246 Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Wife with Images: Happy Birthday Wife Quotes & Messages

200 Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Wife with Images: Happy Birthday Wife Messages Too with All The Love And Celebration

Funny Birthday Wishes for Wife

I wish may you never ask for any gift on your birthday. If you accidentally, may you get your favorite Oreo! Happiest birthday my awesome wife!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Wife

Such good fool you are my dumbo wife. But my jewel of heart you are my lovely wife. I don’t say you are not beautiful, but little less than moon you are! Wishing you happy birthday dearest wife!

In this orchid roses look dense red like God has himself colored them all. Don’t put in your hairs otherwise lice there in your hairs suck their juice! Don’t mind my joke dear wife. Happy birthday!

Every day I come late from office and you waiting for me at the door. I want to say don’t because you are putting the colors of the wall off! Though I love you my love, just you not waiting by the door. Wishing you loveliest birthday to my wife!

Your hands are so beautiful like soft and fragile lilies. But with them the food you cook feels muck in stomach. Oh dear wife I love you but you must learn cooking! Wishing you happy birthday!

How I do fun with you? When you yourself are so funny. When you speak, laughter comes. With your laugh even no fool jumps! Wishing you happy birthday dear wife!

You know what I don’t like about wives? Their unstoppable chattering, they do with others’ wives. It feels like it is all your legit right! You this, don’t mind. Wishing birthday wishes for lifetime!

In this birth you have become my wife. I wish may in next birth you become someone’s else wife. I have tolerated you long enough! Don’t mind dear wife. It is my love that speaks! Wishing loveliest birthday cute wife!

I wish I could say No to you on the day of marriage! And I imagine how my life would be so beautiful! Wishing you happy birthday loveliest wife!

I wish may you not live long. If you, you might trouble my life. Wishing blessed happy birthday wife! I love you dear. It is just a joke!

Though your lips are so beautiful even when Gods see them first they fell for you. But when you speak, it feels so spike! Why so!? Don’t mind! Wishing you love and happy birthday wife!

You look so pig when you wear jeans! But you look so rose when you wear a sari! I’m serious! Wishing all the love to you and happy birthday wife!

Sometimes I think I should leave you. Then I think I have spent so much money on you. Then why should I? Wishing loveliest birthday my wife! My love my charm my wife!

The great mistake of my life is to marry you! And the greatest mistake of my life is to love you! That’s what has made my life living and beautiful! Lots of love and wishes on your birthday dear wife!

When you put bindi on your forehead, you look like so damsel. When you comb your hairs, you are heavenly beauty. But when you do nothing, you look more than a witch!. Comb your hairs daily. Happy birthday wife!

I don’t know how much fun I have to make of you that you finally free me from your clutches! Bless you. Lots of wishes on your birthday wife!

I don’t say I create a heaven for you. I don’t say I bring you all the comfort. I don’t say I give you all the happiness. But yes, I try when you see me you always smile. Wishing awesome birthday sweetheart. My love.

I don’t hate anything about you it doesn’t mean I really don’t hate anything about you. The truth is, I can’t say it all! Lots of love, kisses and hugs to my wife. Happy birthday!

When I first time met you for the engagement, at that time I thought my life has got ruined. And after so many years I really think so. But the thing is I can tolerate it with you for whole life! Happy birthday dear wife!

I wish and pray to God that he must give some magic provided I could vanish you from my life! But the real magic is being with you for so many years I have vanished in you! Wishing all the love and happiest birthday wife!

I want to say your hairs look like an evening flowing. I want to say your hairs are like midnight. But how when they just look like a spider’s web! Don’t mind girl! Wishing you happy birthday wife!

Every day I look at you, you look different. Some day you look like a ladyfinger, some day you look like a bringle! Why can’t you look like normal woman!? Wishing beautiful happy birthday spouse!

Sometimes I think I should take you on a foreign tour and make you visit the most romantic place, Eiffel tower. But then suddenly I think near-by restaurant is good enough! Happy birthday dear wife!

You look awesomely beautiful, like I have no words to say. But I want to ask you why can’t you change your this frog like habit of jumping again and again! Don’t just a joke but serious though! Wishing happy birthday wife!

I wish for some days you go to your mother’s house. I give you fifteen thousand rupees for that! Please go provided I could live some days of relief! Wishing lots of love. Happy birthday lovely wife!

Since the day I married you, I have been still hoping that one day you would leave me! I wish one day this day would definitely come like your birthday! You’ve just glued to me! Though happy birthday loveliest wife!

You know who is the luckiest person in this world? One who has not married you! I’m not. Yet I wishing you happy birthday gorgeous wife!

On your birthday bubblicious wife, I want to say that I love you but that thing I have to do, not wishfully! If you know my heart, then you truly would know. what lies in it. Wishing craziest birthday to you!

On your birthday my dearest wife, I want to ask is there any way I could get away from you! I am truly seeking it! Lots of birthday wishes for wife! My love my charm!

As we are celebrating your birthday, you are getting older day by day! I mean more beautiful and mature looking! Love, hugs, wishes to you my lovely wife!

I never say you will be mine forever on your birthday! This birth with you is enough for me! Lots of happy birthday wish for wife. May you live a little longer than me!

You don’t know anything. Yet I love you because you have a pure and innocent heart. And that’s enough worth having than all. Happy birthday gorgeous wife!

I wish may you fly higher and higher in your life. But you never forget to wear your helmet and goggles. Happy birthday wife! You are my everything, a little bit I want to say!

You have made my house a sweet home. Why don’t you leave me alone? Never mind, just a joke. On your birthday, only you rock! Happiest birthday to my wife!

Funny Birthday Quotes for Wife

I wish whenever you go to market for shopping, you just go and don’t buy anything! Only then I save for you a lot of money. Happy birthday my little mad wife!

The most funny thing about you and our marriage is; I still don’t know why I have married you! and what a great surprise that I’m still living with you! Happy birthday to my forever wife!

From the bottom of my heart I want to say happy birthday my little stupid wife! Marrying you have totally changed my life. And you are not that girl I saw in the photo!

With you there is no fun wife. With you only funny tragedy is; that I enjoy yet I don’t enjoy! Wishing you everything of my life. Happy birthday my wife my love!

Just happy birthday to you to my wife who always sneaks into my mobile! For your kind information, I’ve wired your mobile. Lots of romantic birthday wishes for wife!

Happy birthday to you! May you live always hungry but never leave us hungry! Love, hugs and kisses on your birthday to my simplest and coolest wife!

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