60+ Funny Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

60+ Funny Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Funny Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend: Sending birthday greetings to someone on their special day can really spruce up the birthday vibes by leaps and bounds. The birthday bash becomes more special when it is of your girlfriend. A girlfriend’s birthday means the celebration of the festival level that a boyfriend has to arrange to make her feel special. But if there is anything that induces the real thrill in the celebration, it’s funny greetings. Sending funny birthday wishes to a girlfriend not only tickles her funny one but also makes her extraordinary. However, carving a perfect hilarious birthday wish is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to have a perfect sense of comedy as well as the sense of humor to jot down a Funny birthday wish. To make your girlfriend giggle like a little girl, we bring you a compilation of the most funny birthday wishes for girlfriend that will bring a never-going smile on her face.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

Hey girlfriend, I was scratching my head to rope in the best birthday gift for you but I couldn’t find any except beauty products. The pace at which you are getting wrinkles, no birthday gift is better than the beauty products to hide your terrible wrinkles. Happy birthday to my spicy like a chili girlfriend!

Wishing a mirthful birthday to the coolest and the sassiest girlfriend in the world. I get so involved in your birthday bash preparation and am excited to enjoy it that sometimes I forget it’s your birthday celebration, not mine. I am more than glad to have you in my little world!

Hey sweetheart, I have yet to find someone who is as random, vivid, and swash-buckling as you are. It is impossible to even for God to figure out what you are going to do in the next moment. You are a fire that I love to embrace all the time. I hope you have a crazy birthday celebration!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

Hey sweetheart, I am really worried about you despite it being your birthday today. I mean the number of candles on your birthday cake is increasing at a very rapid rate. On your birthday, I wish god to retrieve your youthfulness and liveliness. Happy birthday to my slowly growing old girlfriend!

Darling, today is your day to relish the day like a queen. Go to some beauty parlor, have a stunning makeover, and arrive at your birthday bash like some movie star. However, I cannot guarantee everyone will be waiting for you desperately except me. Happy birthday, my love!

I swear to god I cannot tolerate if anyone calls you aunty or granny on your birthday bash. I mean, maybe for others you look like an aged woman but you are no less than an angel to me. Have a dazzling birthday celebration, my forever princes.

Mighty congratulations to my drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend for turning one more year older, wiser, and crankier as well. If you feel like you are getting old and fragile, just drink alcohol and forget what everyone says to you. Happy birthday girlfriend and I love you to the moon and back.

People may not find out ever that not only you are an exceptional beauty but also a person with an excessively funny side. Just be yourself and do what you love doing because you will be left with no energy pretty soon. Happy birthday to my quirky girlfriend. Let’s have a blasting birthday bash!

Hey darling, I know how much you love to eat sweets but your body fat is slowly and steadily dominating your love for sweet things. Give yourself the best birthday gift of fitness before the jokes on your fatty body starts going viral on the Internet. Happy birthday, love!

My adorable girlfriend, I have made so many jokes on your birthdays in the past that I have leftover with none. Please do something out of the league or something utterly different so that I can continue my streak of making the jokes out of you. Fun apart, god bless you, and have an astonishing birthday celebration!

Your birthday cake is soft and not like you. You are like a tomato, which is red from outside but sour inside. That is how you are and yet I am bearing you as my girlfriend. By the way happy birthday! Prettiest you are my love.

When I first met you I used to appreciate your hairs which were smooth when touched slip from hands but now as you are aging and we are continuously celebrating your birthday it more feels like a spider’s web dear. I don’t like it all! Happy birthday my girlfriend! You are always beautiful my love!

You are beautiful, smart and cutest but you need a lot of pampering which is like an emotional burnout for me. I am gifting you this beautiful puppy which will lick your cheeks every day. Happy birthday my cutest girlfriend! Don’t mind dear I am always there for you.

Before girlfriend my life was simple and after girlfriend my life is complex. That is how one understands the simplicity and complexity of life. And my greatest mistake you are my girlfriend! Wishing happy birthday my greatest mistake girlfriend! By the way I want to tell you have filled my life with love. Thank you.

 The pain of unemployment is nothing, the pain of struggle is nothing and even the pain of having no money is nothing in front of the pain of having a girlfriend. Choose your girlfriend wisely my fellas! Happy birthday my unlove love! By the way my love is always there for you.

There is no problem in celebrating girlfriend’s birthday but the problem is they come very soon, sometimes on every month and as you go older in relationship; you have to celebrate them weekly. Happy birthday my love! You are just beyond this world!

When you get into a relationships with a girl, who gradually becomes your girlfriend. Then you must understand and submit to one fact that you are predestined not to win from her. This is the secret of happy relationship with girlfriend. Happy birthday my love! You are an amazing woman m love. May you always be!

Love is sweet pain, that if you have yet you are in the pain and if you don’t have yet you are in the pain. And darling my love you are that pain of which sometimes I think to escape from! Wishing happy birthday my love! May we forever be inseparable!

happy birthday girlfriend funny wishes

You people must have heard about cat face, goat face and many different kinds of abbreviations like these but if you see my girlfriend’s face, I guarantee you would be in fever for a week! Happy birthday my love! Such a stupidity of my life! Apart from all you are the most beautiful woman in my life and forever be.

The way to heaven and hell starts when you choose a girl for your life and as your wife. Before coming to these stages, you choose her as your girlfriend, and my dear friends your hell has started ever since you have chosen her! So have patience and do wise things in life. Wishing happy birthday my dearest girlfriend! Except all this my love you are my heaven and forever be.

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Funny Birthday Messages For Girlfriend 

Hey sweetheart, don’t you say you are the most gorgeous and beautiful diva in the world? I have heard that utterly beautiful people don’t need expensive and unique gifts. So, I have decided not to give you any birthday gift except my heartiest birthday wishes. Happy birthday to my ravishing girlfriend!

Hey darling, it’s your happy birthday and I want to make sure your birthday celebration becomes as memorable as possible. That’s why I have decided to take you to Mount Everest on your big day. However, returning from there is not my guarantee. Jokes apart, happy birthday to the sweetest girlfriend ever!

Funny Birthday Messages For Girlfriend 

Many happy returns of the day to the most staunch yet the most cranky girlfriend in the world. I genuinely wish you give a dazzling return birthday gift for at least one to your handsome boyfriend. You are the prettiest thing that ever happened to me. Happy birthday girlfriend and god bless you!

Dear girlfriend, you are approaching an age where kids will can your grandmother instead of a fashionista. So, better start exercising, eating healthy, and stop using terrible makeup. May you have a scintillating and exciting birthday celebration, my sweetheart!

Hey darling, as I won’t be present on your birthday, If you feel isolated or dejected on your special day, better hop on to social media platforms for chatting instead of disturbing me with back-to-back calls. I hope you never feel the dearth of love, success, and prosperity. Have a fabulous birthday, girlfriend!

Okay and yes; these are the two mantras, you always have to carry if you have a girlfriend or a wife. These can save you from anything from them. Wishing happy birthday my love!

You couldn’t say to your woman that she doesn’t look beautiful or she doesn’t cook well or she is wrong. Because if you do these then your life is on god’s grace. Wishing happy birthday my sweetest girlfriend!

The tragedy and tradition of having a girlfriend is this that you have to address her as baby. A pet name you call it. And this baby makes you cry for your whole life! Happy birthday my baby girlfriend!

After having a girlfriend, there are two things you forget in life; first how to laugh and second how to live well. Because then your whole life is busy in pleasing your girlfriend. Wishing happiest birthday to my loveliest girlfriend!

There is nothing funny as funny as love. Because the turmoil of men start from this love. And in love he becomes all what he never think of and imagine of. Happy birthday my innocent girlfriend! I frequently I have to say this; innocent!

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Happy Birthday Girlfriend Funny Quotes 

Hey sweetheart, your birthday is the only thing I want to remember or I want to preserve in my heart. However, your endless gibber jabber makes me forget even that. The only return gift I want from you on your birthday is numerous breaks of silence. I hope you have an incredible birthday celebration!

Being your boyfriend is the biggest matter of pride for me. However, life could have been a lot easier and friskier for me if you were some other’s girlfriend. I am just joking sweetheart. I wish you enjoy your big day like crazy. Happy birthday, girlfriend!

Happy Birthday Girlfriend Funny Quotes 

From the depth of my heart, wishing a joyous and awesome birthday to my girlfriend who makes me laugh and cry at the same time. May you get more beautiful and sagacious with each passing birthday. I meant every word I said. Happy birthday to my forever sweetheart!

I never wanted to say this but happy birthday to the smartest and the most stunning girl in the world. But I must say, you were even smarter when you chose me as a boyfriend because you knew only I can give a nod without asking questions about your decisions. May your birthday be filled with the most special moments, gifts, and blessings!

Hey girlfriend, you should be proud of yourself as you have captured the heart and the mind of the most dashing and loyal boyfriend. However, my life is full of funky and special moments because you are in it. May our bond remain intact forever and happiest birthday to my sexy girlfriend!

You have a girlfriend? Bye bye your life! Wishing happiest birthday my always supporting girlfriend! May you have all and everything in your life!

Girlfriend’s birthday is equal to your monthly income! Wishing happy birthday my simple not so costly girlfriend! May you always spend less of my money!

If you can bear a girlfriend for life then you can lift up any weight in your life and you don’t have to go to gym also. You are already strong! Wishing happy birthday my always smiling girlfriend! I love you and wish that you love me too!

Boyfriends in love always pray to Gods; save me lord from my girlfriend. Wishing happy birthday my not so angry girlfriend! May you always be at the top level! 

All boyfriends would be rich today and living comfortable life if they don’t have girlfriend. Happy birthday my dear girlfriend! May you speak less and understand much! 

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Sarcastic Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend 

Happiest birthday to the luckiest girlfriend in the world. You are lucky because you have a diamond like me in your life. I don’t want to boast but that’s the sheer truth. I hope your special day be packed with umpteen surprises that shake you from the core. 

Hey sweetheart, you would be more than happy to know that you are the only person in the world who can match my adrenaline rush, my frenzy attitude, and my outrageous love. Be thankful to God every single day for giving you a boyfriend jackpot. Happy birthday to my forever gorgeous girlfriend!

Sarcastic Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend 

Dear girlfriend, the only thing appalling about your birthday is it always falls during my favorite sports league season. Can’t you celebrate your birthday on some other day so that I can enjoy my sport without any disturbance? Happy birthday to my stunning girlfriend!

Not only you are a person with such a charming and heart-melting face but also a human being with massive compassion and love for others. And I know you will forgive me if I shower fake praising you. Fun apart, you are an absolutely delightful person. Happy birthday to my love!

Hey girlfriend, there is nothing sweeter as well as spicier than you in this world. Not even an Indian Chilly and a chocolate cake. Thank you for showing me the true meaning of love and using all the credits of my credit card. No more birthday gifts for you. Happy birthday, honey!

As you remember my birthday with reminder, I remember it too the same way. Not in my memories you are. As you wish me with only hugs and kisses I wish you too the same way! Don’t expect a gift dear. It is sweet only with some piece of salt! Happy birthday my salty girlfriend!

You are my love and only love. You are now and forever. Then what you need of me and from me. I am with you on your birthday near you standing wishing you happy birthday. Love you darling. How you like my wishes on your birthday!

You always say to me, I have done this for you, that for you and it is because you love me truest. Your words these are. But why you ask your birthday gift price when I wish?! With all my remaining love wishing happy birthday my love!

Beautiful you are of face like a beauty I have never faced. I wish if may you be beautiful of heart too. But you are little. These lovely birthday wishes for my girlfriend!

Ever since I met you I swore that I do as you want. But I didn’t say I dance as you want me to. I am your boyfriend happy to serve you in love rather than on command. Wishing happy birthday my beautiful girlfriend!

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