247 Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Husband | Happy Birthday Husband Messages With Images

150+ Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Husband | Happy Birthday Husband Messages

Happy Birthday Poems for Husband

I care for you, you care for me;
I love you, you love me;
we are for each other above and below;
I wish you my dear husband happy birthday today and tomorrow.

What in heaven lay for me;
if you not there;
my heaven is in you;
wherever you fare;
wishing you happy birthday my dear husband.

Happy Birthday Poems for Husband

May the bliss of God for you and for me;
may I be with you where you be;
may nothing trouble you I pray for this;
may we celebrate all birthday together as we want to be;
wishing you awesome happy birthday my dear husband.

Life is beautiful with you;
life is dutiful with you;
life is color, hue and rainbow with you;
my life is within you my beloved husband;
wishing you happy birthday with all my heart.

May you get what you choose;
as you have gotten me;
may you touch the sky as you want to be;
may none stop you, continous you your moving;
but in the meantime, just celebrate your birthday as I wish to be;
happy birthday my beautiful husband.

Never you weep;
never you get troubled;
shelter of God on you;
may you never get baffled;
I am with you wherever you tread;
on the beautiful occasion of your birthday my dear husband;
I wish you my all love and success.

The road you have taken;
drive carefully;
close your door; may you not slip;
pray everyday, evil not touch you;
let’s celebrate your birthday as I want to dance with you;
wishing you happiest birthday my dearest husband.

May you not get blurred;
may you not get stormed;
may you not get broken;
may you always fly;
I wish you abundance of everything wishing you happy birthday dear husband.

You be an eagle;
you be a tiger;
you be a lion;
you be strong;
and you forever be my husband as you not get wrong;
wish you loveliest birthday my dear husband.

Blessed you forever be;
loved you forever be;
ahead in life you forever be;
you my husband forever be;
wishing you my love and happy birthday husband.

May your all tears get into flowers;
may your all troubles get into opportunities;
may your all worries get into peace;
may I always be get into you;
wish you awesome happy birthday husband.

Be in the river of gold;
be in the river of silver;
be in the river of grace;
be in the river of my heart land;
wishing you best birthday my dear husband.

Not this, not that I want;
not house, bunglow or car I want;
not wealth and ivory I want;
I want only you;
wish you happy birthday husband;
I love you.

Days and nights I wait for you;
here and there I wait for you;
not I sleep, not I drink, not I eat without you;
you are my God, I love you;
wishing you happiest birthday my dearest husband.

I beseech you, just never leave me;
I be in your arms, just never get off from me;
may you shine like no other star shine in the whole sky;
I be your moon; you are my sky;
wishing happy birthday my dearest husband.

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Happy 50th Birthday Wishes for Husband

With a stick you walk, wrinkle you talk, old you have become; yet you are my husband abundant. Tanks of love to you. Wishing you happy 50th birthday my little old husband!

How many times you say you look still young it doesn’t matter. The bit white hairs of you tell all the truth. Though my love has not lessened for you. Wishing you rocking 50th birthday my husband!

I hold you always my love of whatever age you come to. I will never leave you. Wishing you 50th birthday husband! May we again live our young life. May we never get old at heart.

Still in your fifty you look handsome and attractive. May the charm of you never vanish. May we never vanish from each other. Blissful 50th birthday husband I wish you!

May you always be healthy provided we always celebrate your birthday with full enthusiasm? Wish you starriest 50th birthday my husband. May glory never leave you.

I wish you remain stay and fit. I wish you remain in peace. I wish you earn more respect. I wish you remain forever with me. Happy 50th birthday celebration my husband!

May we not just celebrate your 50th birthday, while may we celebrate your 100th birthday too. I wish at that time I tease you how old you have become. Happiest gloriest 50th birthday my husband!

May you never take rest of anyone in this old age. May you never get old in health. May you run faster and faster in this old age. Oh dear! You’re still my husband in this old age! Wishing you 50th birthday husband!

I wish you enjoy in your 50s more as you have never enjoyed in your 20s. Love you and wishing you 50th birthday celebration my old husband!

However much blacken you your hairs but you could not hide your age.! Love you awesome dearest husband. Wishing happy 50th birthday!

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Funny Birthday Wishes for Husband

It feels so just embarrassing how old you look in your 50s and on your birthday I have to stand beside you. It is so awful. Couldn’t you dye your hairs black! But in your 50s your romance is still young. That’s why I like. Happy birthday husband!

Why don’t you just trim your beard on your birthday? I don’t want to feel I’m standing beside a hairy beer! But sometimes you look so macho in your beard. Happy birthday dear husband!

Only on the day of our marriage I realized I don’t want to marry you! But I could not stop it because you had said after marriage you would do all dishes. And that’s was great relief for me! Happy birthday my loveliest husband!

You always have taken me to cheap restaurants. You have webbed in your talking romance and have given me nothing in gift just except this wedding ring. But happy birthday because I know you are the best husband trying to fulfill my all dreams.

You don’t have even a penny of dressing sense. Why don’t you wear a bikini and dance before all guests on your birthday!? But I know you would look cute in bikini too. Wishing you happy birthday husband!

Your honesty has fooled me. I want a diamond ring for me on your birthday! Happy birthday honest husband! Thousands diamond rings I can sacrifice for your honesty.

It feels so distressing that I have to write a poem for you on your birthday. Poetry for you husband? It is so impossible. But I love you. That thing is certain. Wishing you happy birthday poetic husband!

For our whole life I have told one lie. And that lie is “I love you.” I really don’t love you! I just love your soul. Wishing you blessed happy birthday husband!

I want to gift you this walking stick on your birthday provided in your 80s you could walk easily with the help of it. And I think you would definitely like this gift! Happy birthday my so tolerable husband!

All the best food I have ordered on your birthday. When all the guests go, you only have to do all the dishes. From me, your wife, this is your birthday gift! Happy birthday my always listening husband!

When you see yourself in the mirror very clearly, I would suggest, and then you would notice from the front line of your head your hairs are slowly vanishing. I think you would go bald. I would announce it on your birthday! But first lovely happy birthday dear husband!

I swear I don’t love you. More than you, I love our dog Juno. It is incredible. It wags its tail better than you. I love you only when you do like Juno! But for today wishing you happy birthday dearest husband! Just start wagging!

I have taken an oath and promised myself I would never kiss you now for five years. It is your birthday gift! Happy birthday lovely husband!

I know when I am away you miss me a lot. But I want to be completely honest with you husband. I have never missed you for a single moment! But well happy birthday! I hope you don’t mind.

Don’t you think that on your birthday you must give me a gold ring?! It would just cost some four and five months of your salary. Don’t mind! Happy birthday husband!

No one has told you ever before but I want to tell you now. You look like a mongoose actually. Happy birthday my mongoose husband!

I would give you your favorite gift on your birthday and you would give me mine. Do you know what it is? Divorce from you! Ha Ha Ha… Wishing you happy birthday husband!

Sometimes I think that I just would leave you. But then I remember who would wash my clothes, who would clean the entire house, who would broom all the stairs. You come with many benefits my dear husband! Wishing you happy birthday husband!

I wish I have never married you! Now I have known being single is pleasure. But with you, my whole life is a treasure. Happy birthday my treasure husband!

I wish why don’t you eat a cow dung pastry on your birthday! I hope you would like the taste. Wishing you happy birthday dearest husband!

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