500+ Best Hearty Happy Birthday Wishes With Images

500+ Hearty Happy Birthday Wishes With Images

You are my best teacher mam and always will be. You have taught me all and I am always indebted to you. In true sense you are my guru. Wishing you happy birthday my dear teacher!

I will never betray you. I will never see any other but only you. You are in every vein of my heart. You are my love, you are my life’s part. Wishing you loveliest grand happy birthday my wife!

We both know we have become separated but it doesn’t mean I don’t have love for you. I still love you but now can’t be together. For the sake of our true old love, I wish you happy birthday my dearest ex-boyfriend!

Sometimes relationship has to stop. Sometimes we have to stop. Sometimes so love is not good. Sometimes we have to need to be in our space only. Wishing you happy birthday my handsome ex-boyfriend!

Love sometimes goes reverse. You can understand what I want to say to you. I love you but the direction of love has changed now. Happy birthday my love my ex-boyfriend!

Between you and me it was true and truth. You and me can’t deny this. But it didn’t work out. I’m too sorry for this. Now it is all understanding. I hope you can. Wishing you happy birthday my love my ex-boyfriend!

That evening with you, my walking with you, and the conversation we had near the beach when evening approaching, it was beautiful. Can never forget that. Happy birthday my ex-boyfriend!

I’m lucky I got taught by a teacher like you. You are my builder Sir, and I say you thank and happy birthday from the truest of my heart. Happy birthday my dear teacher!

When I was in school, you were always fair with me. For that, I thank you. And you’ve give very important advice of my life, due to which I’m today successful. It’s all because of you. Wishing you happy birthday my dearest teacher!

You never abandoned us like all other teachers, who leave their students to destiny. You worked hard with us, have told us the real value of education. Otherwise, we street children, if not taught by you, might be wander on streets. Thank you for all and from the very truest of my heart happy birthday teacher!

You are like that anchor to me by which I have grown multiply. You hold on to me and that is your integrity like a teacher to me. I wish you happy birthday to dearest and truest teacher!

In simple words, I love you teacher and respect you immensely much. You are the shaper of my past and present. Happy birthday!

I don’t say I love you because you already know how much. I want to say you are my that part of life without which it is impossible to imagine the life I’m living. Love you and happy birthday my wife and my best friend!

So many flowers we can see in this world but not all give fragrance. But you are that rose who has blossomed in my orchid of heart, where only you can stay. Happy birthday wife my rose!

You are beautiful, beautiful like a transparent glowy river whose water feels like diamond. I wish you a great happy birthday wife. Never leave my hand!

I don’t judge you. I know what you do is only for me. I have that belief in you. And you remember you are only mine. Wishing you starriest happy birthday and life!

Now it seems possible in coming time one could take one’s to stars in the sky. One day I would definitely take you! Happy birthday my wife. My only love!

You are like my sister, sister-in-law. You are talkative, funny and understanding. It is best of you that you understand everything. And I like your this quality. Wishing you happy birthday sister-in-law!

You are such a man when someone talks to you, he/she become awesomely joyous. Such nice and vibrant personality you are my maternal uncle. Wishing a lovely happy birthday to you maternal uncle!

Oh dear younger sister; may your life as you wish to. Wishing you happy birthday!

I have made myself apart from you for a little time but it doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I want to see how much you love me. That’s why. Everything is for a reason. Wishing you happy birthday my first and everlasting love!

So much I love you mother that I can do anything for you. Wishing you a loveliest happy birthday my dearest mom!

You are a generous man and always there for me whenever I need. Wishing you happy birthday brother-in-law!

You have always advised me on the crucial points of my life. Helped me financially also, and like a real brother you have stood ground for me. Happy birthday my dearests brother in law!

I wish your life may go like a happy sail with no storms and you sailing like as a dolphin sails. Wishing you happiest birthday dearest brother in law!

I feel myself proud that you and my sister are both married. You are her life partner; it is a blessing for me. May your smile never vanish. Wishing you happy birthday dear brother in law!

You never demand of anything and simple and sober personality. I like the quality that you are a history enthusiast. I love to know more about ancient from you. Wishing you happy birthday my loveliest and handsome brother in law!

I don’t how our relationship is. It is ebb and flow. It is like this going now. Me and you both are in confusion. But somewhere we know we both like each other and we both love. So for our unconfessed love, I wish you a warm happy birthday directly from my heart!

What this society says, you don’t have to care. You be what you want to be and I be what I want. We go far from this land and habitate our own heaven. You and me there will be only. I wish you a lovely happy birthday.

I have made a permanent place in your heart and you know you can’t forget me. Don’t pretend you don’t like me. Though on the other hand, don’t think I’m weakling too. Don’t think about the result, just live the moments. I want happiness for you as you wish. Happy birthday my dearest and truest love!

How life would be and how we would be; I don’t want to think about. I is enough that you love and I love you. Wishing you from the truest of my heart happy birthday!

I confess my love to you. I don’t make any promise but I assure I will be truthful to you forever. I love you since I first say you. You bring positivity to me. I love you very much. Wishing you happiest birthday my love. I wish you get more in life. And I wish I get more than you in life. Happy birthday again!

Mom, you have done everything for us. Thank you. Sometimes it happens that we can’t agree on a topic. Sometimes unintentionally my voice gets raised. Sorry for that. I wish you so warm happy birthday mother.

I never express it but I love and care for you. I wish you get everything and live a happy life with so much abundance of everything. May God always take care of you. Wishing you awesome happy birthday dear sister!

Never get involved in a bad company. The people you live with, you become like that. And once you lose control, it is hard to gain. So take care of yourself. Be care about whom you let in your life. Wishing you a lovely happy birthday dearest younger brother!

Even though you are a north pole and I’m south. Our thinking never matches. But I wish you an awesome happy birthday dearest father!

Never think negative in life. Always think about possibility and hope. They give you everything. Pouring for you lots of respect, hugs and love elder sister. You’re like my mother. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

My dear niece; first of all, I want to wish you a very happy birthday. May you achieve all your dreams, and in your life never accept defeat.

You are talkative, funny and a nice girl whom I admire and adore so much. May you always have faith in yourself. With it you never have to see dearth in life. Wishing you happy birthday dearest niece!

May you have strength in your bones and belief in your blood. Look my dear nephew; love is everything. I wish may you have truth in your life. Wishing you happy birthday my handsome nephew!

May roses get poured on you from sky. May your smile never die. May you have all. I wish you happy birthday my dear doll, my niece!

I remember your valuable lessons you have given me on our trip to Nepal. I never forget it. You have important role in my life. Wishing you so much respect and happy birthday dear maternal uncle!

You are everything for me father. You are a nice man and disciplined also, that you put in our life too. You love us but couldn’t say. And one of the things I adore about you is your smile. For your forever smile; we wish you a huge very happy birthday dear father! Love you!

I know you care for us a lot. And you worry about us when we would settle down means marrying and having kids. Don’t worry much father and be at peace. May you live long that you play with our kids! Wishing you a lovely happy birthday father!

Dear brother, may you do good in life. May in your life good happen. May you achieve everything what you desire. May what you want, come to you. Wishing you a best happy birthday my dear younger brother!

You have to have discipline dear younger brother. If you master this, you would never weep in your life. May you do best for yourself. Lots of hugs, kisses and my love to you. Happy birthday dear!

May we never fight again. Between you and me just love remains. May we never stop talking. May our romance forever live again. Wishing happiest birthday my love! I love you more than anything.

You are away from me. But it doesn’t mean we can’t feel each other. We are connected deep. So for my love, you; wishing you happy birthday. May we soon meet and become one again.

Misunderstandings between us can’t erase our love. Sometimes some things are out of control. You know I love you and always will be. Wishing you happy birthday my love!

It is first sight love. You are my soulmate. People do mistakes but it doesn’t mean we get away from them. love is love. And it is between us. Happy birthday my rose my love!