Loveliest Happy 18th Birthday Wishes, Messages, & Greetings

Loveliest Happy 18th Birthday Wishes, Messages, & Greetings

One of the most awaited ages for a growing young girl or boy is 18. It is tan exciting age which gives all the teenagers a license to do all the things that adults do. Turning 18 is surely amazing but it also brings a baggage of responsibilities and expectations. A teenager only turns 18 once so the birthday wishes you will send to your daughter, son, or friend have to out of the league. Here are some of the most inspiring and soul touching happy 18th birthday wishes and sweet Turning happy 18th birthday quotes for son, daughter, niece, girl that are full of blessings, hopes, and encouragement.

Happy 18th Birthday Wishes

Stepping into the 18th season of your life is indeed such an astounding feeling. I wish you the most memorable birthday of all time. Happy 18th birthday, sweetheart!

With the arrival of adulthood comes freedom. With freedom also comes a plethora of responsibilities. May God endows you conscience enough to channelize the energy of adulthood in the right direction. Happy 18th birthday to you!

Happy 18th Birthday Wishes

You have turned 18th today! Either you can choose to be a reckless teenager or you can choose to be a goal-inspired adult. Wishing you a lovely happy birthday!

Now you are 18, most people will say to you to enjoy your life as much as you can. However, now is the right time for you to give the perfect direction to your life. My blessings will always be in your corner. Happy 18th birthday to my sweetie pie!

Congratulations on entering the age where you will not have to show an ID card everywhere to prove that you are an adult. Happy 18th birthday and enjoy your adulthood!

I don’t know how I should feel but it feel so good you have turned this year 18th. I wish you so much love and happy birthday.

How time passes I don’t know but it passes so quickly. With time you have become from a boy to an adult man. I wish you very happy 18th birthday. Love you my darling!

Birthdays are special in life. With each passing birthday they tell us about what we have learned in a year. What has gone and what we have lost. It is the celebration of everything. I wish you 18th happy birthday my dear girl. You are an angel for me.

Never forget two things in life. Your parents because they have give birth to you and second, never forget to celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday on turning 18!

May no moment come in your life that you regret! We wish you so much love and abundance of everything on your 18th birthday. Happy birthday dearest!

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Turning 18th Birthday Quotes | Happy 18th Birthday Quotes

The transformation from a flabby kid to a dashing and intelligent teenager is quite staggering. May you always prosper and shine in life like the brightest star in the sky. I wish you a mirthful happy 18th birthday.

In this age, heartbreaks, failures, excess expectations, and disappointment are common. Just remember to keep the fire of hope alive and be satisfied from within. Wishing a memorable 18th birthday to my lovely kiddo!

Turning 18th Birthday Quotes | Happy 18th Birthday Quotes

Whether you become an adult or stays a kid, you will forever be the same to me. However, turning 18 doesn’t mean you have grown up completely. Hearties congratulations on your 18th birthday!

This is an age of raging hormones, humongous dreams, heartbreak, infatuation, and hastiness. Just pay attention to what you are doing and never break your parent’s hearts. Celebrate your 18th birthday like no one else!

It does feel belonged when you turn old enough to vote and do a lot of things legally. Happy 18th birthday to the new adult of our family. May peace and success never leave your side!

Everything passes with time. Nothing remains in this life except memories. So you celebrate each birthday of yours with your love ones and keep creating and accumulating fondest memories for life to come. Wishing you 18th happy birthday!

Birthday is only celebration in your life that comes every year. And you must not take it for granted bur rather celebrate it every time. Wishing you lots of wishes on your 18th birthday! May you grow in all areas of your life!

One can’t like cake as much as one can like on one’s birthday. Wishing you awesome happy 18th birthday my boy. I wish may you always rise in your life.

Your birthday is New Year of your life that prepares you for coming life, give you strength and blessings and love from all the people who love. Wishing you happiest 18th birthday my girl!

On birthday don’t ask for gifts. While you ask and take blessings of Gods and your elder ones. Happy 18th birthday to you my boy!

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Funny 18th Birthday Wishes

I think your 18th birthday is the right time to put a halt to your pocket money and encourage you to earn on your own. Don’t be tensed, it won’t happen. Happy 18th birthday to my loveliest son!

Funny 18th Birthday Wishes

From now onwards, you will be utterly responsible for all your actions. By the way, you barely make any action. Jokes apart, have a blissful happy 18th birthday!

Your 18th birthday arrival is the official expiration of your childhood and the beginning of crazy adulthood. 

I sincerely hope all the naughtiness and quarrelsome nature you have shown in your childhood must also continue in your adulthood because it suits you. Wishing a jovial 18th birthday to my forever handsome son!

Turning 18 doesn’t come with advantages. You can be sentenced to prison for committing all those felonies that were considered sweet as sugar during childhood. Happy birthday to you!

It is 18th birthday of yours but it seems that it is your 80th birthday as you have dressed yourself in pajamas on your birthday! By the way wishing you happy birthday! May God give you senses!

There is no sense in celebrating your birthday. Because you are senseless too and your everything is. But it is us that make sense by wishing you your birthday. Happy birthday senseless man and yeah on your 18th !

Whether it is 18th or 20th , which birthday you celebrate you always look a child. You childish face! Yet happy birthday to you on 18th . We love a little!

You pig, it is your 18th birthday. Happy birthday piglet!

I don’t know what is beautiful in you. But it feels nice to us that we come to eat at your birthday party every year and get free return gift also. What goes saying in some nice words to you! Happy 18th birthday my dearest!

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Happy 18th Birthday Wishes For Daughter from mom

Wishing a splendid and joyful 18th birthday to my forever beautiful daughter. You have just seen glimpses of adulthood. It is full of energy, enthusiasm, and youthfulness. Embrace and enjoy them.

I can’t believe my little doll has turned 18 today. Just stay away from boys, tattoos, and alcohol. They can make you do things that you cannot expect in your wildest dreams. Happy 18th birthday to my beautiful daughter!

Happy 18th Birthday Wishes For Daughter from mom

Hey daughter, here comes the age from where you can give wings to your dreams and take huge strides in life as long as you want. Have firm faith in your abilities and prove your mettle. Wishing a joyful birthday to the most loving daughter in the world!

The endless opportunities are waiting for you. The world will throw a lot of fascinating stuff and situations on you. Be smart enough to make the right decisions and choose the perfect opportunity. Happy 18th birthday to my stunning and smart daughter!

May your persona keeps shining like a blazing sun. May your beauty keeps blossoming like a flower. May disappointments and failures never leave their shadows in your life. I wish a lovely 18th birthday to my forever exquisite daughter.

You are happiness and I wish my love you always grow in happiness forever and years to come. Happy birthday darling on your 18th birthday!

I wish May you become a personality that change the world for betterment! Giving you so much love and best wishes on your 18th happy birthday!

As you growing, I can see you are getting like me. I am seeing the reflection of mine in you. This is the best feeling. May you have abundance of everything! Happy 18th birthday my lovely girl!

I wish may you be strong and able to face and win anything! Giving you hugs and wishes on your 18th happy birthday!

For me you are my world and I wish my world be always happy and with all beautiful things of life. Giving you all the love and buckets of wishes on your 18th birthday! Happy birthday my darling!

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Inspirational 18th Birthday Messages For Friend

At last! Your wait to become an official adult is over. You better throw us a goddamn good party or be ready to take a good bash from us. Happy 18th birthday to my best buddy!

Welcome to the club of adults buddy! May our swoon-worthy bond of friendship sticks together till eternity. Have a wonderful 18th birthday celebration, my gullible friend!

Inspirational 18th Birthday Messages For Friend

Our friendship is one fine example for everyone in the college. Now, I want to throw such a gargantuan birthday party for you that it becomes a benchmark for everyone also. Wishing merriment 18th birthday to my lovely buddy!

I was thinking to give you a happening surprise birthday gift, but then I thought you are an official adult and can manage the thing on your own. So, I canceled your gift. Happy 18th birthday, buddy!

You better start taking care of your naughty actions or else the girls of this college won’t take time in sending you behind the bars. Jokes apart, may you have a rocking birthday party. Happy 18th birthday!

Be the man you want to be. Do what you want to do. There are only two choices in life: you want and you don’t want. So make wisely. Wishing you happy 18th birthday of yours! Live long.

Focus on your career rather than garbage around you. Never get affected by surroundings. Everything is in your mind. Trust and believe in yourself. Best wishes on your 18th birthday!

Fall in love only when you have the ability to get out also. Wishing you awesome 18th happy birthday!

Being successful is easy. You just need to know what you want and just chase it till your last breath. I wish May you! Best wishes on your 18th birthday!

Remember always you can be anything whatever you want to be. Transformation is human’s power. Happy birthday my dear friend!

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Happy 18th Birthday Wishes for Girl

Hey girl, you have reached such a pivotal age that every step you take will take you to a whole new level. Just keep your head clear and move one. Happy 18th birthday princess!

Whether you become 18 or 80, you will always be my baby doll. Wish you a mesmerizing happy 18th birthday celebration!

I wholeheartedly welcome you to the world of adults which is full of rigidness and mean, still not so bad. Happy 18th birthday, my girl!

This age is solely for doing random crazy things that become an indispensable part of your life as well as life-long memories. Happy 18th birthday to the loveliest girl ever!

At the age of 18, you have so much energy, massive hopes, and unconquerable determination to transform the world. However, you need the right direction and proper guidance of someone sagacious. Happy 18th birthday!

You are not just a girl in this body. You are a Goddess. Believe in this and you will be fine always. Best wishes on your 18th birthday! May you rise and shine!

May you never feel in your life helpless and powerless! May you be strength of everything! Wishing you happy 18th birthday!

Be the master of your emotions. Wherever you go, you get success and recognization. Wishing you happiest 18th birthday!

May you love yourself much and take care of yourself always first! Happy 18th birthday my dear girl!

Be the queen of your dreams and reality. Wishing you grandest happy 18th birthday!

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Happy 18th Birthday Wishes For Son

My little boy has grown up into a mature and handsome adult. Drive your uncontrollable youth energy in the right direction and see the miracles happening in your life through your eyes. Wishing happy 18th birthday to my lovely son!

I am so delighted to celebrate your 18th birthday because now you are ready to ease off the burden of such a massive empire from my shoulders. I love you son and happy 18th birthday!

It was such a sheer joy watching you grow into a gentleman from a notorious kid. My only advice to you on your 18th birthday is to follow your heart and go where it takes you. Happy 18th birthday to the most amazing son!

I don’t think you need my blessings anymore on your birthday because you are God’s own child. You are truly a special kid. I welcome you to adulthood and encourage you to run after your dreams while staying grounded.

I am proud of you that you are trying to establish yourself on your own. I wish May your all desires get fulfilled. With that I say you best wishes on your 18th happy birthday!

I made you walk. I remember your first walk. Today you have turned 18th . It is amazing to experience all those years of your childhood. Wish you happy birthday my boy!

Do what you want to do in your life and be a super rich both in wealth and value. May you have everything in your life! Happy birthday my dear boy!

Being your father I have always caressed you. For some moments I became strict. But I love you. I wish my boy you do something so great no one ever could do. Happy 18th birthday to you!

Be the man of your words. Never get back from it. Wishing you 18th happy birthday my funniest boy!

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Happy 18th Birthday Captions

Keep calm because it’s my 18th birthday and I am a grown-up lad.

Bit frugal, quite regal, but now It’s all legal. Happy 18th birthday to me!

Turning 18 is not fun when you are responsible for everything.

Surely, you are old enough to do a lot of legal things, but also old enough to be beaten by police.

Give me a huge shout-out for becoming an official adult. Happy 18th birthday to me!

18th birthday, it is just another birthday. Celebrate with double joy than previous.

Birthdays are there for you to remind you that you must enjoy your life much double with each passing birthday. And yeah your cake must get bigger.

Happy 18th birthday my friend! I thought it is your anniversary!

It is your 18th birthday. Happy birthday but you look 80!

Wishing you happiest 18th birthday to you! What is so special in this?!

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