep my sister! May God always pour sparkle of joy in your life! Happy birthday elder sister!

I am always there for you sister whenever you need anything. I wish may your bucket never be empty! Happy birthday elder sister!

May nothing you fear elder sister! You are my lovely sister. Wishing you all my love and happy birthday elder sister!

You are beautiful; strict and kind too towards me. You have always motivated me. May you never ever lose your confidence in your life! Happy birthday elder sister!

May you never get off train from the journey of faith and belief! Wishing you love and happy birthday elder sister!

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