40+ Funny Belated Birthday Wishes & Messages

40+ Funny Belated Birthday Wishes & Messages

Funny Belated Birthday Wishes: Forgetting someone’s birthday who means a lot to you is indeed a terrible and unforgivable act. When you wish someone by taking time out of your busy schedule, that simple wish means more than an exorbitant gift to the person. Anyone can forget the birthdays of near and dear ones because of a tight work schedule and handing umpteen tasks at a time, however, what matters is you send them birthday wishes even if you get late. You can cool down the birthday boy or girl fuming with anger in no time by sending funny belated birthday wishes and showing them that you really care about their special day.

Happy Belated Birthday Funny

Mistakes can happen from anyone. The real fun lies in repeating the same mistakes again and again and annoying the hell out of the same person. If you feel bad about I wishing you late, you can do the same to me. Belated happy birthday buddy!

I guess I am the last one to wish you a happy birthday and that is too late. But as you know, the most significant people always wish in the end. So, consider my late birthday wishes as a privilege and accept them wholeheartedly. Belated happy birthday to you!

I know you must be desperately waiting for my birthday wishes but I am really sorry to spoil your big day. However, as they say, the best always comes in the end. So, savor my lovely birthday wishes and be thankful at least I send them to you. Belated happy birthday sweetheart!

Happy Belated Birthday Funny

I didn’t forget your birthday. I just want to make sure you suffer sufficient enough so that you can learn the lesson of not wishing someone on time. It’s tit for tat, my brother. Happy belated birthday to you! Sending you oodles of love along with your favorite gifts and chocolates.

I am not the kind of person who sends late birthday wishes to someone. I am purposely sending you belated birthday wishes because I was waiting for the birthday party invitation. The moment I got it, I wished you. Late happy birthday to you!

I was just having a date with your girlfriend and she kept me busy that’s why I forgot to wish you birthday on time. Wishing happy belated birthday my friend! Your girlfriend is so sweet and I am again thinking about having a date with her. 

My underpants didn’t get dried up and I didn’t have any another pair. And this is the fair reason that I couldn’t come to your party and wish you birthday on time. Happy belated birthday my dearest friend!

I was not in mood to wish you birthday and nothing else. You know sometimes mood plays the role. Now I am in mood. Wishing happy belated birthday my friend! And yes next time you wear a good shirt on your birthday, not your brother’s one.

Happy belated birthday my sweetest friend! I broke up with my girlfriend on the day when was your birthday. I was taking all my gifts back from her that I gifted her and thinking about giving you one of them. What you say!

Previous time you gave me return gift late so this time I am wishing you late. Happy belated birthday my so so good friend!

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Funny Belated Birthday Wishes 

You must be massively upset because I missed greeting you on your special day. However, the biggest moment of happiness always comes in the end. Therefore, be happy that you are at least receiving birthday greetings from me. Happy belated birthday!

I am extremely sorry I didn’t wish you on time. Is there any chance I can be included in your birthday celebration and ear that yummy cake? I promise I will bring a fantastic birthday gift for you. Belated happy birthday to my lovely friend!

To be honestly speaking, your birthday slipped out of my mind because of the piles of work in my office. Moreover, I couldn’t come up with some solid excuses to lure you and get your forgiveness. I hope you had a terrific birthday celebration. Please accept my late birthday wishes!

I am extremely sorry for wishing you damn late, I thought your birthday will come in the upcoming birthday. But I hope you have enjoyed your birthday cake and the whole birthday bash to the fullest. I am sending you full of love and blessings late birthday wishes.

You are such a special person that your birthday must be celebrated every month of the year. However, would you mind forgiving me for not wishing you this month? Jokes apart, belated happy birthday to my childhood friend!

I think that this life is so long and you are here going nowhere. Then why so hurry in wishing you birthday? Why not late? Happy belated birthday my dearest friend! I hope you can understand that a lazy person can give reason for anything.

On the same day your girlfriend’s birthday also comes so I was busy wishing her first and then second to you. But so got sweetly messed up in your girlfriend’s birthday party that I forgot yours. Happy belated birthday my friend! I hope you don’t mind the girlfriend thing.

I wanted to check your patience level that how it is. And the best way to check is to wish you late on birthday. Happy belated my patient friend! I hope it won’t irk you.

I always wish you on time your birthday. This time I want to see how it feels wishing someone late. So happy belated birthday my wonderful friend! In wishing late one has to pay for extra gift and I won’t do it next time. 

My neighbor couple is getting divorced and I was busy in setting up the woman that she must divorce her husband because I am going to marry her! I was busy in this situation and forgot to wish you. Happy belated birthday my dear friend! Next time party on my house.

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Funny Late Birthday Wishes

Forgetting your birthday has created huge mayhem in my life. Not only did I got dismissed from your birthday party but also I didn’t get any return gift or even a piece of cake. That’s not so fair dear. Happy belated birthday and god bless you with massive opulence.

I was having such a great vacation with my sexy girlfriend that I just lost the track of your birthday. I am sorry for my actions and I promise I will be the first one to wish you a happy birthday next year. You better accept my heartfelt birthday wishes now!

Funny Late Birthday Wishes

Wishing a happy birthday to someone lately is not something I do accidentally, it’s my hobby. I know you must have been gutted by my actions but that’s the way I am. Belated happy birthday buddy and god bless you with more money so that you can throw a better party!

I must say I have committed the horrendous act of wishing my brother late on the most special day of his life. I don’t have to give any excuse but I did it purposely to take revenge on you. Now we are equal and belated happy birthday to you!

Let’s bygone be bygone. If I forgot your birthday, you shouldn’t do the same to me. As Gandhi said, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Forgive me, forget my act, and accept the late birthday wishes wholeheartedly.

I wanted to give you the best gift on the birthday but could not find the cheapest one and got late wishing you. Happy belated birthday my friend!

I was meeting your old self in future and that time you in future you are the servant of my house because in your present time you have given me all your property! I was stuck in all these time travel things like Umbrella Academy. Happy belated birthday my friend! In future I am paying a good salary as a servant. 

I saw a dream in which I was dancing in your birthday party but the problem was people understood me as you and celebrated with me instead of you. Everything of yours was mine in the dream. It was nice dream and I could not wake up! Happy belated birthday my good friend!

I was busy with my girlfriend whether she got pregnant or not at the hospital on the day of your birthday. This was much serious problem than your birthday dude! By the way friend happy belated birthday to you! And the funny thing is she didn’t get pregnant while she was joking. Girls and their jokes!

On the day of your birthday I was making a Guinness world record with my girlfriend for kissing infinite numbers of times. Got busy there my friend and could not wish you. Happy belated birthday my dear friend! I hope you don’t mind. Although I made the kissing record. 

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