Happy Birthday Quotes

With a glass of red wine, and my favorite black chocolate cake, and inviting a stranger; that is how I celebrate my birthday alone. Sometime pleasure is in being all alone on your birthday. Happy birthday dear! Find yourself!

Giving a gift is an integrated tradition of celebrating birthdays. To whom you say happy birthday, to whom you give a gift also. A tiny is enough. Happy birthday mate!

You can celebrate birthday anywhere. You just need a candle to put on something eatable, and clap for the person whose birthday is. Happy birthday gorgeous!

The day you marry, the day you were born; are only the two important days in your life. But the day you were born; is the most important. Because God let you to see this wonderful world on that day. Happy birthday dear!

You can forget wearing a sock in your one foot but you must never forget wishing someone happy birthday. Happy birthday dear!

This life comes once only, real love comes once only, true friend comes once only; but this birthday comes every year. Happy birthday my dear!

God could not remember everyone. So he has made the tradition of celebrating birthday. When our birthday comes, he gets the notice of us, and grants us all the wishes what we make on our birthday. May God for you too. Happy birthday Gorgeous!

Each night, each morning; dawn, dusk and evening; wish you happy birthday Oh my darling. Happy birthday!

Me, they, your family, neighbors, and even strangers who know and like you; wish you happy birthday today and forever!

Crowd of people doesn’t make your birthday unforgettable. With whom you feel love, they make it. I pray may your loved ones always be with you. Their value you never forget. Happy birthday my sweet pie!

Wish everyone happy birthday if you know they have today. To bring smile on someone’s face costs nothing. This shows what man of character you are. Happy birthday my dear! Get always ahead!

Consider yourself best; always. You don’t need a certification or a rectification from others for this. You are best and destined to achieve everything in life what you wish to. Happy birthday my dear friend!

I need a bucket of all the sweet memories than the grains of gold. May on your happy birthday happiness pour, and you dance with wind, and may all storms get hold. Happy birthday my love!

Be the wise, be the nice, be the knight, be the kind, be the right; be what you be, and been with being for your all life. Happy rocking birthday to you!

Never say ‘No’ in your life to the right thing which you think unwise. Sometimes unfolding takes time. Sometimes some seeds mature late later with time. Wishing all my love, hugs and wishes on your happiest birthday!

We all must have our teddy bear, our only best friend that we must have gotten from someone on our birthday. May in your life always such a friend be there with whom you can share every bit of your life. All the love to you and happy birthday!

With time, cakes’ varieties and tastes all have changed and continue changing. But not the feeling that they have always been there for celebrating our birthday. Happy birthday my lovely fellow!

Birthday is the event of togetherness. It is the only day when all come to meet you. May your birthday never get missed by your loved ones. May you forever have them by your side. Happy birthday my mate!

Birthday always used to be a new dress gift from parents. May you forever get lots of gifts on your birthday from everyone who loves you. Happy birthday dear!

Never hurry. Hurry makes things worry. May your all works get done good and you get along good. Happy birthday love!

May your life be sweet and cherry. May no poison in it and May all snakes be away from you. So many hugs, prayers and wishes on your birthday. Love you!

Life is not eternal. For one, it could be short and long. You take it as you want to. But in this life, you must never miss the joy of celebrating your birthday and others’ too.

The first experience of celebration you feel with your birthday. You know and understand the meaning of celebration and why it is important. Celebrating birthday is a reason to bring smile to everyone’s face, especially yours.

When we were kids, cakes were that delicacy for which we used to wait till our birthday. And pastries are its cousin. Wishing happy birthday dear and we have brought both for you.

Although there are lots of memories associated with the birthday celebration of everyone. But one is unique. Birthday used to be our reconciliation ground for resolving all the matters of relationship among friends. Happy birthday dear! Wish you unforgettable birthday!

All the wishes that on each birthday you have prayed for, we wish may they come true. Love and happy birthday dear!

Your favorite dish that your mother cooks for you on your birthday you never forget in your life. That dish remains favorite of yours till the end of your breath. May your mother every time cook for you on your birthday. Happy birthday love of my heart!

Drink, wine, beer; cakes, pastries and dears. I invite you all to my birthday. May you celebrate your birthday every time like this. May these words always get spilled from your mouth. Happy birthday!

The shine of pearls and diamonds is incomparable. May you have that shine too. Wishing love, hugs and prayers for you. Happy birthday dearest!

May you tread the road less travelled. May you become what others couldn’t. May you achieve what others couldn’t. Happy birthday reigner of hearts and lands!

May you become a reason for someone’s happiness. May you become a reason for someone’s inspiration. May you become a reason for someone’s good character. May you become a virtuous man. Wishing lots of wishes on your birthday!

That birthday when you come to your senses is always memorable. Those school friends, distributing toffees, wearing caps on birthday is always memorable. May these memories always keep coming in your life. Happiest birthday love!

The sweet fight for who gets the big piece of cake on birthday is always recalling. May these sweet birthday fights you have every time. Happy birthday darling of my heart!

Birthday party with friends is like a berry. Birthday party with family is like a cherry. Wishing you birthday love!

The feeling of wearing a new dress on birthday is incomparable. The feeling of giving two extra chocolates to your closed friend is undying. Happy birthday dear!

The fun of eating the top cherry on birthday cake is far more pleasurable than anything. May you eat it always and never forget the taste. Happy birthday dearest!

The one thing which is always related to birthday is candles. Blowing candles off is fun. May all have this fun for their entire life. Happy birthday!

Family and friends gathering, dancing, talking and playing musical chair, singing songs and others are all the beauties of birthday. May you have all. Happy birthday dear!

All have their favorite birthday cake. While the cake, your mother bakes is the most favorite of you. May your mother every time bake a cake for you on your birthday. Happy birthday dear!

The memorable moment of everyone’s birthday that you want to see what is in all the gifts. You want to wrap out all the gift paper. May you every time get lots of birthday gifts on your birthday. Wishing hugs and loves to you. Happy birthday!

Even though there are many occasions and events in life for celebration. But there is nothing like birthday. Keep celebrating your birthday always! Happy birthday darling!

When your birthday is; you see stars dancing in the sky. Butterflies picking flowers for you, birds singing songs for you. When your birthday is, it is all marvelous. Wishing you happy birthday dear!

 Birthday is a reason or an occasion to get blessings of your olders and elders. It is a beautiful day that reminds on this day you enter into this earth, a heaven. It is a day to meet your all friends whom you haven’t meet in years. Birthday is a beautiful day. Wishing you all the love and happy birthday dear!

It is certain that on a day you have taken birth; and on a day you would die too. Hence leave all worries and tensions and celebrate your birthday with all the joviality with your friends and family. It is what birthday is. Wishing you loveliest birthday dear!

On your birthday, you are a king. You rule as a king on this day. May this day birthday come again and again in everyone’s life. Wishing you happiest birthday dear!

Everything is temporary on this earth even we are. Hence whatever occasion or a reason you are getting to collect and make beautiful happy memories. You must never leave it even if it is your birthday too. Blow off candles and spread happiness on your birthday. Wishing happiest birthday dear!

Whether you celebrate your girlfriend’s birthday or not but you must celebrate yours. Happy birthday!

Life is continuous and birthday is rest place to think and brood that what is going on your life with celebrating it. Happy birthday!

It doesn’t matter what age you become. You must celebrate your birthday always alone or with your loved ones. Wishing you happy birthday!

Birthday is in life because it teaches you to always be happy and go forward in life. Happy birthday!

Don’t have friends to celebrate your birthday? Then celebrate with Mother Nature, butterflies and birds and your dog, and with all whom you know and understand. Happy birthday!

When you love, you forget each other. That is the only first rule of love for keeping the relationship. Happy birthday dear!

All the definitions and rules you create for yourself. Choose the best for you. Happy birthday and all the shimmering sparkles in your life!

Never get afraid of rejections and failures in your life. These are all that build you. Happiest birthday to you!

Everything is easy and everything is difficult. It is just how you perceive it. Raise your standards. Raise your goals and try to achieve them. Sparkling happy birthday to you!

To live life purposefully is the only best way to live. Have high standards for yourself. Never put it down for anyone except for love. Love is where you love to get defeated. Hugs and kisses to you. Happy birthday dear!

Love has its strange and undecided ways. You couldn’t understand it. So don’t try to understand it. Just let it flow as it wants to flow. May love come in your life. Happy birthday!

You must have belief and faith. I always say this in all my lines. Faith and belief can give you impossible. All the best to your life and happy birthday!

Life is so small and it is really small. Who knows whether you would meet again each other or not? Whatever moments you have, just live them happily and make your life memorable. Happy birthday dear!

What is not in your control, don’t try to control it. You are giving unnecessary headache to yourself. Wishing you love and happy birthday dear!

Build yourself. Don’t waste your time indulging in unproductive activities. From my truest heart wishing happy birthday dear!

Holding you in my arms near you I want to sleep in your hairs. I want to feel the warmth of your body and the love that you have for me. We are inseparable and we will forever be together. All my love to you and happiest birthday my girl!

Our love would never die whether we live together or not. You know we crave for each other. Our feelings for each other were true and still are. Our love is divine and forever will be. It is not too late. Happy birthday dear!

God always listens to those who are truly in love and truest to him. I am truly in love with you. Though sometimes I hesitate but I know I love you only. Loveliest happy birthday to you my heartbeat!

I love you and I love you forever. That is enough for us. With my all warmth of love happy birthday to you!

I just want to hug you and I want to hug you tight embracing you completely assimilating you into my soul. And I come to know we are one. Happy birthday to my love!

I pray every day that more than seeing each other’s photo we talk soon and something other else. I am dying to talk to you. I don’t know what would happen ahead. But whatever the moments I have I want to make unforgettable memories of them. Happy birthday to you!

Although I should not have forgotten your birthday but I have knowingly. Because I want to see you angry and when you are angry you look so beautiful. Wishing you all the love and happy birthday my life!

How these years have gone I don’t know. All the time we have spent in our ego. Though we knew we could not live without each other. And without each other our heart aches. Wishing you happy birthday my truest love!

In the starting I just was not able to live without you. I felt so much jealously when you talked to someone else. You are my best love and you are so beautiful too. I want you in my life. Happy birthday my awesome love!

I wish and pray that soon we meet and soon we again fall in each other’s love. Perhaps you could forget me but you could never forget my poetry. And when you are not here I have written hundreds of poetry for you. Happy birthday my love my girl!

Just remember wishing someone still matters. Just wish anyone whose birthday you remember and make his/her day happy.

Birthday is there to remind you that you were born on this auspicious day and to remind you of your goal that how much time you have to complete it.

All the celebration and festivals are in our life provided we can get together and meet one another. This is the purpose of all the celebration like your birthday!

There are always special memories associated with your birthday every year you celebrate. It is the day you think what you have lost and what you have found and what you would get.

One candle and a small cup cake with your loved ones; that is all you need for birthday celebration.