Happy Belated Birthday Wishes for Sister: Love You With All My Heart

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes for Sister: Love You With All My Heart

Belated Birthday Wishes for Sister – Life and time couldn’t be controlled and if, then everything would be at perfect timing. But sometimes it is not perfect timing and not even nearby. And when question comes of wishing birthday to someone and that someone also your sister, then how can you wish her belated? But as mentioned above life and time could not be controlled that’s why we get late. Hence here is the collection of belated birthday wishes for sister that you can send to your sister to explain her that why it is belated this time and won’t be next. And as far as it is known that sisters always love their brothers. They would forgive you and accept your birthday wishes. 

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes for Sister

When you were a little kid, it always pleased me to tease you. It was my best time pass. Even though now we have grown up and become adults, still I love to tease you. That’s why I want to wish you belated. Wishing happy belated birthday sister!

There is pleasure in patience. The more patient you become the more pleasurable things are. This the lesson I want to teach you and that’s the only reason I want to wish you belated birthday. On the birthday you get the best lesson of your life which is about having patience. Wishing happy belated birthday to my awesome sister!

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes for Sister

If I could control time, I want to but I could not. I just got late due to traffic and you know how the traffic in the city. I even thought to break the traffic rule for you but I know you don’t like it. You know how much I love you and care for you. And I hope you have enjoyed birthday party with your friends. Happy belated birthday sister!

I was looking for excuses for the reason why I couldn’t wish you on time but couldn’t find any good. And you know how lazy I am and this is the only reason I am wishing you a happy belated birthday my charming sister. May you always be surrounded with colorful roses! 

I pray to God that never let a tear drop from my sister’s eyes because she is precious for me, the only real diamond I have got. Sorry for not reaching on time but my feelings and love are always there for you. Wishing happiest belated birthday to my sister!

Doing everything on time is a good habit but sometimes it seems boring. Hence I am wishing happy belated birthday to my sweetest sister. May you always go high in your life! And yes don’t forget me. I hope you have enjoyed your birthday party.

Accept my apologies for wishing you belated birthday lovely sister. No reason I want to give you. Next time it won’t happen and I promise that. Love to you from my heart.

You are always ahead of me in everything whether study or in any other activity and even you are elder than me also. Everything of yours always comes first. This is the reason I thought I wanted to wish you late. I love you sis. Wishing happy belated birthday to my always successful sister!

I know you have waited for me and you have waited for me long. Dear sister I apologize for not wishing you on time. But my gift and love would satisfy you that I am sending you. Next time on your birthday I reach a day before. Wishing you happy belated birthday sister! May you always be top in everything what you pursue!

Belated birthday wishes for sister! I hope you would understand my situation and I know you are angry. But I couldn’t do anything in this. On your next birthday I will be present with you for whole day. May you always be a sweet girl at heart and your determination take you forward in life!

May spark in your life never get diminished my cute sister! May you always glow and glow others too! Wishing happy belated birthday to my cutest sister! Sorry for wishing you late. This time you forgive me and I know you will. Always loving you.

May you always laugh and smile! Being your brother I pray you always be with life. My flight got late so I got late too. Wishing happiest belated birthday my lovely sister! I am always there for you. 

happy belated birthday wishes for sister

When you were a little a cute girl, I always wanted you would get everything. May nothing be in this world that you don’t have! May you have everything what you want and wish! Wishing happy belated birthday my little sister! And please forgive me this time for being late.

I care for you my sweet and pure heart sister. You have always sacrificed for me and for this I always thank you. Wishing you happy belated birthday! I have got stuck in office work and I can’t get leave. So for this time forgive me. Always caring for you.

Happy belated birthday my awesome sister! Belated because I didn’t put my calendar in the right month and my mobile also got switched off. Unforgivable reasons I know for wishing you late. But you are awesome sister so be awesome this time also. So many hugs for you.

With my folded hands I apologize to you for wishing you birthday not on time. Next time I will put everything on reminder for your birthday. Happy belated birthday to my always forgiving sister! May you always have love and true friendship in your life! 

When one gets old, people put them on hold! Hence that’s why I put your birthday on hold. Wishing you happiest belated birthday sister! You are my best sister and I want and wish you always be at peace and settled in your life. And these days my memory system is not working so this is the reason also!

To suffice for wishing you late on birthday I am sending you a precious and royal gift that you would forget that I wish your birthday belated. You know sometimes business gets heavy. May your heart always be filled with love and abundance! 

The funny and real reason for wishing you belated birthday is this that I got acidity problem in my stomach and I could not come out from bathroom for whole day long. You can understand what I want to say sis! Loveliest belated birthday sister! May you forever be blessed!

You must have enjoyed your birthday party with friends and family. Next time I will be there too with you cutting your cake and hugging you with love. May you always have that subtle smile on your face that makes you beautiful! Wishing happy belated birthday sister!

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