500+ Best Hearty Happy Birthday Wishes With Images

500+ Hearty Happy Birthday Wishes With Images

Never hide your love from whom you love. This life never coming back. Be courageous and insane; and say whom you want to. Happy birthday dear!

May no harm come to you. May no evil eye touch you. May you get all the love you want. May you always be happy a lot. Wishing you happy birthday!

Destiny and luck plays the role. Though on the other hand, it is your stubbornness for the things you want. The want always plays the bigger part. Happy birthday dear!

The only supreme bliss is transcendence. I wish may you be in it. Wishing you unforgettable happy birthday and love!

Just remember one day you will get everything what you desire for. You just have to pray. So much love to you and regards. Happy birthday dear!

Try to make your life always happy. Enjoy the moments. Live in the present. Forget about the future. Everything is beautiful. Hugs, kisses and love to you. Happy birthday dearest!

You just need a good companion to live once and forever. Wishing you rosiest happy birthday dearest!

Being positive is not the choice. It is the need. You must think positive otherwise negativity devours you and you become a living hell. Happy birthday dear! Learn your lessons well.

Hope is the most precious word among all. For centuries it has kept us alive. Happy birthday my dearest!

Nothing matters in this world as much as you for yourself. First think about yourself. Wishing you happy birthday and best life!

It is the fact that the life you want to live only depends on you, not lines on your palm. Do what you love. Wishing you happiest birthday and successful life!     

You don’t need to learn anything. Because life teaches you everything. Happy birthday dear and achieve success!                                                                                                                

I don’t know how you feeling being away from me. It has been two years. We still want each other but are not able to say. I know I will love you forever whether I say or not; and I know you too. For all those moments spent together; happy birthday to you!

Love could fade but it doesn’t vanish. The same is with you and me. We are away from each other but still in heart. Wishing you happy birthday darling my gorgeous! My only true love and true girl you are.

I know you want me near you. You pretend it not but you want it. You bring me positivity. I know you feel jealous when I talk to other girls. You and me are both for each other and we both beautiful. Happy birthday my love!

I don’t know whether we would be husband and wife. But we are lovers. Although we talk less and doesn’t go to movies or for hangout. But it doesn’t make us less lovers. Wishing you happy birthday my girl my love! Wherever you are, be happy!

In the journey of love, seldom; you stop and decide not to see each other for a longer time; having hope, you again will meet and see each other prosperous and forever to be in each other’s arms. Happy birthday my love!

There are innumerable forms of spirituality. Although it is formless. By knowing thoroughly one, you know all. Wishing you happy birthday dear!

The only inspiration is within you. You only have to cultivate your Will to get what you want. Wishing you happy birthday my lovely dear!

My heart often aches with pain; that however much I try to tell you how much I love; you deny it; and this is our love babe. Happy birthday!

I really want to meet you in old age to see and feel how we both look. And if that time also, we still have in our heart; then it means our love is immortal. Happy birthday my love!

It doesn’t count how many you kill. It always counts how many you have taken. Wishing you lots of hugs, wishes and love. Happy birthday!

Nothing welcome my heart most than your presence. Around you I’m completely a different man. Thank you for changing me. I wish you happy birthday dear!

May the dreams you have never get broken. May the path you take never get vanished. The journey you sail, may it get fulfilled. Wishing you happy birthday dearest!

The stars in the sky shine a lot. But you are finest and shiniest star on earth and of my life. Wishing you so much love and happy birthday!

Fragrance of rose brings incomparable joy. May it transcend you. May your life get blessed. Wish you happy birthday love!

Never get down. Never get broken. Sufferings given to those who are strong, not to the weakest. And you are strong. Get stronger. Happy birthday my heart’s shiniest star!

You are just like a big brother to me. You believe in me for my skill and gave me the chance when no one was willing to. Happy birthday dear boss!

Being boss doesn’t mean always being bossy. It means you must have the emotional intelligence to understand matters. You have that eye boss. I am happy to be with you and in your company. Thank you and happy birthday boss!

I still remember my interview that you took. At that time I thought you would be an employee. But you came to as a surprise as boss of this company. I wish you happy birthday and I hope next time you gonna give me a huge increment!

You are boss’s boss. I remember at the time of my first child’s birth, you gave me enough leaves to look after my wife and also helped me financially. Such nice of you. I wish you grow multifold and our company too. Happy birthday boss!

You have an unmatched charisma boss and you have values too. That makes you different from all others. Wishing you happy birthday dearest boss!

It is so much nice of you that you help me in all my office daily work. Provide me the right suggestion whenever I need. It is so good of you. Wishing you happy birthday my dear colleague!

Office is the second family. Even though it seems first. All the members in the office are like my family members, and you are my most favorite. Wishing you happy birthday my dearest friend and helpful colleague!

We all spend our some of the best time in office. For this thank you to all my colleagues. And to you, who, when I first came to the office, welcome me; I wish you happy birthday dear!

The only family we change after year and year is of office. We miss them too. When I would leave this office, I miss you my partner. You are everything to me. Happy birthday!

You are the best boss I have ever met who treat his employees like a family of his own. Thanks and I’m blessed to be a part of this company. Happy birthday boss!

Depth of love can’t be fathomed by mere gazing through your eyes. I love you beyond limits. It is the truth. I love you very much. Wishing you happy birthday my love!

Do you remember uncle the day when you took me to an ice cream shop and there we conversed about my childhood days and how we used to play with  your friends and all. I wish you uncle a very happy birthday! May you live long.

You always care for me like a mother. You are strict and determined woman yet funny too. Whenever we used to come to your house, we enjoyed it. Wishing you happy birthday aunt!

I miss you. Our friendship is good. Only some places we have traveled together. It was nice with you. Wising you happy birthday my dear friend. I wish we soon meet.

 When you are not in my life. I miss myself. Wishing you happy birthday my loveliest wife!

Between you and me love will be forever. It can never vanish whether we try or others try. You in my heart and I’m in your heart. Wishing you happy birthday love!

Papa, we know you can’t express how much you love us. But we can understand. We will be always with you. Not like other children who leave their parent aside in old age. We with you always and forever. Wishing you happy birthday dearest father!

From the starting, you are always determined mom. You never get down before wrong and always remain with truth. You are my pride mother. I have learned a lot from you. Wishing you happy birthday!

You are my little younger sister but in reality you are my elder who have always motivated me and never let me realize that I can’t do anything. You are my support. Wishing you happy birthday my cutest younger sister!

Hey macho man, my big brother! You are like a rock, a great party man with values and morals. That’s thing I like about you. I love you big brother. Happy birthday!

It doesn’t matter how fare we go. But we always remain in each other’s hearts. I miss you everyday in hope that one day we unite again. Wishing you my love my life my wife!

You are not only a brother in law while a brother in arms. We have never felt you like a brother in law. You are real brother. We know you never leave us. Wishing you happy birthday respected brother in law!

One day you will be my wife. Though you don’t know but I know. The little time we have spent is always memorable for us. We can’t never forget each other. That’s why we will be together. Wishing you happy birthday my girl my love!