246 Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Wife with Images: Happy Birthday Wife Quotes & Messages

200 Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Wife with Images: Happy Birthday Wife Messages Too with All The Love And Celebration

Long Distance Birthday Wishes for Wife

There can be physical distance between you and me but there can’t be emotional distance between you and me. I love you with all my heart. Happy birthday my lovely wife!

Long Distance Birthday Wishes for Wife

Lots of birthday wishes my wife from the bottom of my heart I want to say. You are my lifetime companion. Happy birthday!

What these distances could do of our love? Nothing. Much farther we go, much we fall in love. I’m deep emotionally attached with you and can’t never ever be separated. Happy birthday dear wife!

Wishing you birthday from a far land doesn’t feel romantic. I just want to be near you on this day. Yet so much love, kisses and hugs. Happy birthday my loveliest wife!

You are as usual as you are before the marriage. Nothing has changed in you. At that time, you were a simple girl and still is. That’s what I like about you. Wishing you happy birthday dear wife!

I don’t know whether we really would marry. We just started dating casually and gradually liked each other and fell in love. It is so sudden and magical. With you everything is magical. Happiest birthday dear wife!

It has been a bit long period of time since we are married to each other. Yet you are still the same as I first saw you on the day of our marriage. Wishing you happy birthday my love of life my wife!

I know you are missing me. I am also missing you. And the tragic thing is that it is your birthday and I’m not near you. Yet all my love to you on your birthday. Happy birthday!

From a far land, I am sending you a few red roses of my fragrance. You keep it safe and scent it in the room and you feel the warmth of my love. Giving lots of birthday wishes my wife. Happy birthday!

The flute of my love when you sit in the room with silence, you would listen I love you. Wishing you happy birthday mu gorgeous wife!

With you, everything feels so romantic and divine. It feels I want nothing when you are with me. Tons of birthday wish my wife. Happy birthday!

Do you know? I everyday write a letter to you and keep it to myself. You are not here that’s why I do. I so much missing you. Happy birthday my lovely wife!

I miss your food my love. May God give more taste to your hands that I could never go far leaving you. Wishing all the foodious love to you. Happy birthday to my awesome wife!

Your love and my love is celestial. It doesn’t matter how far I go from you. You and I will be always in each other’s heart. Wishing you happy birthday my love my wife!

What I say more? In my every blood drop your name is written. That much I love and that much I miss you. Happy birthday dearest wife and my only love!

When you wear those round earrings you look amazingly beautiful. And not even for a second I could ignore you. Lots of love, hugs, kisses and Happy birthday life partner!

To love you, it is not necessary to marry you. Because our love is soulful and divine that we don’t need any social ritual to call it sacred. Happy birthday my love my dearest wife!

Distances can never be a hurdle between you and me. Our love is like Krishna and Radha; surreal and divine. Happy birthday wife. I will never leave you, not in this birth and next.

May I wish our life just get spent in seeing each other and in loving each other. Wishing you from the bottom of my heart happy birthday so much heart and loveliest wife!

Your every birthday for me is like it is making you away from me. May as your birthday come, you not grow in age while get less. Lots of birthday wishes my dear wife. Happy birthday!

I never want you out of my sight but see the destiny that I am away from you on your birthday. Though yet my love happy birthday my wife!

You just believe that we are perfect for each other. Always perfect for each other. Wishing you happy birthday my dear wife!

I don’t know how to say it more romantically. But my every chord of heart is singing for you today happy birthday. May you live long always with me. Happy birthday!

Here on this foreign land, it is not easy for me to live. In everything I see you and remember you. Just cold and cold here it is. I want you here so heavily. Happy birthday my life my warmth my wife!

I wish and pray you live a life you always wanted to live. I won’t bound you. But you be forever loyal to me. Lots of lovely birthday wishes My charm!

May your angel always guide you on every path wherever you go. May success be always bestowed on you. May you always be my wife. Wishing happy birthday wife!

May you remain forever beautiful as a rose flower. May none pluck you except me. May not in this birth but in every birth you be mine. Happy birthday my loveliest wife!

May none stop you. You flow like as you want to. May your ever wish get fulfilled. Happiest birthday dear wife!

May wherever you go, you always reign and live forever a comfortable life. Women always want that. Wishing you happiest birthday my cute wife!

I miss sleeping in your lap and the way you used to stroke my hairs like combing them. Your soft hairs give me nice sleep. Wishing you all the drop of my love. Happy birthday my wife!

Now I have understood how much I love you when I have gone away from you. Wish you an awesome birthday dearest wife!

May your hands never get empty of anything. Wish you happy birthday my cutest wife. May you become more cute with your coning birthday!

I don’t want to force you for anything. Whatever you do, do it naturally for me and from your heart. May you always have your freedom. Tons of birthday wishes my life partner dear wife!

I am not able to tolerate single second of this day and night. Not of even moon and sun. These are the hurdle in our love. May we live infinite in love. Happy birthday to my sweetest wife!

May God pour blessings on you always. May he always take you under his guidance and shelter. Wishing happiest birthday dearest wife! Remember I love you so much!

This time is so cruel. On your birthday I am not near you and it is not fair. I wish all the abundance of happiness for you, that little left bit for you also. Happy birthday wife!

May our love always be pious and sacred and become immortal. May we too. Wishing awesome birthday and awesome life to my wife!

May all the good things of life come to you. May all the good things you experience in your life. Happy birthday to world’s most beautiful wife!

Long Distance Birthday Messages for Wife

Always stay healthy and wealthy. May no disease touch you. May you always be with your full glory. Happy birthday to my simple and intelligent wife!

Lots of lovely birthday wishes for wife. May we never get separated from each other. May none do. Wishing you all the love and life!

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