246 Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Wife with Images: Happy Birthday Wife Quotes & Messages

200 Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Wife with Images: Happy Birthday Wife Messages Too with All The Love And Celebration

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Wife | Happy Birthday Messages for Life Partner

The way we talk through eyes is romance. They way without saying any word when I understand you is romance. Wishing you happy birthday dearest wife!

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Wife for whatsapp

When you stand in the balcony waiting for me imagining when I come you just hug me like you have never. So many birthday wishes for wife. May you smile forever.

It is deep in heart when we feel someone who is millions of times far. We haven’t been talking each other yet when she remembers you feel in heart. It is the romance of us. Wish you a very Happy Birthday Sweetheart. My wife my love my charm!

People say if love not gets fulfilled, it rises again in next birth. May I wish our love forever gets fulfilled. Wish you marvelous birthday my best wife!

The years of romance could happen in just one glance. In years spent together romance could no happen in many glances. What you understand my love? Wishing you lovely birthday!

In each other’s love we may fall but never fall in life. May our love spread all around the world in all four directions. Lots of prayers, love, hugs and kisses. Wishing you happy birthday wife!

When all sleep and stars awake and night breathes, we doing long conversation on phone. While we dozing off yet we keep talking. That is love, that is romance. Lots of happy birthday wishes for wife!

Those little fights we do with each other every day are our romance. Yet fighting we enjoy it. And that is how our love is. Wishing you happy birthday my lovely wife!

Those nights when we seeing the sky counting the stars and in the middle forget the counting and again starts. We do it again and again just to giggle with each other. May our all days get spent like this. Happy birthday dear wife!

Why do I have to work all day long? May I make a world where you and me only. No need of money and abundance of everything, and we just love. Loads of birthday wishes for wife!

May we become love birds and roam around the world to do pilgrimage of love shrines where true love resides. Wishing you happy birthday dear wife!

May we feel all the ingredients of life that can make our love stronger. May we never apart and flow like rivers in each other. Wishing you happy birthday my gorgeous wife!

In love of you my wife, I have become both philosopher and poet. Though I am a poet more beautifying you in every way. Happy birthday my life my wife!

How this world is I don’t want to know. I don’t want to know how this universe functions. I just want to know how you are and what is in your soul. Happy birthday my awesome wife!

The whole world is illusion. Everyone says so. May I request God you not be an illusion. I want you real. I want to feel real, the love of you and me. Happy birthday wife!

May you never die and I forever live in the love of you. May all birds chant our name and we become a love universe in ourselves. Tons of birthday wishes for wife. My magic you forever live!

May we go on a sail and never return. May we forever sail living an adventure life. Wishing you so much love and happy birthday my craziest wife!

May you be rain and I am your sky. May you flow from me and in me. May you reside in me and be from me. Wishing you happy birthday wife. Blessed I’m with you!

May you all time remain at peace and me too with you. It is the greatest bliss. Thousands of sages have prayed for it. Tons of blessings for you. Happy birthday my loyal wife!

May you be a flower and I’m your fragrance. May we never get detached from each other and forever be for each other. Happy birthday my lovely wife!

May you live with me and may you die with me. May you be born with me. May our stars never separate. Wishing you so much love, hugs and kisses. Happy birthday dear wife!

I am just fan of your smile. It is so enchanting I can’t take my eyes off for even a second. Showering happy birthday to my cutie pie!

Why these days and nights in our life? This time is hurdle in our life that is stopping us from loving. I love you so much. Happy birthday to my awesomest wife!

I wish may your heart be only mine. I wish may you see only me. I wish time stops for us and we see each other constantly continuously. Lots of wishes to you on your birthday wife!

May God forever protect you from all harms and bads. May you forever remain in his shelter. May you always live a happy life. I wish you my love all the good things in life. Happy birthday!

Your beauty has maddened me. I could not come out from it. Your charm has surrounded me with all its elixir. Love you my love. Happy birthday my loveliest wife!

I promise I will bring everything and all the happiness for you. Not let you compromise anything. You are my world and I make my world forever celebrated and beautiful. Lots of hugs and kisses on your birthday wife!

The thing is I don’t want to win from you. I’m happy to be defeated by you. You are my love, you are my God. Wishing happy birthday my loveliest wife!

When you smile, your teeth look so beautiful and whitish. Though a kind of unusual comment but I like them. Love you dearest. Happy birthday dearest wife!

I promise I bring all the happiness for you. I promise I never let you weep and cry for anything. But one promise you do, that you always be mine, forever mine. Happy birthday my lovely wife!

How it so magical that stars may be your servant. You sit on throne of moon and reign in all universes. Happy birthday to my little cute angry wife!

Even when you shout on me, I like you. Even when you are disappointed of me I like you. I wish even we hate, we love each other. Wishing happy birthday wife!

It is not love that makes love beautiful. It is pain and longings that make love beautiful. I wish though we may never have pain, but such pain we may have that doubles our love. Happy birthday dear wife!

It is never too late to fall in love. I wish may we fall in love with each other again and again till we die. Wishing from the bottom of my heart birthday wishes for wife.

May you always be free and fly wherever you want to. May even our love not bound you. May you live the life you want to. Happy birthday my dearest wife!

In your eyes my heart is pounding again and again. Such your beauty and charm is. I wish it forever will be. Hugs, wishes and kisses to you on your birthday. Happy birthday!

May we build a home on snow mountains. There we live alone in solitude. May none disturb us, not even wind. May we in each other lap forever in love swirl. Happy birthday dearest wife!

May even your sweet reveries get fulfilled my love my wife. Wish you so much love and craziest birthday!

Happy birthday to my lovely wife

May I make you visit all seven wonders of this world. May I wish I make you visit my heart where you can see that how much love for you is there. Wishing lovely happy birthday wife!

What I more wish for you my dear wife? Tell me. I’m nothing without you. I wish for eternity you be mind. Giving lots of love and kisses. Wishing happy birthday to my wife!

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