Happy 31st Birthday Wishes, Messages & Quotes

Happy 31st Birthday Wishes, Messages & Quotes

31st Birthday Wishes: Like turning 21 is an exciting event for a teenager, turning 31 is nothing less than a fascinating affair for a person who is in his late twenties. Turning 31 is one of the most delightful feelings in the world because, by this age, a person is well settled in life financially, personally, and emotionally. There are many ways to wish a happy 31st birthday to your brother, sister, daughter, son, husband, or wife. However, no way is more intriguing than plain old textual and sentimental birthday wishes. Check out the sweetest compilation of happy 31st birthday wishes that are perfect to remind your loved ones that every birthday is worth celebrating with the same passion.

Happy 31st Birthday Wishes

Wishing a jovial 31st birthday to my best friend who is with me since grade 1 . And as they say, a single childhood friend is way greater than 100 teenage friends. Let’s chug beers as we did in our teenage and relish your 31st birthday!

Life is thumping in the thirties when you have a job you always love to have, a few amazing friends, a supporting life partner, and of course, a fat bank balance. Hey friend, I guess you have got it all. Happy 31st birthday, buddy!

Happy 31st Birthday Wishes

From the deepest corner of my heart, wishing a happy 31st birthday to the man who loves me like Romeo used to love Juliet. May you become more charming, successful, and cheerful with the passing of every birthday!

Hey buddy, it’s your first birthday after stepping into your thirties that’s why it must be celebrated with all zing, fervor, and a lot of beer. My best wishes are always with you only if you don’t hesitate in spending money on me.

At the mere age of 31, your achievements are so towering and jaw-dropping that they seem impossible to everyone. I wish you continue to nail your goals and keep making us proud. Happy birthday to the craziest 31 years old.

You are just 31 yet you have the wisdom and expertise of a 70-year-old man. Let’s party today so hard that all the party lovers of the world feel jealous of you. Obviously, the after-party bills are on you. Happy 31st birthday, mate!

Happy 31st birthday to the most scintillating and gorgeous wife. Though you are 31, you still look like an 18 year sold sexy and sultry girl. God bless you with endless charm and beauty!

Wishing a mirthful birthday to the 31 years old father of my two little and notorious runts. For me, you are no less than an angel sent from heaven directly to make my life beautiful and worthy. I wish you ace everything you have desired in life.

Dear brother, I still remember those days when I used to change your diapers with my hands. Now you are big enough to change the diapers of your two little kids. May you always be a great father, a wonderful husband, and a forever achiever. Happy 31st birthday!

Every single moment I have spent with you is deeply engraved in my mind. No matter whether you turn 31 or 61, you will always be the king of my heart, and the superhero of our kids. Happy 31st birthday to my forever dashing and charming husband!

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31st Birthday Quotes

With each birthday celebration, it is your new life and new beginning celebration. Wishing you happy birthday!

Birthday celebration is a chance to see and understand your past experience and planning for your future. Wishing happy birthday!

31st Birthday Quotes

With every birthday the joy and celebration with each passing year gets double. Wishing you happy birthday!

Birthday makes you remind that there is still a child inside you and that loves to cut a cake. Wishing you happy birthday!

Birthday is the permanent celebration in everyone’s life. May you always celebrate it best! Wishing you happy birthday!

May all wishes and blessing come to you on your birthday! May your all works get done! Wishing you happy birthday!

With each birthday may your cake size grow and with it the love of friends and family grow! Wishing you happy birthday!

Birthday never makes you old but always tells you your age. Wishing you happy birthday!

Birthday is the celebration of your prosperity and blessing to yourself. May you always have it! Wishing you happy birthday!

May you never miss the celebration of your birthday! May your all wishes get fulfilled! Wishing you happy birthday!

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31st Birthday Wishes for Son

Hey son, how are you feeling after stepping into your early thirties? It’s high time for you to settle down and give some cute and little grandkids? I am so sick and tired of seeing your face. Jokes apart, happy 31st birthday to my awesome son!

31st Birthday Wishes for Son

Congratulations son on turning 31 and entering the life stage where you will pretty soon be bombarded with real-life challenges and completely harsh experiences. Don’t worry, I will be with you all the time to guide you like a perfect torch-bearer. Happy 31st birthday, son!

May you rekindle your lost passion, may you run after excellence, not success, may you find the love of your life pretty soon. May your 31st birthday turns out to be far more magnificent than the rest of your previous birthdays!

Dear son, not many people will tell you that turning thirty actually opens a lot of doors for amazing opportunities. And yes, some back pain and migraine too. Do so much hard work today that you can the benefits in your old age. Happy 31st birthday to my amazing son!

My goodness son, today, you have hit the 31st milestone and it seems like you are still a reckless and vivacious teenager. Time flies so expeditiously but you still look so enthusiastic and full of life. May you have a startling 31st birthday celebration!

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31st Birthday Wishes for Daughter

May you win at every race of your life! Wishing you happy birthday my cute daughter! With all my heart I love you and forever I love you!

31st Birthday Wishes for Daughter

You are my doll, such a cute doll for whom I want and pray for all the world’s happiness. May it be for you! Wishing you happy birthday my daughter!

As your father I am always there for you giving you everything. May you never have to bend down before anyone except God! Wishing happy birthday my dearest daughter!

You are cute little teddy bear my dear daughter. May you always fly in the sky you want! Wishing you happy birthday my dear daughter!

I pray may you never get shattered in your life! May you be a girl of sheer determination! Wishing happy birthday my dear daughter!

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Funny 31st Birthday Wishes

Birthdays are just another way of pocketing out your saving that you have to do whether you like or not. Wishing you happy birthday!

Funny 31st Birthday Wishes

May you never have to give return gifts on your birthday! May you only receive! Wishing you happy birthday!

On your birthday be the man you want to be that you could not be whole yea! Wishing happy you happy birthday!

Birthday parties are tolerable than anniversaries parties. Hope you celebrate your anniversary party with such jest. Wishing you happy birthday!

May you celebrate your birthday party with your wife and girlfriend standing with you side by side! Wishing you happy birthday!

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